Desperate Housewives Review: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?

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"Suspicion Song" was all about exposing weaknesses.

While I thought the episode moved kinda slowly, I still enjoyed it very much. However, I must admit that most of the storylines seemed predictable and I was only mostly intrigued by Chuck’s dire need to harass Bree.

It wasn’t too long ago when I once rooted for Chuck and Bree. In fact, up until this installment, I still wanted them to get back together. Given his super stalking skills, Chuck’s kind of a creeper to me now. Do you think that it’s safe to say, though, that their relationship is over?

Tom in a Bedroom

Poor Bree! As Carlos finally dumped the last bottle of alcohol down the drain, Bree turned to a glass of wine to seemingly solve her growing feelings of being alone. I absolutely hate what Chuck is doing to her.

On another note, I easily expected that Gaby was confiding in a sneaky snake at Carlos’s work about her own husband’s detrimental alcoholic situation. Luckily, the big client was able to talk some sense into Carlos. I can only hope that it’s not too late. I also easily guessed that Andre would show Susan’s artwork without her consent. I definitely miss the element of surprise on Desperate Housewives.

My favorite scene was the one at the art gallery. I loved how rattled Bree, Gaby and Susan were as Chuck the creeper showed up to share his interpretations of Susan’s showcase. Chuck was very much catching on and connecting all of the dots, including Alejandro’s car and the Oklahoma City Redhawks cap.

For a second, I smiled when my hometown was mentioned, but also realized that I had forgotten about these details. It can’t be too long until Chuck figures everything out, right?!?

Did you catch all of Susan’s vividly depicted pieces? From the bloody candlestick to Alejandro’s dead body, all I was thinking was: Seriously, Susan? I mean, come on. Sure, we’ve got to express ourselves. Like my writing, I keep some things private and always will. You’d think Susan would do the same with her art. Then again, this is Susan we’re talking about here. Eight seasons in, and she’s still as clueless as ever. Oh well, at least it’s always fun watching her scram... especially when she was trying to get her artwork down from the wall at the gallery.

My only complaint about the scene at the art gallery: Lynette should have been there. I know that she had her own issues to deal with, but the girls are best when they are together. Plus, I couldn’t help but to think that she needed them more than ever as she realized it might finally be time to accept her separation.

By the way, I also thought it was entirely predictable that Tom would place a longstanding order for their anniversary. That’s just so Tom. Lynette deserves some happiness. It’s too heartbreaking watching her every week struggle with accepting her separation from Tom. She should start dating again.

Overall, "Suspicion Song" was a mediocre episode.

What do you think Chuck’s next move will be? Where the heck were Ben and Mike? Are you happy with the way this concluding season is moving along?


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Tom is being such an ass!!!!
I love Lynette with all my heart i was hoping for them to get back together, if you see the episode where Renee slept with tom and Lynette found out after they resolved there problems.
they looked into each others eyes with such love and hope :(


I have been really disappointed with how the show is glossing over Lynette for story lines featuring Susan and Bree. Susan's art is not really riveting and I don't understand why they are devoting time to that and her guilt while Lynette has been left by her husband, is working at least part-time and has A BABY. It makes no sense. Obviously the more interesting story is how Lynette is seems like she is not! I want more screen time on problems that other women can learn from and relate to...not masochistic approval-needing by Susan. I also don't understand why Bree is the star this season. She's been the center of attention every other season and she has YET another ex-boyfriend with problems. If they are really divorcing, I want Lynette to have the interesting dating storylines. She has ONLY ever been with Tom! It would be awesome to see her take care of herself and have fun, I feel like a real woman in Lynette's situation would be headed for a mental breakdown. Glossed over by writers trying to meet the demands of Marcia Cross. Also, I am disappointed with Tom. He gave up so quickly. Obviously Lynette felt relieved. She was the one holding the family together - she NEVER spends time on herself! But Tom didn't fight for her at all. Just because you don't "make each other happy anymore" doesn't mean you give up on marriage - you just learn to try harder and relate differently (e.g. Lynette trying to give Tom an anniversary present). Jane is scum because she is poaching another woman's husband EVEN though it happened to her! And if the Scavos really do divorce it shows what the writers think about marriage - not a single family on Wisteria Lane will have stayed together - all the girls are divorcees!!! The one shining light is that perhaps this confession to Tom will unite him behind Lynette, so he can actually appreciate how far she will go to protect her friends and family.


where is the review for the latest episode?


is easy tom and lynette have to be together. if not the season even the serie will be just a story with no sense at all. if i follow the series was because tom and lynette make a perfect couple and always in some point they teach me a leason and they give me something to think of. so you better get them back together with a good story.


