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It may or may not be the modern day version of stoning, but the dodgeball scene in this week's Glee episode, "Mash Off," smacked the taste right out of my mouth!

From the beginning of the scene - where Kurt brushed aside Rachel's olive branch and reminded her of her "borderline sociopathic climb to the top" - the stage was set for an epic battle.

This was madness you say? THIS WAS DODGEBALL!

Santana on Stage

Any time you have actors performing athletic acts, chances are you can expect to see some awkwardness (see Tom Cruise throwing a baseball in 2005's War Of The Worlds).

The cast of Glee, however, impressed the heck out of me. For those on both teams who lacked the arm strength, the two-handed soccer throw-in style looked very effective, but nothing was more impressive than Brittany's spinning cyclone sling of death. Is there anything that girl can't do?

Okay, math comes to mind, but you know what I mean.

Artie looked like an old contestant on Double Dare with those goggles on and Rachel guarding her nose was just classic. 

While the Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another mash-up was as hot as the gym class uniforms the Trouble Tones sported, and despite a lifelong love of Hall & Oates, the best song of the night, hands down, had to be the take on Adele.

Mercedes was stellar as usual, but after initially missing her first cue, Santana gave me chills when she finally took center stage and let all her pent up pain and emotion burst forth in what had to be her best performance to date. 

As much as I always love the sharp-tongued taunts that spew forth from our Lima Heights Lolita, I could not have gushed harder when it looked like Heather Morris actually made Naya Rivera laugh for real when she quietly sang "stop the violence" to her in the choir room.

Watch the scene again. I think it was a totally natural laugh that was spared from the trash bin because of how real it was, despite Rivera's voice momentarily falling out of character. A small but amazing scene I thought.

It might be the last time we see Santana smile for awhile as her life looks to get flip turned upside down in coming weeks. 

Lastly, Puck was hot for teacher and who could blame him? While his attempts to charm Shelby - such as when he brought her the gourd because they were out of apples in the cafeteria - were steak-headed yet suave, where he really proved irresistible were his interactions with his little monkey faced Beth.

If not for the whole teacher/student legal issue, I found myself almost rooting for it to happen, if for no one else but little Beth... but then it looks like in the scenes for next episode, Puck tells Quinn about his extra curricular activities with their rival coach.

Is it possible Puck has been playing both sides of the mohawk the whole time, seducing Shelby only to expose her and get Beth back for Quinn? 

Can't wait to hear what you all think. Matt will be back to review the next episode in two weeks, but I hope "You and I" saw eye to eye this week or at least had a few favorite Glee quotes in common. 


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I'm pretty sure I never wrote that Rory "knew" Brittany and Santana were dating. I wrote what he did.. Or attempted to do... Was probably enough to make Santana seriously dislike him. They did have a brief (albeit one sided) confrontation where we found out one Santana's favorite movies.
As for being "outed" last season. If she was so "out" why did she and Brittany go to such lengths to keep their relationship secret? Maybe we have different opinions regarding being out and will have to agree to disagree. In my mind being "out" would be openly admitting your sexuality to family, friends, ect. No one has the right to make the decision for another person. I don't even know what to say about the Brittany maniuplating Rory theory. I am quite sure he went out of his way to pretend he was a leprechaun in order to sleep with her. He even made a point of going to her and trying to collect his "reward". In my book, that is manipulation. Any decent person (disclaimer I realize I'm ranting about pretend people) would have told that girl the truth and certainly not proudly tell people (or one person, Finn) about the deal they made.


Umm Rory did not know about Brittany being Santana's girlfriend and he didn't manipulate her (if so then one would argue Santana manipulated Brittany into a relationship, which imo she did when Brittany was dating Artie). He does pretty much what all people do around Brittany and allow her to continue her belief and Brittany propositioned him with sex, not the other way around. And Brittany took care of that so there was no reason for Santana and the troubletones to basically "stone" because their intention was to hurt him. Like I have said before Santana was outed last season and she was in the clear wrong in this episode, what Finn said to her wasn't even mean, it spoke truth. The only reason this is a big deal because some dumbass adults decided to use a teenager in their political smear campaign.


the gay people in this. Just like racism doesn't only apply to ethnic minorities. It isn't okay for a lesbian to rip a person apart and still expect sensitivity or boundaries in regards to her sexuality. Just like it isn't fair for a ethnic minority to make racist comments about white people and be outraged if something similarly racist is said to them. I say this as a gay rights supporting ethnic minority. I found the whole Santana and Finn thing horrible on both sides, but I felt bad that the one time Finn stands up for him self it results in something so horrible that makes him look worst. I also think the real villians in this ordeal is the adults who put an underage girl in a political ad to use against another adult. the school and students pretty much knew Santana was gay and I doubt it would have been much of an issue but the asshats who used that info to run an illeagal and public ad like that are the true evildoers who are compromising her.


