Family Guy Review: Will the Real Kevin Please Stand Up?

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Did anyone else know that Joe and Bonnie had a son named Kevin?  I sure didn’t. In fact, I couldn’t remember him during "Thanksgiving" at all and had to go back and check to see if he wasn’t just a jump-the-shark character that Family Guy made up. Turns out, he’s been mentioned and seen before, although presumed dead for at least three seasons.

A Family Guy Thanksgiving

The Griffin’s dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner brought all of Quahog together, reminding us that most of our main characters are tied together closer than before. Lois’ sister Carol is now the wife of Mayor West, while Brian had a fling with Ida, Quagmire’s transsexual father.

Having so many of the characters together in a majority of the scenes was unique for Family Guy, but it would have been much funnier to see more interaction between the characters than listen to Kevin’s war story.

That said, I must give the sitcom props for rehashing old inside jokes, such as Meg’s obsession with Kevin - which was quickly shot down - and Brian’s affair with Ida. It was brilliant to see Ida again so unexpectedly after her big debut as Quagmire’s father and I wish she had a bigger role. 

Although I wasn’t overwhelmingly excited to see Kevin again (considering I had forgotten all about him), it was refreshing to have the entire Family Guy family under one Griffin roof. The ending with the other Kevin Swanson was kind of awesome; I would love to see that actually unfold.

What did you think about Family Guy Thanksgiving? Was it as dysfunctional as you expected or too tame for your tastes?  Browse this week's Family Guy quotes for more politically incorrect hilarity! 


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How many people are actually paid to say this was a good episode? All it was was arguing, it wasn't funny at all.


jesus! Kevin was a huge character in the first couple of seasons! remember, meg had a HUGE crush on him? She was even going to go out with him on the Y2K episode but in her words, "Its not fair! The one time I get a date with kevin, he gets vaporized!" Shame on you for calling yourself a family guy fan and writing a review of this episode w/o even knowing the characters. And it is not all of quahog, simply the griffins, their family members, and their close friends.


Remember him or not, they say he was "gone" for 5 years.. Am I missing something or wouldn't that make Stewie 7?


joe mentioned kevin dying in Stew-Riods


If you're doing family guy reviews, you should be aware of past characters like kevin. and quagmire's dad is transgender not transsexual. terrible journalism...


I thought that last night's new Family Guy episode titled "Thanksgiving" was wonderfully poignant and heartfelt. One of my favorite parts was when Meg made a play for Kevin, only for Meg to be rejected/shot down by Kevin himself. HILARIOUS!!! My other favorite part was towards the end when the OTHER Kevin showed up. AWKWARD!!! Seth MacFarlane, once again...GREAT JOB!!! Before I (once again) sign off for now, I wanna (in advance) wish everyone associated with TV Fanatic a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And, don't eat too much. HAHAHAHAHA!!! TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!


I remember kevin!!!!! but my favorite part of the episode was peter's joke.....son died tomatoes? anyone? classic family guy...even tho that joke is mean


When Kevins story started to have holes in it, I thought he was going to be an imposter taking his place. Then when that happened at the end and Peter just says " I dont think we have any time for this" as the show ends was hillarious. Pretty good episode.

Sommerleigh pollonais

how could you not remember Kevin? Are you sure you're a fan of this show? I'm not sure why they brought the character back, but let's see what they have in mind


So these a one time appears or is he back

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