Elizabeth Shue to Take Over on CSI

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It will soon be back to Las Vegas for Elizabeth Shue.

The long-time movie star, whose role in the movie Leaving Las Vegas earned her an Oscar nomination, will debut as a series regular on CSI in February.

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Shue will essentially take over for Marg Helgenberger, who is leaving the drama after 11 seasons as Catherine Willows.

Look for Shue's agent to have a history with Ted Danson's D.B. Russell and to have recently completed an anger management course.

"While it’s difficult to say goodbye to a beloved character like Catherine Willows, it's exciting to start a journey with a new CSI, especially when that character is played by Elisabeth Shue," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said in a statement. "The new CSI also struggles with 'brutal honesty issues' and suffers no fools."

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Well when Sarah left it started to feel empty then Grissom never be the same again he was magnetic without doing anything (thank God Sarah came back she is a natural.It was like a real family somehow everything felt real acting the best( wasn't keen on Kathryn posed too much too much lippy) but I find it hard to watch now as it makes me sad to this the greatest show decline but yet heaps better than plastic Miami and New York can't bare em it is phoney all round and everyone is far to perfect, I don't like Ted Danson bad fit wish I could go back in time a bring em all back- but I hope it doesn't end as that will be a sad day after all the other great shows have gone, oh yeh Elizabeth Shue pretty but can't act to save her life abit wooden she may settle and come in to her own lets hope


William Peterson was always the hub of the show. He had such high intelligence and charisma, he didn't have to do anything to steal a scene. Georgia Fox was the next best thing about the show. Ted Danson is carrying the male lead role very well, showing dedication along with sensitivity. Marg's role as Catherine was overly sexy and didn't have the depth and interest of the Sarah role. I hope they write Shue's character better than they did Marg's.


Now i was upset when Sidle(Fox) left, they killed Brown(Dourdan) and Grissom(Peterson) left. It got a little better when Sidle came back, and they added Langston(Fishburne) and moved Willows(Helgenberger) as head of the lab. But of course, Langston leaves and the demote Willows to bring in Russell...?...I have been really sketchy about Russell(Danson) altogether. But now Willows is leaving...Im just not sure how long i can keep making excuses to hold ontot a once great show...Guess i will just have to move CSI: Miami to the front of the line...


The show hasn't been the same since William Petersen left as "Grissom". Ted Danson is totally wrong for the part he plays. I'm not sure what he's going for but he adds nothing to the show. CSI/NY & Miami have tough, taciturn type bosses in Mac & Horatio. That's what Las Vegas needs, not a comedian!


Marg moving on is fine with me, I never thought she brought anything to the plate. Now, Ted Danson has been a great asset to the team. I will look forward to seeing Elizabeth Shue.


I left a season after Grissom departed. I am not a fan of Marg Helgenberger so it doesn't bother me that she is gone. I am not a fan of Ted Danson either but I will give it a shot now that Elizabeth Shue is here.

Josie leeds

OK--that tears it--I'm done with CSI. I almost bailed when Peterson left but hung around a little longer. When they brought Danson in I watched a couple to give him a chance--huuurl....he is SO wrong for this show. With Marg leaving, that's it, I'm done.


Marg is leaving because she feels it's time to move on.


i left when Grissom left. Elisabeth will bring me back.


It's not the same show; it's like a dog trying to catch its tail. Why don't they close this one down and write a whole different storyline?

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