Former Lost Star Cast on Once Upon a Time

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She's off the island, but Emilie de Ravin is sticking around ABC.

The former Lost star will appear on an early 2012 episode of Once Upon a Time in the role of Belle. Yes, that Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. TV Guide, which first reported the casting, simply teases that this version of the iconic fairy tale character will have a connection to Rumplestiltskin.

Claire Picture

Once Upon a Time continues to be a ratings hit and airs a new episode this Sunday. View the official trailer for it NOW.


I'm sad that they didn't get a brunette to play the role...


This show is THE BEST new show of the season! But I agree, I find that too much Rumplestiltskin, would not benefit the show. Let the characters stand on their own story and see where it can go. I'd like to see more of Regina (in fairytale land) she's much more evil than in Storybrooke Love this show, can't wait for sunday nights!

Amy jackey

Dr.CerrenoMD i doubt ian would quit the vampire diaries to play on once upon a time. but since you said something about him wearing granny clothes i cant stop thinking how he would look in granny clothes lol.


I love Emilie deRavin...She was great in Lost, I loved her in Remember Me. I also really enjoy Once Upon a Time, and I have to say, Robert Carlyle does steal the show...He is amazing....


Yes, it's getting redundant that EVERY single fairytale is intruded upon by Rumplestiltskin. It's unfortunate because the tales themselves have plenty of built in conflict without his character. Why do they feel the need to do this to the Belle character, too? Wouldn't Gaston be enough of a jerk? Sometimes human behavior causes enough problems without magic.


Great news! I miss Claire from Lost... I am glad i be seen her soon on this great new show.


you know it's never gonna happen but you are right, it would be to die for!


I don't think of her as any of the princesses. But maybe its this pic doesn't leave much to be desired about. I would like Ian Somerhalder to play the Wolf. He has such a wolfish face! You know he could be a werewolf or something. And it would be priceless to see him in granny clothes!!!!!


does every story in this version of fairy tale world has to have a connection with Rumpelstiltskin? we know he was involved in Snow white and Cinderella and now Beauty and the Beast? busy man!

Anna maria

she looks NOTHING like Belle! She should play Aurora or Cinderella, Belle is a brown eyed brunette! Please make her wear a wig at least!

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