Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "Riding in Town Cars With Boys"

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"Riding in Town Cars With Boys" is Gossip Girl's last installment of 2011.

The next three Mondays are all new episodes: "All the Pretty Sources" November 21, "Rhodes to Perdition" November 28, and then this one, which executive producer Josh Safran says you do not want to miss (as if he would say otherwise, or there's any chance we'd miss it). He describes the hour as "a tense one" to say the least.

Details are scarce right now, but our photo gallery below hints at some very interesting developments. Here are a couple of CW promotional shots in particular that will surely get people talking ...

Nice to Meet You, I'm Chuck Bass ...
Dan Blindfolds Blair

Dan blindfolding Blair into a candlelit room ... and Chuck taking her hand, possibly in that same room? What do you make of that? Clearly one or more Blair suitors not named Louis remain in the picture.

Between these images and the set photos of Blair's wedding dress, speculation is running rampant about how this fairy tale will play itself out. We hope you'll share your predictions and thoughts below.

Check out more photos from the December 5 mid-season finale here:

Dan's Hair
B at a Crossroads
Nate the Journalist
Charlie Rhodes Pic
Charlie Smiling
Lily, Rufus, Charlie
Charlie-Ivy Pic
Is the Jig Up For Charlie?
Nate and Chivy

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Finally someone undrstand what true love looks like....of course Chuck wants Blair to have her fairytale weddingf he has always had one thing that i LOVE about him and that is for Blair to be HAPPY even if that means losing her to accomplish that.....but we all know she will never give up on Chuck nor he her. Remember @ the prom when he voted for her 100 times so that she could be queen and Nate was King.....but in the end she still wanted Chuck because she realized in the end that Chuck was really her Prince....she will realize that again.....and she Chuck and baby chuck can get on with Running their Kingdom the Upper East Side.


The scenes are not necessarily different in the two pictures. And who says that the candles are not lit with Blair and Chuck since the two pictures are not taken exactly with the same distance and view. The candles might still be there but we can't see it because they're not part of the frame of the picture. @CHAIR : I totally agree with your analyse. I've long wondered why, since I was disappointed by Chuck's behaviour like every girl after watching S3, I had not been touch by Dan and Blair scenes in S4 and the potentiality of a romance between them. It turns out that I have been quite annoyed with it from the very begining, even when romance wasn't suggested. I could foresee interaction between those too only because of Serena and I really enjoyed Blair being a bitch to Dan because they weren't form the same world. As soon as it stoped, I lost interest in their rare interaction.
Appart from the fact that I like Chair (I know anyway that some Dair fans will say that I'm wrong because I'm too much into Chair, but anyway, I try to stay as objective as I can here), there is this huge reason why I don't buy Dan and Blair in a relationship: they don't match at all. Ok they have some friendly banter and a taste for the same movies and Dan is playing the heroe like he always does. But that's it. Let's imagine for a minute that Blair loses a little bit of herself and agrees to reciprocate Dan's feelings (this point would be very out of character already), I don't see the relationship going on because Dan expects Blair to change like Nate expected her to do so. And the fans who like Dair are the same. They expect something from Blair, some kind of maturing that has its limit because she can't completely change who she is. And I was suprised to see how Dair fans were so against Blair's attitude on last episode. She looked like more to her old self. The bitchy one. This what she is. She can be more mature and it's fortunate that she's grown, but being bitchy and acting silly like she did with Chuck in the last episode is totally what she is. And this kind of behaviour which is part of her is something that Dan will never accept. He rejected Serena for what she represented but most of all because of how she acted. Imagine when Dan will open his eyes and realise, after a few times that Blair often goes crazy/bitchy or does something to him to serve her own interest, his reaction won't be positive and he will reject that. Or, he will ask her to change, and he will play the arrogant guy who give lessons to everyone like he always has because it is his nature. And Blair won't be happy, she will suffer from that.
So far and even if he has been a royal dic***, Chuck is the only one (and it is still true in the last episode) who accept Blair with her good sides and her flaws. He doesn't try to change her, and he loves her exactly for what she is. And their connexion for the last 5 seasons have been so strong. They said it themselve at the end of S4: they will always love each other. I think this is just the answer to what is going to happen eventually. Blair will go back to Chuck and Chuck will try to get her back. I like them flawed, they fit this way. It's also what they are so interesting and lot of people fall in love with them in the first place. They've grown together, hurt and loved each other til the extreme and eventually they will find their way back because they are the only one for each other. No matter how many Eva, Dan, or any other fling they have, no matter he they think they love someone else, in the end, they always find their way back to each other. It's in their character. On contrary Blair ending with Dan Humphrey and turning into a complete good girl falling for the outsider who takes her to the movies and who give her some banter and a shoulder to cry from time to time since half a seaons, it's just not storyline that is OOC and not in accordance with what GG is. Or otherwise the writers forgot to tell us that the show ended mid-season 4 and they've started a complete new show since then but as far as I know were still in GG and Blair Waldorf is still Blair Waldorf.


