Gossip Girl Round Table: "Rhodes to Perdition"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down the most recent episode (see our official review from last night) of our favorite show in even greater detail.

Below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) and managing editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) join writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines to discuss "Rhodes to Perdition."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney: Although I loved the Chair exchanges, my favorite goes to Nate and Chuck. Nate: "You still love her, huh?" Chuck: "I can’t imagine the day I won’t."

Christina: I'm going with a pairing of Rufus's one-liners. Rufus: "Comfort food? That's something I'm good at." and "Yeah, I think I'll go find another extra fondue set." See. Even Rufus knows how perfectly useless he is.

Leigh: Dorota's obsession that Mr. Chuck and Prince Louis might have had a Freaky Friday incident. Her reference to peeing in the fountain was funny because it insinuates Dorota saw The Change-Up.

Steve: Alessandra: "There's HumphreyLove too." Dan: "That's me." Alessandra: "Sorry. I should have recognized your scalpel-sharp self-deprecation." Dan: "I have over a thousand followers." Alessandra: "Let's hope they bought books."

Eric: The quote about Katy Perry retweeting the @ihatehumphrey and @humphreylove feud. Because the idea of Katy Perry reading any book, let alone Inside, is hilarious.

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2. Is Blair kidding herself trying to "fix" Louis?

Courtney: Absolutely, but that is the way young twentysomething girls think. They think that can “fix” people to be who they want them to be. In all reality, she knows Louis is not perfect for her but she is trying to fix him to distract herself from the idea of Chuck being a better fit for her. Even though I am a Chair 'shipper, I can recognize the crazy things that he has done that would make Blair not run back into his arms. Remember selling her, anyone? How about a raccoon named Jenny?

Christina: Definitely! I get B though. I think we all know that people can’t be fixed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stop trying either.

Leigh: I wish we could blame this one on pregnancy brain, but sadly we cannot. Blair's whole reasoning for these shenanigans was almost as big a joke as that hat she was wearing.

Steve: I don't know, but this is just asking for a Blouis fan (now there's a contradiction in terms!) YouTube video set to the music of Coldplay's "Fix You." Speaking of which, vote in our Dair video tribute contest!

Eric: Obvs. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out that Blair's attempts to "fix" Louis really are just yet another tease to Chair fans. Look, we get that she still loves him and all he needs to hear is he'll never lose her. It's happening. Can you end this royal crap?

3. Did Nate handle the scandal the right way?

Courtney: I think so. He wrote the article himself and referenced his family. It is common knowledge that Trip is his cousin so he lets readers in on the scoop in a generic way. He said he wasn’t going to post fake stories, and he followed through with his promise.

Christina: Sure. I can't say that I was too interested in the storyline, though, because I was distracted by how incredibly handsome/fine/HOT Nate was all suited up.

Leigh: Man Bangs really stepped it up. Perhaps he found his calling. There is something to be said for the fact that he never tipped off Gossip Girl and that he refused to lie for his corrupt family. OMG I think I'm even more attracted to him now.

Steve: In navigating the complex political and editorial waters of this would-be scandal, Nate saw all the angles and played them in a way that boosted staff morale, maintained the Spectator's integrity, made him appear above the fray and ostensibly protected Trip's reputation while at the same time subtly calling out Maureen. That's the work of a shrewd editor right there.

Eric: Absolutely not. Everyone who runs a celebrity gossip site knows you run the story without fact checking first. Enjoy the traffic. Then deal with the annoying lawsuits later. You absolutely let the Maureen van der bilts and Mariah Yeaters of the world play you or there'd be no gossip.

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4. Harder to believe: Nate outsmarting someone, Lily and Cece believing Chivy, or Serena's outfit for the Studio 54 soiree?

Courtney: This is a tough one... I’m going to go with Lily and Cece believing Chivy. Some of the lies are absurd but they just accept them. Nate in his position of power is growing on me, it gives him his own story besides of just sleeping with whatever girl is on the show. Serena’s outfit was amazing!! It was crazy inappropriate for a party in honor of her grandmother, but she looked hot! This dress definitely falls in to the top five of low cut outfits S has worn. Although I could have done without the hair. Besides, with Blair having to wear bulky, blah type outfits for her baby bump, someone has to pick up the Gossip Girl fashion for us to envy.

Christina: Absolutely Lily and CeCe believing Chivy… That entire scene with Max trying to oust Chivy and the Rhodes' and more falling for Carol and Chivy’s lies was just ridiculous. LOL @Eric… every time I see “Chivy”, I crave a bagel with cream cheese with chives.

Leigh: Since Lily is ridiculously gullible and Serena's outfit was ridiculously amazing, I guess Nate is my pick. He may be coming into his own but he figured out that scandal a little too fast.

