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Fringe Teaser: "Wallflower"

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Fringe needs your help, fans. The series dropped to an all-time low in viewers last week, leaving little doubt that this will be the final season for Peter, Olivia, Walter and company.

The best thing you can do to avoid this fate for the series? Tune in. Tell your friends to tune in. And your family. And, heck, even your enemies. The drama needs all the help it can get.

Below, we've posted the official FOX trailer for Friday's "Wallflower." It will find the team connecting a mysterious death with a genetic disorder; and it will feature a major migraine problem for Olivia, all of which is teased here:

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Im sick Fringe ended. How can we get the show back?


stop watching it it online and use your tv


Reason for ratings drop: predictable. It seems like my predictions are going to be reality.
We will get a repeat of Walter and Peter, first the break-up and then the getting together according to John Noble, in his intentions so no spoiler. Olivia will go through hell , so she will become as insecure and dependent on Peter as in season 3 and will have no other function then go-between between Walter and Peter, either talking Walter towards Peter ( other way around in S1 and S2) or being the victim and be beaten up ( S2 and S3 ). Fauxlivia will probably have a similar path, as no doubt thanks to peter Walter and Walternate will meet. Basically : if you were hoping for an interesting use of the Over There side, for me one the most interesting parts of Fringe, no luck. Over There will probably just be a vehicle in the Walters and Peter story. And if you are waiting for a season that finally explores the backstory of Olivia, stop watching. The Olivia Nina bit is just a scene to set up their positions, a couple af facts.
Once again Anna Torv has to sacrifice herself for the Boys, like S1 and mostly S2 and largely S3. The first episodes of this season were so promissing: Olivia versus Fauxlivia, new relationships, the bridge, the working together solving cases, all those characters on the other side, with a bit of Observer manipulating on the side. So Fringe viewers who want to see a replay of Walter and Peter and basically the same scenes over and over again will be pleased, those who only like Olivia in the second part of seson 3,the Peter fans, will be pleased.
The rest is in for a rough journey if they stay, or will stop watching all together. PS. to Siala and other Peterfans:
Fringe has been the Walter and Peter Bishop show from the pilot, they are the only ones with a backstory , storyline and the only relationship they write for. For Peter they reduced Olivia to basically just teh FBI agent, let her be that at least. Anna Torv has been underused in season 1 and mostly 2, it is only at the end of S2 and S3 until 3.09 and some episodes in second half it was with her central. I am convinced that if the writers would have given a fair share from the beginning with a bond with Charlie ( Anna and Kirk love working together) Fringe would have been more succesful.


we need to keep fringe alive! i like the new story line and know a few others who do but everyone needs to remember peter. I hope this isnt the last season fringe is the best :( i watch online after the episodes have come out so my viewing probably wouldnt count. please dont end fringe :(


It's so frustrating when a really great TV show like Fringe gets cancelled because of ratings! I'm in the UK and I LOVE Fringe! I watch every week online as I'm sure a lot of other people do and it's annoying that this is not taken into account by the networks. Not all American shows are broadcast in the UK so online is the only way to watch. I'm sure if they did their research they'd find that programmes like Fringe have a high viewer-ship outside of the continental US and maybe they'd find out what a flipping pain it is for the audience when our favourite TV shows get cancelled!


The ratings quoted are for Live+ Same Day viewing. Because of DVR's, people are watching on a delayed basis. Fringe grows about 50% when you count all viewing over 7 days, which is what the Fox programmers will look at.
Here are a few hints on how to get the ratings higher, IF YOU HAVE A NIELSEN BOX IN YOUR HOME:
-If your cable/satellite system has VOD, watch the latest episode within 3 days of its original airing. If not 3 days than at least within the 7 days afterward. Each viewing will be added to the total.
- If you DVR'ed the episode, watch it several times within 3 days of its original airing. If not 3 days than at least within the 7 days afterward.Each viewing will be added to the total.
In addition, Fox will also look at the interest Fringe draws from Facebook and the Fox website when making a final decision on whether the show goes forward, so keep checking in and leaving messages as much as possible.
The key--- If anyone has a Nielsen box, keep watching!!


