Glee Review: All About Sex!!!

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"The First Time" was a lot like sex.

If you were just looking for a fun time and a lot of laughs, this episode of Glee was not for you. But if you tune in to be taken deeper into the teenager world, to watch a show that sometimes tries to deliver a message more than a joke, to have a serious experience... then you probably have a satisfied smile on your face right about now.

Rachel and Blaine

I'm more in the former camp, but I can appreciate the latter.

If Glee is going to tackle the issue of losing one's virginity straight (or gay!) on, this is how it should be done. Various points of view were espoused; from Quinn offering advice based on her major mistake, to Brittany admitting the first time is often forgettable and quick, to Tina taking the opposite approach. In the end, the characters involved made their own decisions, and they made them for all the right reasons.

The episode reminded me very much of last season's "Grilled Cheesus," which didn't shove a religion down your throat. It merely acknowledged the many options out there because, let's face it, religion is a topic teenagers talk about. So is sex. I'm sorry, but you can stick it, PTC.

Glee did not celebrate teenage sex this week, as critics have somehow claimed. It simply based an episode around teenage sex. Why? Because teenagers have sex. They had sex long before Glee, or West Wide Story or even Taylor Lautner's abs. The idea that they'd be more likely to have sex due to this episode is pure lunacy. Instead, I'd imagine that a confused teen might be relieved that there are other confused teens out there, and that one's first sexual experience can come in any number of forms, none of which need to define you.

So this is what I liked about "The First Time" and also what I hated. I don't want to take some political stance when writing a TV show review. I don't want to make this a debate over societal message, I want to make it about Coach Beiste thinking Applebee's is a fancy restaurant, or Rachel joking about a People's Choice allowing Finn to get to third base. Okay, she might not have been joking.

Point being: judge me if you'd like, but I like my Glee quick, mindless and humorous. I'm not looking to think too much, I'm looking to laugh. So no Sue, very little Brittany and no real talk of the multiple political campaigns being waged (my favorite season three storylines) left me disappointed. This also felt like another installment just dropped randomly into the flow of a season. Ongoing arcs such as Quinn's baby recovery scheme, Puck's kiss with Shelby and Rory attempting to fit in were simply ignored in favor of The Message of the Week.

Do I understand that one must accept this from time to time if one considers oneself a Gleek? I do.

But I really wanted to make a joke here about how Rachel's Presidential motto is Put a Berry on Top, which could also very well have served as her plea to Finn throughout the episode. But would that have been appropriate, given the gravity of the topic? Probably not, right? That's why I left it out.

What did everyone else think?


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I loved this episode! It was much more realistic than the other episodes!


They need to show more 69. I mean be realistic. And why infer 50% of the sexually active people are gay? btw, isn't some of this behavior considered criminal in some quarters? Is Glee promoting criminal behavior? It would seem the producers of this show are very irresponsible..


With this episode Glee became the most important entertainment show of the 21st century. I hope the staff can shoulder the burden.
The writers are brilliant. Anyone who objects to Kurt and Blaine having sex, but doesn't complain about Finn and Rachel or Tina and Mike can easily be labeled a homophobe. Anyone who objects to all the sex can be labeled a prude.
I've always believed that it would be dishonest to Kurt's character if he didn't eventually have sex with a boy. I also believed that a girl like Rachel would lose her virginity in a career-based situation, so that made sense.
It was Tina's announcement that hurt me. Few viewers care whether Tina and Mike had sex or not, but for her to speak of the experience in such glowing terms was disheartening.
Now that only Mercedes and Emma are still virgins, and Glee has possibly reduced the number of young virgins in the world, it is time for Glee to introduce an important story line that will cement its status as socially important and atone for its sins.
Britney should get AIDS.
The doctor will tell her to provide the names of every boy she's been with. (He won't mention girls.) It will be an agonizing task for her, especially since she'll attempt to name every boy she so much as blew a kiss at.
When they eventually find the boy who gave her the disease, it will be the one who said, "I've had sex with her" in the season two Duets episode. When they talk to him, he will say he had sex with only one girl before Britney: Santana.
Puck will find out about this immediately after he has sex with Shelby, and will reveal that he had sex with Lauren last summer also.
Then we find out that Mercedes did have sex with Sam, and she'll have to discretely learn if Sam had had sex with Quinn or Santana.
One by one we learn that all except Santana (so far just a carrier) are safe, but every step of the process will have to be explained to Britney in terms a 10-year-old will understand.


i loved this episode,, but i too felt something missing or lacking,, but finchel filled it up..


I stopped watching glee a long time ago. Can't say i miss it.


@just wondering
are you homophobic or you are just really trying to sound that way??
either way, that was rude and inappropriate, not to mention, you obviously have some serious issues that are preventing you from being a human being.


i loved this ep, i thought it was sweet and awkward but romantic and loving enough to cover all the plot gaps that you all seem to be so annoyed with. and as much as sex isn't a major story line for teens, it's just business as usual, the first time you have sex is. it's important and i feel sorry for those people whose first time didn't mean anything, mine did and i am glad that it will stay with me forever as cheesy as that sounds. i am glad that both couples kinds fumbled on the first try, it really is awkward to just up and do it when you have never done it before. this episode will be my fav from this season. as for other plots? well, they just had to wait and it's fine by me, it's not like we always have to deal with the same issues week in week out, good to have other issues take light every now and then, it's refreshing.
it was good to see Karofskey, hope this isn't the last time and Sebastian spells lots of trouble and i can't wait. the gay bar was kinda shaggy, it was a definite change from the usual fluffy and schoolie settings, and it's nice that not every bar looks the same on this show.
but to be honest, i am a big fan of West Side story and see an Asian kid play Riff and singing about staying on your own side with the "white" folks was kind of an insult to the core conflict. where is the racism if both groups are reach in ethnic diversity? and i really didn't like Puck in that role, i don't know, the whole thing just seemed so amateur and not even remotely living up to the intensity and strength of the original. the only ones that i liked were Blaine and Rachel and Maria and Tony, but as blasphemous as it may sound, i never really liked Natalie Wood as Maria(don't kill me, it's just my opinion). Way to go Beiste! Glad she is getting some attention but having Artie poke his nose in his friends' business that is one thing but doing that with a teacher kinda crossed the line for me and just seemed outright rude.


I love west side story the music and story.I like the fact that first time was viewed from different angles though I wanted more finchel kises.So far this is my fave episode this season.I wish they show us more rachel and kurt friendship,more finchel.


I l.o.v.e.d. this episode! It was different and sometimes different is what we need. I was disappointed though that we didn't get to see more of the musical - they were so amazing!!! I wanna see the whole thing!!! Mike Chang, hang in there!


Am I the only one who wasn't too fond of this episode? I just expected a lot, I guess. It was sort of boring (maybe because I'd read too many spoilers.. probably) and I was really dissapointed by the 'love scenes'.

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