Desperate Housewives Review: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?

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"Suspicion Song" was all about exposing weaknesses.

While I thought the episode moved kinda slowly, I still enjoyed it very much. However, I must admit that most of the storylines seemed predictable and I was only mostly intrigued by Chuck’s dire need to harass Bree.

It wasn’t too long ago when I once rooted for Chuck and Bree. In fact, up until this installment, I still wanted them to get back together. Given his super stalking skills, Chuck’s kind of a creeper to me now. Do you think that it’s safe to say, though, that their relationship is over?

Tom in a Bedroom

Poor Bree! As Carlos finally dumped the last bottle of alcohol down the drain, Bree turned to a glass of wine to seemingly solve her growing feelings of being alone. I absolutely hate what Chuck is doing to her.

On another note, I easily expected that Gaby was confiding in a sneaky snake at Carlos’s work about her own husband’s detrimental alcoholic situation. Luckily, the big client was able to talk some sense into Carlos. I can only hope that it’s not too late. I also easily guessed that Andre would show Susan’s artwork without her consent. I definitely miss the element of surprise on Desperate Housewives.

My favorite scene was the one at the art gallery. I loved how rattled Bree, Gaby and Susan were as Chuck the creeper showed up to share his interpretations of Susan’s showcase. Chuck was very much catching on and connecting all of the dots, including Alejandro’s car and the Oklahoma City Redhawks cap.

For a second, I smiled when my hometown was mentioned, but also realized that I had forgotten about these details. It can’t be too long until Chuck figures everything out, right?!?

Did you catch all of Susan’s vividly depicted pieces? From the bloody candlestick to Alejandro’s dead body, all I was thinking was: Seriously, Susan? I mean, come on. Sure, we’ve got to express ourselves. Like my writing, I keep some things private and always will. You’d think Susan would do the same with her art. Then again, this is Susan we’re talking about here. Eight seasons in, and she’s still as clueless as ever. Oh well, at least it’s always fun watching her scram... especially when she was trying to get her artwork down from the wall at the gallery.

My only complaint about the scene at the art gallery: Lynette should have been there. I know that she had her own issues to deal with, but the girls are best when they are together. Plus, I couldn’t help but to think that she needed them more than ever as she realized it might finally be time to accept her separation.

By the way, I also thought it was entirely predictable that Tom would place a longstanding order for their anniversary. That’s just so Tom. Lynette deserves some happiness. It’s too heartbreaking watching her every week struggle with accepting her separation from Tom. She should start dating again.

Overall, "Suspicion Song" was a mediocre episode.

What do you think Chuck’s next move will be? Where the heck were Ben and Mike? Are you happy with the way this concluding season is moving along?


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Here's what I don't get. Tom asked for the separation which left Lynette devastated, right? But then she goes on to have sex with him and he runs back to her saying they're back together and she says "No we're not, that was a one-time thing." So he took it like a man and moved on, and now she's upset. So here is a recap: Tom dumps Lynette.
After he has sex with Lynette, Tom changes his mind.
Lynette dumps Tom.
After he has sex with someone else, Lynette changes her mind! This is getting increasingly annoying. The best thing about the show is Chuck. He has the antagonistic creepiness down, and I'd like to see more and more of him. Too bad he only gets about 1 scene an episode. By the way, where was Ben the whole episode?


The whole Lynette and Tom stuff doesn't make sense to me. I thought it was Lynette that wanted the separation. Having Tom find happiness with someone else seems wrong. I thought those two loved each other through thick or thin. Why are they distroying this relationship......afterall they have a tiny baby.


I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the show. I got hooked back in September of 2010 when I watched the pilot on HULU and then I just sat there for the entire weekend and watched Season 1 and then kept going night after night, day after day...and when I got to Season 6, I started to become nervous that the show was loosing its steam and of course, Season 7 came and I just said "Is this even...allowed?" (basically, is a legendary show allowed to become THIS bad!?) Now, Season 8...I have no faith in the show anymore. The PREDICTABLE plots basically make the show seem like it was written by Junior High School Students. The BORING acting. I'm DISTURBED that the Bree of mid Season 6-present is annoyingingly bland and boring. Bree has ALWAYS been my favorite Housewife followed by Lynette. Now Lynette is somewhat still the same however I feel like making her even come to the "my marriage is over" situation with Tom was just SO not Lynette. She's a fighter. She's STRONG. Gaby has only been my favorite comedy wise. As far as emotional, I only enjoyed CERTAIN moments back in the earlier seasons. Now I just hate that they even make her try to sound serious. And Susan...of course i LOVE when she gets into sticky spots but seriously, painting ALL those pictures!? I know she can be dense at times but geez that was just stupid. And also, I hate Tom. He needed to be the one they buried in the woods. HOW is it remotely possible that a man who (1) fathered 5 kids when Lynette said she really didnt want to have kids (2) Was barely around during Season 1 (3) Brought Crazy Nora and her evil child aka the devil in the blue dress into their lives (4) pretty much used their savings on that pizza place which BOMBED and caused them to become broke all over again can suddenly get a GREAT job now decide to be a "man" and pretty much abandon his family all because of his stupid ego!? HOW is he getting the happy ending while Lynette suffers? If I were her, I'd become a REAL HOUSEWIFE and kick Jane's ass! Screw asking NICELY. As for Carlos, he's just useless. Mike somewhat has a bit of my affection only because he's hot as hell and I love watching him even if for one or two scenes. As for Renee......I have no words. None at all. Waste of a character. Waste of writing. Waste of time. And Ben...okay, so he's easy on the eyes, has an accent and i'd totally put the moves on him (hoping he was bisexual or gay) lol. But yeah, seriously, I am just like ready to give up on the show and not even care how it ends. At this point, drop a Nuke on Wistera Lane and I'd probably go "Now that's TV!".


Seems to me Bree is going to try and get Chuck on her side, probably by trying to fake a renewed interest in him romantically. I also think she's going to work on whacking him - and not in a good way. Remember her ominous statement about how she would do anything - ANYTHING - for her friends? I think Chuck didn't quote get what that means.


I agree. Obvious storylines.

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