review I agree with most of what you said, and I believe that one of the things that has been a bit of a problem with Fringe this season and some of last was Olivia has been put on the back burner, when this show started it was first about Olivia as a FBI agent solving weird cases involving science and was assisted by the Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop, and each episode told you some things about her and how show was herself apart of it all,sure there was allot of the Bishops too but the hero in the show was supposed to be Olivia not Peter or someone else, but I noticed that slowly the writers started moving away from Olivia's importance in the show and may it as if Peter was the most important instead,now every episode sense season 2 really has been about Olivia and Peter getting together or not,and now its about Peter being out of their lives and how it changed them both, which I don't believe that Olivia would have been that effected by Peter not being in her life, if their trying to say that its because the experiments that Walter and Bell was doing, that they weren't done the same way or because Walter didn't try and use Olivia to get Peter back to his Universe and of course Olivia never met Peter, well that doesn't really work very well ether, Bell was the one who started the experiments not Walter so things wouldn't have changed that much, Walter would have been the only one to really be effected by Peter not being there, I feel that the shows writers have went to far in making Peter too important to everyone and its not very realistic, and I believe I know why, they are trying to please all the Joshia Jackson fangirls out there by focusing on him, they think that like Supernatural all the people who watch Fringe are watching for the guys, that their all girls who watch shows because they think the guy in it are cute and not because they like the stories,which is some cases is true, but there are also many fans of the show who from the start watched more for the Olivia character, and the cool cases she was investigating each week, and also the funny moments with Walter, and watching to see how he would help solve these weird cases, and at the time Peter was mostly just tagging along,the ratings were allot better when it was focused on case solving and not on the whole Peter thing, I mean the moment it came out that Peter was truly from the other universe and Olivia knew it, the show pretty much became about Peter,all the more interesting stories from the first season and part of the 2nd was gone, and replaced with stories that lead back to him Peter, and don't get me wrong I don't hate Peter of Josh (though I can't say I am fond of his fans)I just think it was a mistake to suddenly start focusing the entire show on him when the show originally appealed to many fans because it wasn't just ether another show focused on some guy solving crimes, or a show with a female cop or whatever who had to have a man assistance her in some way and who ran around half dressed to do it like in Alias, Olivia is the best female character on TV ever, better then any of the others, because at least at first she didn't need a man to help her on every case, she carried the gun, she was even for the most part the brain of it too, sense she was aloud to solve some cases with her own brain not just Walters, BUT now its not like this, half the time its Peter or now Lincoln who notices everything and she notices nothing half the time,I mean you can expect that Walter would be the one figuring out the more scientific stuff, but this bit of having Peter be the one to piece together everything about a case before Olivia, who during the 1st and part of the 2nd season was being noticed by Broyes and Nina for noticing things sooner then their people had, now she seems less smart, unless going up against her Alternate, plus I sometimes wonder why they gave her any powers sense she only uses one the power to go to other universes, even though she is supposed to be able to move things with her mind and start fires too, but its only in the future that she used the one which was only to save a box from falling, now she seems to be less and less like herself and seems its happening so they can focus more on Peter and to a smaller extent Walter too, but thats only to again focus on Peter, this is not the same show it was when it started and I think that is why its losing viewers, this is not a show for a bunch of teen girls only, it was a show for everyone, for adults for one, but its becoming more about competing against the guys on Supernatural, I know that is why they made so many changes, it was about three characters but is now mostly about one, even when he isn't in the show,or in an episode he is brought up in someway,that is not so with Olivia though, they need to get past this bit with Peter and get back to it being a show with about a FBI agent working with a scientist and his son, not a show about a female FBI agent falling for the scientists son and all the FBI cases are put on the back burner to focus in someway on ether the scientist worried about losing the son, or the Female FBI agent worrying about losing him or worrying about whether she should get with him or not,it seems even though JJ Abrams most of the time has female leads on his shows he always messes them up by making them become more and more focused on their male leads to where the once female lead becomes just another female pre-occupied with some guy, instead of just doing her job, the thing is I was all for the romance with her and Peter but that was because I thought this would be done differently from other shows, but instead it went the same way as others have, oh I still love the show, but they need to not just focus on Peter, I sometimes wonder if the reason John and Anna's characters are slowly being playing second fiddle to Joshia's Peter is because their both unknowns to Americans and are from Australia, and they figure more people will watch if they focus more on Josh, but I know there are some who didn't want to watch the show because he is on it, because of him being on Dawson's Creek as Pacey, me I never watched the show it wasn't my type on show, but I never judged Fringe on him being in it or not, I had seen him it a movie called The Skulls I think thats what it was called, it was good and he was good in it, but some people did, especially men, guys are most of the time the biggest fans of Scifi, but Fringe seems to have more female fans then males, which tells me that Joshia has hurt the show not helped, and focusing now more on him is a mistake, I know all the Joshia/Peter fangirls are going to want to have my head and start putting down Anna and maybe even John, but this isn't because I don't like him at all, but I admit I don't see him as being as important as the Olivia and Walter characters, if it wasn't for Walter it wouldn't be half as entertaining as it is, again I am not saying cut Peter out, for one I think that allot of the Fangirls stopped watching the show because Peter was in every episode anymore, hell allot of them said they wouldn't watch it with him being in it, and lot of them didn't watch it when it was focused on the other universe because again no Peter, hell my favorite is Olivia, but I watched all the episodes even the ones where she wasn't shown as much or not at all, because I like the whole show and I also watch the show for the stories not just the actors in it, but most people do, especially girls.
Well that all said, I don't believe that it matters how many watch this show or any show unless they are a Nielsen family, other wise we don't count or matter, I have know doubt that there are more viewers then what the rating system tells us, probably more then say 20/20 who got more through the rating system, until they change the way they decide the whole rating thing shows like Fringe will keep get canceled, while reality show last forever so it seems! thats my rant!


I have tried so hard to get people watching! They choose instead to watch crappy reality shows like dancing with the..., the amazing... and American... It's driving me crazy! A great show like this canceled because people would rather watch crap! But I will keep trying!


I love this show, but I don't live in USA, what can I do to keep Fringe alive?


Matt, you make an unconvincing Chicken Little. "Fringe" is still outperforming any other show Fox has had in that time slot, & that's all it needs to do to survive. I would bet you good money that unless viewership nose dives after 13 January, Fox picks it up for another season. And if the audience does fall off drastically, it can only mean that a lot of devoted viewers (does "Fringe" have any other kind?) disapprove of where the story's headed or how it's getting there--in which case it may be best to either put it out of its misery, or have it picked up by a cable channel with lower ratings expectations for the remaining faithful.

Fringe Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

You know, I've been investigating fringe events for three years. I never thought I'd become one.


Yeah, because every 32 year old man need a friend to chaperone him while he is underwear shopping.

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