Gossip Girl Promos: Phantom of the Opera Sex Games!

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After some deep introspection, Chuck officially let Blair go on Gossip Girl last night.

At least until next Monday's mask-themed episode, when he makes a pass at her!

Attending the provocative experience that is "Sleep No More" translates to masks, mystery and some surprise romantic twists. Kiss her to set her free? Really Chuck? Do you really believe that?

As we talked about in our Gossip Girl review last night, Mr. Bass turned a major corner when he apologized and bared his soul to Blair. But if he thinks he's moved on from her, he's kidding himself.

Watch the CW and Canadian promos for "The Big Sleep No More" and weigh in:

This is, of course, the long-awaited, often-teased episode in which someone kisses Blair, and in which said kiss is followed by a slap. These promos give us a fairly good idea how that comes about.

Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on her latest project, Serena, in her quest to ruin Gossip Girl, Dan is out on his book tour, and Nate and Charlie appear to be heating up. Exciting stuff all around!

Share your comments on these promos and thoughts on next week with us!

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Heddy that is a great theory. at the end of the last episode, Blair is caught off guard by Chuck's apology so we see her wrestling with Chuck v. Louis esp after Louis was scheming. That leads to Blair having a dream where maybe she's broken off the engagement and dream kiss ensues. Serena presents the invitation to the masked benefit and with the dream in mind, Blair goes. I think she'll sort of search for a kiss, not initiate it, to replicate the dream but either she comes to her senses because she's engaged(!)/pregnant(!) or she sees someone watching so she slaps Chuck. There is someone watching them but that might be part of the dream? I hope that she is not turned off completely by Chuck because I agree with others that think that would really signal the end of Chair, they've been attached to each other sexually for a long time so itd be like to taking the final piece from them. Though maybe if they take that final piece from them, they could truly rebuild at some point. Maybe its neccessary because even their sexual relationship started with scandal so maybe taking that element away could lead to them completely on the right foot which includes a less twisted sexual relationship? What i like about this season is that everything is open, im always guessing, nothing feels like a foregone conclusion. and so i hope the chair kisses makes us wonder: is it over or not? i like the tease!


Judging by the dress Blair's wearing in the beginning of the American promo, I think this is the episode where Blair and Chuck feed ducks together. Maybe she tells him about her dream and her conflicting feelings.


WOW and WOW! Yes I agree, both promos are confusing. I think I agree with Heddy, and the also the whole list of other dreams from past episodes. I think they are leading us on to something bigger...I was hoping for something huge and epic like this to happen with CHAIR! They are so hot together, I just love how he looks at her... And she just loves playing the part, its quite hot their chemistry onscreen!!
I think there must be other things going on as there are promo pics from another site, where it shows Blair and Chuck with a therapist most likely. This is pics for the Rhodes to perdition epis.
Strange how things are playing out..Also the whole Louis not trusting, and being stupid..makes it for such a boring story line between the two of them. You never see them interact hot or sexy..


I can't wait to find out what Blair was dreaming about because in the Canadian promo she shoots up from bed with her eyemask on. I think the version where she asks Chuck if he remembers when they would play dress-up, then tells him nobody's watching as she flashes her ringless finger and they makeout and maybe Louis catches them is from her dream and the version where Chuck kisses her and she slaps him is from reality.

Kimberly ann myers

Okay...There BETTER be more than meets the eye when it comes to these promos. Here, this week chuck FINALLY takes some steps to move forward with his life, now here he is, back to kissing Blair and making lame excuses to Nate.
If thats all there is to this than any progress hes made feels cheap and weak on the writers part. Chuck NEEDS to have a storyline outside of this Blair angst bulls*it or hes never going to be believable as a character again, let alone someone I could cheer for in the competition for Blairs heart.


Confusing, really.


What is it with this show and masks?


all this spoiler is making me confuse,, but im happy that theres more chair scenes,, and the SLAP, was there anyone watching when they kiss? no dair plz,, derena and chair all the way


I still think the baby is chucks...Blair told Louis the test was only to confirm her suspicians about being pregnant, and as stated before, the letter is not going to name a father. So I do think endgame will be chair. Dan deserves an epic love...I just don't feel it with Blair...she is like a best friend....telling him the truth even if it hurts kind a friendship.....their banter is terrific, as is the banter between him and Nate, and him and Chuck....Dan is turning out to be very much on their level..even though they like to make him out as an outsider, I don't think any of them would like him out of their lives now


Oh the kiss of all kisses! Of course it had to be Chuck and Blair! I finally enjoyed Gossip Girl this season because of the epic emotionally charged Chuck apology scene to Blair. THIS is what the show has been missing this season. They bring an emotional resonance and power that no other couple does. I know their journey back will be hard and angsty but last night made it clear that's the direction the show is going: Chair Endgame FTW! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Dorota: Uh oh. Mr. Chuck in dream again.
Blair: When Chuck's in them they're all nightmares.
Dorota: What he do now?
Blair: Behave like a perfect gentleman. Which makes him even more chilling. That fake apology of his has permeated my subconscious and haunts me even when I sleep.
Dorota: Apology not seem so fake to me.
Blair: That's because English is your second language!

Good morning, Upper East Siders. Or is it? We hear a certain future royal has had more than one rude awakening this week.

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