Gossip Girl Caption Contest 180

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Welcome to the 180th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! So who emerged victorious this week?

Your Caption Contest winner is girlonfire. Congratulations and well done.

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Jance, iwatchtoomuchtv, and Alexa. Thank you to everyone for playing, as always, and good luck again next time!

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Diana: Alright, Nate. I'll help you with your homework, but this is the last time. So... If you have five apples and you eat two of them, how many apples would you still have?
Nate: ...

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I am nuts

WARNING: horny archibald on lose!will hump anything with boobs!


D: Nate, I posted on nyspectator that we're a couple.
N: But we're not a couple-
D: Oh wait, A HOT NEW couple.
N: Sex doesn't make us a couple.
D: Quit complaining, I have to make a new strategy to put off Gossip girl once and for all.
N: I'm bored, wanna have sex?
D: Eh, why not?


Chace: so if nyspectator takes over does that mean the show's gonna be called nyspectator now?


Nate: I can't believe this!
Diana: Yeah, Nate, it's hard for me too!
Nate: We won't be having any sex scenes until January.

I am nuts

Diana: Are you getting this?
Nate: Yep.(thinking:look into her eyes, avoid eye contact with boobs, just stare at the eyes.)


Nate: So you're not from America right? Because you have a weird accent
Diana: I'm from England. It's not a hard accent to place.
Nate: England... Where is that? And how did you learn english so well?!


Diana: Are you saying I look like your mom
Nate: Amazing but true...


I'm looking for a rat wandering through the maze of life for the proverbial cheese. Is that you?


Nate: So when will I get the money for my services?
Diane: You've only worked here for a couple of days now...
Nate: I was talking about different services... I mean, the other cougar paid me.


Diana: ...and that's how babies are made.
Nate:...So where is the stalk in all this?
Diana: There is no stalk!
Nate: Oh, okay...So then how does the baby get from the cabbitch patch onto it's parents front door step?
Diana: Nate...at least you'll always have your looks to fall back on...we can all be thankful for that...
Nate: I'm still reeling from the fact Chuck and Blair lied to Serena and me for all these years... I wonder if Serena knows what brings babies, if not a stalk?
Diana:...Lets get down to business shall we? Have you ordered the office supplies in preperation for December?
Nate: Certainly have, twelve carrots and milk and cookies.
Diana: Why would you think we need twelve carrots and milk and cookies for our office?
Nate: For Santa of course! Hey do you think it's his reindeer that bring babies then?

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