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This episode is a bit of a "Wallflower." Out of all the episodes so far this season (and there aren't many to go on), it's the one I'd least likely ask to dance. I fear the extra ballgame on FOX pushed what was to be an exciting cliff-hanger off until January. I can only guess that to be the case, because this one isn't one to leave us hanging.

It's pretty bad when the commercials are more exciting than the episode, but by the 30 minute mark, that's what I was feeling. As an ardent Fringe fan, that isn't a comfortable realization. The shame is that this episode probably sets us up for what's to come, but by the time it airs, we won't remember because this isn't a memorable installment.

Studying a Diagram

There are a lot of differences highlighted that showcase the differences between the new and old timelines. That seems like as good a discussion as any, at this point.

Olivia is getting migraines, and her prescription seems to work darn fast. I think I need whatever she's taking. It doesn't, however, stop them from coming back throughout the episode. Somehow, the migraines bring Lincoln and Olivia closer. Or, it could just be that Lincoln is feeling more comfortable in his new role.

Lincoln and Peter discussing Olivia was so natural. Peter was right in thanking Lincoln. Nobody has been treating him like a human being, but everything is so new to Lincoln that Peter is just another anomaly. In the scheme of Lincoln's life, Peter is the new normal.

Nina Sharp's office at Massive Dynamic is just a shade smaller than the one from our time line. It looks like the inside of a storage shelter. Why didn't I notice the size the last time Olivia and Lincoln were in her office? While still cold, the smaller size makes it seem a bit more personal, especially with her photos lined up on a shelf.

There was nothing about the case of the week in the least bit compelling. Usually, we're given something to work with that makes us feel either for the victims or the perpetrator. The only thing I felt was excited at seeing Yoko next to John in the mouse maze.

I suppose there was some sort of analogy between U-Gene and Peter. Neither is recognized. Even after U-Gene's speech to Olivia, I was left unmoved. When the owner of Ziggy the cat (I had a Ziggy of my own) recognized and saw him in the elevator? That got me. To spend your entire life just wanting to be seen by someone only to die when it happens does tug at the heart strings just a bit.

Odds and ends:

  • Peter gave Lincoln some new glasses. Why? To make him more attractive to Olivia. It's good to know there is a universe where Lincoln would get the girl.
  • Nina explained a bit more about taking a chance on Olivia and her sister. But the next bullet makes me wonder if a previous commenter was correct, she only raised them to be close to Olivia for malevolent reasons.
  • What is Nina doing to Olivia? Olivia doesn't have migraines at all. Nina is having her shot up with something. Cortexiphan? Is it to keep her from figuring out who Peter is?
  • I really miss the alternate universe. Alt-Lincoln, Fauxlivia, Walternate. Their reappearance is imperative.

From this mess of an episode to a two month hiatus. How will we survive? Here's hoping the holidays take us swiftly through the new year and into new episodes of Fringe!


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this season is very disapointing to me it seems like the show from season 1-3 has disappeared and i dont like the new versions of the characters hope peter gets back to his own timeline soon!


I enjoyed it. And LOVED it after the second viewing. This was a subtle episode, there was a lot going on but you have to step back a bit to see it. It's critical to remember that this was not intended to be the fall finale, but rather a set up leading up to the fall finale. I thought the acting was superb as usual, and it's nice to see Blair Brown utilized a bit more. The theme of last night's show could almost be a metaphor for the show itself. What will someone do just to be seen by the people you love? Sacrifice everything just for those few moments? I think it's been a great season so far - different, yes...but if I wasnted the same thing week after week, season after season - there are lots of shows that do that. Fringe challenges me, entertains me, enthralls me every week. It's going to be a long wait til January!


I know it was a harsh review. I have to base it on what is, not what will come. The preview is everything I have missed and I couldn't be more excited for the next episode. But standing alone in this week, and this season? To me it was a mess. A mess with two redeeming scenes that made me think. Fleeting scenes between Nina and Olivia. But I don't know if I should care yet or not. Because I don't know if Peter is going to stay here with these people or if he will go back to his own time. Is this is the group we will be working with going forward, I want to know so I can then invest in them accordingly.


It's not fair. Fox's stupid scheduling messed us up; this wasn't supposed to be the mid season finale, the next episode (which looks FANTASTIC) was supposed to be. That's why this seemed a bit bland for a Fringe finale. It was never planned to be one.


This was a beautiful episode, to set up Nina as the abuser and Olivia as the abused, once again.
Beautiful acting by the amazing Anna Torv, and her scenes with Blair showed what they could have done with a Olivia/Nina relationship, but is now nothing more then a few scenes. Peter is not only superbrain but also mr hey-man(ugly fashion taste) and the way he talked to Lincoln was so patronizing, did not like those scenes at all
And to over the top remark taht only Lincoln treats him as a human? Right see endscene last episode, and oh did Peter ever ask what Olivia wnet through Over There in the other timeline? She would have thanked for this treatment. Message: being shy is not good, you have to get noticed (Eugene?), glasses must be changed. So this Olivia would otherwise not look at Lincoln?
Must be why peter fell for the other Olivia so quickly. Once abused, always abused? Once a victim , always a victim. Wallflower was more about Olivia's position, I only wished they would have given scenes to Olivia to talk about that, but Nina has already turned nasty, so that will never come.


Yeah I found this whole season to be rather blah and I think the ratings took a dive because they split up Peter and Olivia.
Writers seem to think that we the audience likes the whole split em up, then put em back together scenario. Personally I hate it!
This Ep was just ho-hum


peter is helping lincoln get olivia? i want to get back to the normal world where cool lincoln and fauxlivia raise the baby. stupid frank.
i know everyone here loves this season, but i don't. i can't bring myself to care about the characters, because they're not the same people. why should i care about this nina betraying this olivia, who likes this lincoln? it's like watching a new tv show except the characters aren't as engaging


The case was somewhat bland and formulaic but it was a decent episode otherwise.


When Olivia all but accuses her adoptive mother of knowing experimenting on children, something that would be naturally abhorrent to her given her history Nina Sharp seemed desperate to prove she wasn't involved. I look back a previous episode when Nina sharp is talking her employees about the fact that they don't need to be concerned about the consequences of their inventions. Even when she first said that I was startled especially since we know this Nina Sharp tried to stop Walter as well. So I'm of two minds. Either she is the villain and then we must see how Walter Bell died in this universe and wonder who really controls the shape shifters or she is merely ruthless for the good of our world. Drugging the child that you raised as a daughter is ruthless but if the only other outcome is the end of your universe... Most of all I'm despondent, I suppose. I want to see Olivia and Peter and yet this story is what flows naturally from what has come before it, so what am I to do but wait and see if the writers still have the touch. Lets face it as American Science Fiction goes, the fringe writers are about the only ones who come close to Doctor Who.

Ronald simkins

I Love this show but I can't figure out how the networks try to kill their own shows. Not only only Fox but NBC must be committing suicide!

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