I like Santana and I'm indifferent with Finn. My problem with this scenario is...unfortunately people like Santana are the last people who need to tear people apart. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Plain and simple. Did Finn "out" Santana? Technically Brittany did it first on her show...and prior to and after that it really wasn't much of a secret. People pretty much suspected as much for quite some time. But for every person out there who is "too nice" or "non confrontational" and end up being told to "be the bigger person" when they have to deal with people like Santana...and Santana gets a free pass. It sucks. Everyone has limits and you open the doors to plenty of things when you push someone too far. I don't condone what Finn did because calling her out in the middle of a crowded hallway was wrong.But not only do I understand where he came from when doing that, I actually felt bad for him. Santana was shocked, and she underestimated his actually one should ever underestimate, exploit or take advantage of peoples feelings and reactions. I don't think anyone deserves to be outed...but was she asking for some retaliation? A resounding Yes. I think my annoyance is that she very rarely gets called out on her nasty behavior despite them emphasizing being tough on bullying...and nobody else ever puts her in check either. The only other outburst I can think of is when Rachel shocked her again by telling her she'd end up being a stripper. You'd think a person with lots to protect and hide would be more aware and have learned a lesson or two from that. Everyone has limits and there aren't too many times a person can take being berated...and the problem with picking on people who rarely fight back is when they finally do explode it's massive. I also hated the fact that as important as it is that somehow the bullying and nastiness is only truly offensive, too far, and horrible when it's done to a gay character. Finn comes off more insensitive beecause he outed a gay character, but it's somehow less imposing and less offensive and less damaging if he gets verbally abused? Sensitivity, respect, the damaging effects of words shouldn't just be limited to apply only to


I'm glad this episode was rated so well, because it was fantastic! I loved EVERY SINGLE MUSICAL NUMBER. That's impressive! Everyone brought their A-game this week, I thought, and it paid off big time. Although I seriously doubt that any candidate who released an advertisement about a teenager being a lesbian would gain respect in the eyes of the voting population, I did like the drama that it brought. If anyone cared who I would side with on this issue, it would be Santana. For the most part, it seems like Finn is used to Santana's rampant insults of him (which are wrong, but always hilarious). That doesn't mean that he can't have feelings, but in that scene, it didn't seem like any of his feelings were pushed to the limits. His calling out Santana was purely out of spite, and he confronted her specifically on what he knew would affect her the most. I would've slapped him too if his actions had essentially outed me to the state of Ohio. Quinn is insane, and it's not even funny anymore. This girl is scheduled for a breakdown and I'm really interested to see how the show handles it. I also really like Rory, and I love that Blaine can be the bigger person and look past Finn's blatant attempt at controlling the Glee Club. So looking forward to watching this episode again tomorrow on DVR!


I agree with @Megan. Finn should have known better than to call Santana out in the middle of a crowded hallway after everything that happened with Kurt last year. How could he think nobody would care? These are the people who voted Kurt Prom Queen last season; I doubt they would have changed between May and November. Sure, Karofsky is gone (and had stopped being an ass), but the majority of that school is homophobic--how could Finn have forgotten? I really wish Glee was going to be on next week because I can't wait to see where they take this next. I knew there was going to be an episode where Santana came out to her parents, but I didn't think it would be to stop them from being poleaxed by some homophobe's campaign ad. I loved the fact that Bert and Will went to Sue with the tape. I think that it was great that they showed a united front to Santana, and I really think that all 3 will be there for her. I also think that it actually taught Sue a lesson. I find it interesting that Sue didn't mention Kurt in her video about Bert and his wife; based on the ad from the other guy, that type of thing would have been very effective in alienating Bert's supporters. It seems that she has limits. It would be great if both Bert and Sue came out against the other guy...Reggie? Like everyone else, I loved the Adele mash-up. It and the slap, which I think Finn deserved, were the best parts of the episode.


@Kayla I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way :). @SydMcDreamy77 The whole "she had it coming" comment was kind of harsh. I don't think anyone who has their sexuality (touchy subject in and out of high school) put on public display ever "has it coming". Plus no reason for pelting Rory? I typed before and I'll type it again. That goon... I mean sweet guy... Did try to completely manipulate Brittany into having sex with him. Brittany may have been all anti-bullying in the last episode, but she'd have to be a freakin' saint to not dislike a guy that spun a web 'o lies in an effort to get into her pants. I appreciate the authenticity comments. I absolutely love this show, but it kills me that one week writers have characters saying/doing these horrible things in order to stage a confrontation... Then the next week we are all supposed to forget the drama that went down (and sometimes wasn't resolved) last week. Ugh.


This was a such a dramatic episode!


I do agree with the the part of @SydMcDreamy77 about Rachel and Kurt. especially Kurt. Weirldy enough, I started to like him at the beginning of season 3 but I did find myself troubled by the fact that Rachel has to give up her campaign in for Kurt decided to talk to her again. It's no news that I like Rachel but in that case it's more about the fact that Kurt is never portrayed being wrong and as it has already been said, being a Saint for the writers. No only on that campaign issue but even here, I don't get why the writers had to make it a conflict between him and Rachel. I'm not even sure that Rachel was his main competitor (even if the both of them seemed to be seriously interested in the campaign)...


You can't beat the music from last night's episode. Who doesn't love Hall & Oates!? Soooo good!

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