So I dont mean to offend any dair shippers but there is osmething I have to say... If any of you think dan and blair are soul mates you just dont really understand blairs character very well, or Dans for a matter of fact. Everyone just needs to face it... Blair will never stop loving Chuck, and I think that everyone can agree on that. They have a love so stong that has endured through anything and no matter how much she could love someone else (like if she eventually fell for Dan) she will never be over CHuck. Something will always come in the way that will bring Blair right back to chuck. Either she will get jealous, he will get jealous, or something of that sort. With that kind of love, something getting in the middle of Blair's relationship with Dan, would just be inevitable, especially considering Blair's personality since she already has a lot of jealousy in it. It is just official that Blair will never get over Chuck completely and that little peice attached to him will always overcome any other feelings she has for Dan. Tell me what you think about this and respond! Plus, does anyone remember why Dan broke up with Serena in season 2? Well it was because he couldnt handle her lifestyle and the lifestyle he hated is ten times worse with Blair. So I dont think it would work out for either. THey have a fine friendship but going farther is pointless because it would not stick for multiple reasons. CHuck and Blair are soul mates and meant to be toegther. ANyone denying that needs to really understand blair's character more, because she will NEVER stop loving Chuck and for anyone to say thats not true really should rewatch some episodes.


Dan is NOT bringing chuck and blair together. The room for the two scenes might be same but the scenes are different. Because the candles are lit in the picture where dan is bringing blair in the room and in the picture where blair is standing alone but they are not lit in the chair picture. Also, blair is wearing a sweater with dan and blair's sweater is on the sofa when she's standing alone, where as its missing in the picture with chuck.


Dan and Serena I've kind of been rooting for since forever. There's something sweetly soft and lovely about it--a good balance from the inevitable maelstrom that is Chuck and Blair. And not, writers, just because I called it a maelstrom does not mean I do not want it. I WANT IT! PLEASE, GIVE US CHAIR! Chair is endgame! BLOUIS is just...implausible. At least Dair had some degree of believability.

Still love chuck

Well said, @pty, well said...


The GG writers need to get the memo: we want Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena! They have abused us long enough.


DAIR is the only reason that I am watching GG. I am seriously hoping for an official romantic connection! DAIR is HOT! Chuck's pathetic, sappy and new personality this season is a major turn off. If the writers are trying to get me to switch back to shipping Chair... IT IS TOO LATE. I will dare to DAIR!


Bashing Dan and Blair shows how pathetic and immature you are. Grow up kid!

Still love chuck

Yay, it's Chair! I am counting down the days for when Louis is finally gone. I have a feeling that Louis is going to leave Blair, though I would prefer the other way around. I think Leighton and Ed are amazing and am looking forward to their scenes both together and apart.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Just because Carol made a mockery of her own debut does not mean Charlie should be cheated out of the experience.
Rufus: Yeah, she hired Karen Finley to go in her place and when Carol's name was called, Karen walks out wearing nothing but chocolate and a pillbox hat.
Lily: Now I'm a Karen Finley fan, but it was a bit much. We were barred from the Plaza for years.

Apologies have been made and the security breach fixed. But two weeks later, still not one tip. Apparently no on can hold a grudge like an Upper East Sider. And no one can lie like one either.

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