Gossip Girl Dair Video Contest Update: Voting Starts Friday!

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to create the best video tribute to Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair, the unlikely couple (or relationship, depending on your view) that has built such a following over the past year.

The submission period has now closed, and we'd like to thank you for the dozens of entries we received! On Friday, November 25, our editors will post the top five entries and let YOU VOTE on the winner!

Dair Moment

We pushed this back from Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but Friday morning, the finalists will be posted and the voting will begin. The video with the most votes by Friday, December 2 wins.

The prize: The top video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook pages, allowing your work to be seen by millions of Gossip Girl and TV fans. AND you get a $50 iTunes gift card! So vote!

Rest assured, there will be a Chair tribute video contest in the near future. We are also expanding this feature into other shows, given the level of interest in our Dair experiment. So thank you all again!

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i love blair so much and am so glad my cousin introduced gossip girl to me uneles i would have been missing a great deal.


CAN'T WAIT!! XD Good luck to everyone!


@melodie and cicii
Goodness, go fly a kite.


Why are non dair fans here? Why waste your time with something you dont like? Btw I love Dair :)


I'm gonna vomit, Dair NO >.


pathetic is trying to save a couple for a long time should have its end point, as chair. And you have realized that the Dair fans are growing and they only had half a season and a real kiss.


LOL@the bitterness. This is just a fun video for fans.


i will not vote for them EVER they are pathetic


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