Ohh - had an interesting thought this morning . . . Has anyone seen Ben(?the new neighbor) since Mike buried the body under the concrete? He had that argument with Chuck, Mike buried a body he thought was the Gaby's step-dad (but certainly never looked to check), and no one has seen Ben since then . . .


My recollection is Lynette originally pushed Tom away. Didn't she tell him she was "relieved" when she thought he was gone during the last episode of last season? It seemed like her chance to pull things back together for the two of them, and she says she was happy when she thought he was gone?
So, then he lives in the garage aprtment and still works to keep the family happy and she rebuffs him again when he misunderstood the post-nightmare visit. He seemed happy about the possibility of working things out, and she - once again - missed her opportunity to fix things between them.
So, I'm sad for her now, but cannot really blame Tom for it either.
Also, not so surprised Tom hooked up so fast, because we know he hooked up with Renee and the psycho woman - both at times when he and Lynette were temporarily "broken up" in the past. Tom seems to need a woman at all times; he's not so good at being alone.
Wonder what got Tom and Lynette back together in the past when they temporarily stopped seeing each other? I just don't see them staying apart thru the end of the season and "forever" more. Remember Gaby and Carlos went so far as to get divorced, and she even married someone else before they got back together. Then Susan and Mike did almost the same thing. So, here's to their road back together!
They definitely did transform Chuck into a surprisingly evil guy. He be-friends prostitutes. Do you think it is possible he knew Zack's mom (maybe even counselled her to go back for Zach) before all of that went awry and has been the writer of both the notes?? I don't even remember how he and Bree met to begin with. Before he became creepy guy it would never have crossed my mind that he would be leading Bree on and be the one who sent her the letter. When Bree thought that was the case, I thought it was insane. Now, his presence does seem a little too convienent. Though, not sure what's up with the new guy either - where he came from and why he was so willing to help a bunch of people he barely knows hide a dead body. Maybe he and Chuck have a past, since he was so quick to go after Chuck and made his decision after encountering Chuck harrassing Bree. Wierd Chuck didn't react more strongly to his interference that day. As creepy as they've made him, you'd think he'd have been using his police powers to cause him troubles if they didn't know each other already . . .
On the note of the dead body, am I the only one who thinks Carlos should have just called the cops and an ambulance when he first hit the guy? A stranger broke into their house and was manhandling his wife. Really? Did it make sense that they think he'd go to jail for hitting the guy with a candlestick? Of course, Gaby would still be forbidden by Carlos to speak with Bree if it hadn't happened the way it did!
Overall, I like the show better when it has more humor and less seriousness, but I still find it fun and will miss it after this season ends.


I still can't believe Tom is not with Lynette. They were to me like some ideal perfect couple, with problems, but they always managed to defeat them. And now there is Tom and some Jane, I mean what happened ?!


Ok, so I see both sides on the Tom and Lyneete thing...but he is loving being a Disneyland dad to Penny...but why doesn't he see the boys or the baby..I say Lynette should ask him and Jane to keep ALL of them, especially the baby for a week while she goes away to get her head straight...wonder how long Jane wouyld stick around for that?


This may sound dumb, but seriously, the Tom/Lynette thing hits too close to home, at least for me. I hear the complaints that Lynette just needs to move on and stop complaining, but if it's over, then they need to file for divorce. In my opinion Tom is having an affair, plain and simple. They are still married, and haven't even filed for divorce, Jane is totally the other woman. If Tom really wants to move on and man up, then file for divorce. I can't believe how fast he moved on. I'd love to see them get back together and be stronger than ever. Chuck is CREEPY! Maybe the girls will bury him next??!! ;)


I agree this episode was a bit meh and predictable, the last one was a lot better (so I don't agree that the whole season is bad). And yeah, I had that "REALLY, SUSAN?" thought as well.
Still maintaining my thought that Ben knows about all this, sent the note and it's all a set-up with that condo, even though he was notably absent from this episode.

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