Steve: Serena's outfit was definitely eye-opening, as was Nate handling such a delicate situation so effectively. But how is this even a question. By now, Ivy's convoluted story has more holes than Serena's dress.

Eric: There's simply no appropriate comment I can make about Serena's dress and I hate to admit it for once, but I actually liked Nate's storyline and fully support the Spectator's new EIC. Provided he never gives a lame motivational speech again. Now, seriously Lily and Cece ... you're there for the birth and any portion of this girl's upbringing and still falling for Chivy? 

5. Team Chivy or Team Max?

Courtney: Team Chivy all the way. Without even knowing anything, I would pick her based on her voice alone. But now knowing a little more background, the girl just wants a family. She definitely had a rough childhood and she fits in perfectly in the UES. I can’t care enough about Max because I don’t know anything about him.

Christina: Team Max! There has been way too much Chivy screentime this season. If being on Team Max means that there's a possibility to end this misery, I'm game.

Leigh: Neither, they both take up too much screen time. I guess Chivy is more entertaining though.

Steve: Team Max. This guy's showing a surprising propensity for vengeance, backstabbing and downright harsh comments. Imagine how far he'll take things now that his plot to expose her was foiled.

Eric: Team cream cheese with Chives. Obviously, I hate all the screen time with the Chivy Show, but Max bringing up everything about her real past in front of everyone? That was cold ...

Dearest Daniel

6. What would your pro- or anti-Dan Twitter handle be?

Courtney: Either @Hot4Humphrey or @HumphreyNeedsAHaircut. Depends which way his mop is falling that day.

Christina: @HumphreyHater and @MmMMmHumphrey.

Leigh: Pro: @FansofDHump. After some thought I wouldn't make a con because that would be pathetic.

Steve: @iheartmuppets is totally taken (I looked), so I'll have to take my second or third choices, @Duck4Ever or @HumphTHIS. Or maybe just the more neutral @InsideInsider.

Eric: @GGInsider. It already comes with a fan base of 74,768 followers and all I have to simply say is #Dair to rally everyone against the muppet.

7. Share your predictions for next week's midseason finale.

Courtney: Louis will come back and push Blair more towards Chuck. She will think she has to stay with the prince because of the baby and will turn to Dan for help because deep down he is her best friend and the one she trusts. Serena will wear some awesome dresses and Chivy will come up with a plan to get rid of Max for good. Nate will publish a family story and Rufus will have a point on the show instead of being totally useless.

Christina: Dan reveals his feelings for Blair... as does Chuck for only the millionth time. Bring it on, Chair!

Leigh: This is horrible but the writers seem to be going the Princess Diana route. Blair will try to run away with Chuck, the paps will cause a car accident, she will miscarry and go back to Louis out of guilt. I also think the real Charlie will show up at Chivy's NY debut.

Steve: What more can I add that next week's Gossip Girl promos haven't hinted at? It doesn't look good for Blair's baby, though, if we are indeed headed for the obligatory car crash cliffhanger copout.

Eric: Blair loses the baby in the car crash. It'll be tragic for sure, but more likely than my wish for Carol's real daughter to show up before 2012.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


Whoops. Penn not Peen Roflol


Best quote for me: Rufus & Dan. Rufus: It's time you let INSIDE behind and go outside! LMAO i loved this. ANd yes Dan is missed he was completely on his own since the Book was out i think Peen took a downtime or vacation. He needs to be back without him the show is boring. LOL i never thought i say that, season 1 - 2 and partly 3 he wasnt the most interesting. But since he had more interactions with Blair he is essential now and cute even with his Hair. haha Besides that the story right now is really lame the whole charly/ Ivy is just luke warm. The Nate storyline WTH?! all of a sudden is the new media mogul? because his grandfather wanted him there and now respects him?! Yeah right, that happend to fast and is hardly believable.
S boring as ever and i dont even think she is hot just useless...and stupid. Chuck is playing very well i like him...ALONE or with whoever maybe Ivy lol but NOT Blair. On the other hand if they make another attempt to bring them together now how can they be endgame :P so i allow it one last shot of the ver boring storyline and then a carcrash and after over and out no more chair only as friends. Because honetly how on earth can they do a back and forth for 6 seasons nobody is that stupid growing up means letting go, of old habits. Just my 5 cents to this. Oh and GG herself i don't know, but if she doesnt get any Tips how can she know about everything that goes on it makes no sense. But then again it didn't make sense all this time because she could have never known everything. xoxo


Also just a person thought, but I think the mistake they made with this episode, is that they put too much emphasis on the guest characters and their storyline (even though I think Charlie is a permanent fixture now, I refuse to believe it, lol!). What made Season 1 and 2 great for me, was the fact though there were occasional guest characters, who spiced things up slightly, they were in small portions. The main focuse of the show were the main characters, obviously, (Blair, Chuck, Serena, Nate, Dan) who really interacted and drove the show. The beginning of this season seems to be all about Chivy, and solitary main character storylines, and for me at least, that is not a good thing = (. They should have a few more light hearted scenes too with some of the old gang (and add in Monkey lol = P)! Hopefully though, once they get the Louis storyline out of the way, things will start to get more focused on main character interaction!


