Gossip Girl Episode Preview: "All the Pretty Sources"

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Gossip Girl returns Monday with an all-new episode, "I Am Number Nine." The following week is "The Big Sleep No More," a.k.a. the annual mask-themed installment, which includes a major kiss.

The episode after that, November 21, finds Serena hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair in "All the Pretty Sources." You just know that's an event with drama waiting to happen.

It should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair from finding out all the details. Any theories on what that might entail?

Slair Photo

Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan decide to spend the day together (!!) to distract themselves from the fact that they didn’t make the invite list for Blair’s shower. The budding bromance that is Duck lives!

Finally, Nate and Serena find a silver bullet in Diana's war against Gossip Girl, but struggle about whether to use it or not. Think that bombshell could have something to do with Blair and her baby?

It's unclear if Blair's bachelorette party is also included in this episode or a future installment (we're guessing the latter), but there's certainly going to be plenty to talk about when the dust settles.

Check out more pics from "All the Pretty Sources" and comment below:

Serena and Blair Conflict
Maid of Honor to Be
Serena is Up to Something
Ivy is Still Around
Blouis Photo
Waldorf Shower

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I actually only like Charlies dress. Blairs with the bow is just ridiculous. The red is a nice colour the shape and detail just kill the dress dead. Sorry, but even blair can't wear everything.


seems like there is an argument between serena and blair... wonder what it's about??? :\


I miss Chair so much, it consumes me. They were never as happy with anyone else.


@jamey and @pty thank you for filling in the blanks.
what i can't seem to understand is that once they found out Blair was pregnant, they would want to hurry the wedding
along, maybe even have them get married sooner, to avoid the pregnancy scandal. That was mentioned either by Louis or his mother....or Blair. To get married and then reveal that she was pregnant. So, I'm guessing either that becomes a non-factor (miscarriage, though by the look of all the pretty sources, Blair's still very much pregnant, so that would leave only two more episodes of that possibility) OR they no longer care about a scandal (but that kind of seems...unlikely. it's a royal family after all). it's keeping me guessing so the writers are doing something right. Just wish they'd find a way to put Dair together.


I think Dan and Blair are still on the outs from this book and their storylines don't even appear to converge these days. He's supposedly not even going to be at the Sleep No More show since he's on a book tour. So the slap and kiss should be from Chuck.


@HermioneWeasley- I'm not trying to be antagonistic but why can't we express our hatred for the Louis/ wedding storyline? It's terrible and I haven't seen any comments in this thread about Louis "standing in the way" of Chair. For that matter, no Dair fans have expressed a similar sentiment. I think this is one thing that has nothing to with ships- the majority of viewers dislike Louis (the character, not the adorable actor) because he is part of one of the most mind numbingly boring and horribly written story lines in the history of GG. Plus, it seems like Blair is barred from interacting with anyone else while this is ongoing. I personally want more time with the characters I've grown to love, and not see half a season- of what may be the very last season!- wasted on guest stars. @pty- Gossip Girl defies the laws of time and space (it is that awesome). It's almost pointless to try and figure out what timeline they're following. I wonder if Nate will be in attendance for the bridal shower? I wasn't aware men were invited to bridal showers so I don't get why Dan and Chuck are such an oversight? Chuck I understand- what with the paternity test and all. But Dan? Are he and Blair still on the outs? Did something else happen (like a kiss and a slap hah)? Or is Louis just that insanely jealous? Yay for Dan and Chuck scenes! They've been a highlight for me this season. Dan better make good on that promise to tickle Chuck- mmm. lol


please get rid of the prince :(
really i just can't seem to like that guy at all. He seems a little dull for Blair to be honest. Glad he has the envolope, unless it means bad things for Chuck. Chuck has been through enough i'd say.
Yay !!! Duck ! I'm really liking their bromance right now :) good to see them both happy and helping each other out ...


Most guys don't attend wedding showers so it makes perfect sense that Chuck and Dan aren't there and I would be surprised if Nate attended.


For the people who hate Louis: DEAL WITH IT! I actually happen to like him. I actually want him to stay, if only to annoy the hell out of you lot. Nothing would make me happier. Sorry, but I'm just sick of people hating on Louis. I don't see you hating on Dan, seeing as he's also standing in the way of your beloved "Chair." Louis genuinely likes Blair and wants to make her happy, to be the one to make her happy. Yes, he has trust issues, not that I'd blame him. I'd find it hard to trust Blair myself if I were him, considering her history, and he has every right to have problems trusting Blair. She DID cheat on him, after all, all whilst he was waiting for her. When it comes down to Chuck, I WOULDN'T trust Blair either. Louis would be CRAZY to trust Blair with Chuck. I'd KILL to be in her spot right now, to be with a Prince who loves me and would do anything to make me happy, as cheesy as that sounds. Chuck has brought her nothing but pain. Selling her out, sleeping with Jenny, that's not what she needs. Blair needs happiness and contentment, the Prince can give her that. Unless Chuck can change himself to be a better person and to give up on the drinking and the womanising, the Prince is the better choice for her. Can't wait for the wedding.

Still love chuck

A little sad that it seems there will be no scenes between Chuck and Blair, but I am loving there will be more Duck scenes; Chuck has had the best lines from those scenes :) I also can't wait for this wedding and Louis to be over; seems this storyline could have been wrapped up in a more timely manner. I am sick of it already!

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