1) Favourite quote: "He has too many PhD's. They cancel each other out, and make him a moron." -Blair. I thought that one was quite funny, and so Queen B. 2) Blair is always trying to ‘fix’ someone. Maybe she should stop trying so hard and work on herself, she’s not the most perfect individual on the planet either. I love Blair, but she has treated Louis rotten this whole time, has never loved him, and then blames him when things go wrong in their relationship. But her attempt is typical Blair, she believes that nothing is unachievable when she sets her mind to it, and that there’s a simple answer to everything. It was in character. 3) Nate did a really good job, which made me laugh aloud. Wasn’t this dude recently taking classes at Columbia, trying to figure out who he was? But I applaud him, and he did look very cute in the suit. Now if only they can integrate his storyline and everyone else’s in an interesting way! 4) Loved Serena’s hair, she looked so different, maybe I was the only one lol…the outfit was okay, it was something Serena would wear. Nate did make me laugh, but the prize goes to the whole Chivy thing. How dumb are Cecee and Lilly? Now I see where Serena gets it! 5) Neither! Get the both off the screen and bring back team NJBC + D! 6) No idea… 7) Blair will run to Dan to help her figure things out. She’ll realise she wants to be with Chuck and decides to secretly run away with him. I’m guessing a limo/car scene much like the infamous Victor Victrola one (well starting off that way with kissing…) only to be interrupted by a car crash? All very dramatic… Blair will lose the baby, she’ll be devastated, so will Louis but he’ll redeem himself in some way, making Blair guilty so she’ll go back to him, and Chuck will remain silent about the whole escapade so she can be ‘happy’…the end. Whatever happens she’ll probably end up with Louis for the wedding dress scene to occur…


1. Nothing really jumped out at me as a memorable or worth quoting.
2. Yes, Blair is kidding herself in think she can "fix" Louis or change him into a Chuis hybred. But then all the characters are kidding themselves about something.
3. I guess so. I thought Grandpa V and Tripp looked awfully guilty, like they were in on the manufactured scandal and they thought they could manipulate Nate and his little paper into unwittingly playing along.
4. I'll go with CeCe and Lily believing Chivy. We got glimpses in the last episode that Nate might not be as dumb as we think, but it was still a little surprising he could put Maureen's plan togethor so quickly. As for Serena's Studio 54 outfit, she gets worst dressed. It's not because The Orbs of Power & Beauty or her macaroon are on display as usual. The hairdo completely ruins what could have been a knock-out outfit.
5. I could go for Team Chivy because I feel bad for her that she just wants a family to love and love her. But can't we just drop this whole thing and move on?
6. What's Twitter? But I do love the muppets and haircut suggestions.
7. Car wreck. Miscarriage. Dan and Blair share the same blood type, so Blair gets transfused with Dan's blood, and maybe one of his kidneys. Max brings the real Charlotte to town. Chuck or Nate falls in love with her. Serena wears a burka.


I don't think it's unrealistic that the "Rhodes" family (burn on Rufus multiple times) would fall for a scam, with Serena's help what's his face scammed their friends and family out of a hundreds of thousands. And as for Nate, the speed of him figuring it out was a little hard, but if he was sober (haha) and focused I can see it as being realistic especially after dating Blair Waldorf for so long, he has to have scam radar. And with his history with Trip and his crazy wife... I buy it. I also think that the way he handled it was perfect because it established him as the editor in a credible public way. Major win for the employees and the public. I think it was important because he could be judged for his age and lack of experience. I liked the round table comments about Serena's dress... but I still say realistic. Remember her graduation dress? Ick lol


The real Charlie is prob sheltered like the way ivy portrays her. Imagine if she shows up and conspires with ivy for money???


Joyce can't you see, the writers are like scared little girls who just can't leave their mommy's house....but they are 35! Grow up! Move foward! Change a bit! TAKE A RISK! Chair is really safe, there are lots of fans, but sometimes you just gotta do something different ...It's been five years already...


Best thing about this week : Serena's dress. I called it, she is a bombshell! Worst thing about this week : The same story has been fed to us for 5 years already, either put Chair together or make them break up ... fort ...F-O-R-E-V-E-R


can somebody explain to me why in hell they don´t realize IVY is not her cousin... even though they don´t see her since she was a little girl.. not even her grandma! I DONT GET IT!!!!

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