Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair Feelings Rekindled?

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After last night's Gossip Girl, is a Chair reunion looming on the horizon? Even though he let Blair go, Chuck showed a side of himself that we've never before seen, and we all saw the promo for next week ...

In any case, it looks like Dan and Blair are officially kaput romantically, right?

Not so fast. According to E! Online, there's a Dair development to come:

"I am hearing that the feelings will come back, for at least one of them."

Who do you think it is? Share your comments and theories below ...

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inever like CHAIR. because of Nate, the original love interest of Blair. As season goes along, i knew Nate would be impossible now. But now, I want something new, getting sick of CHAIR already, I want DAIR now, exciting to watch how they will be in a relationship.


I definitely was not a Dair fan in the beginning. I thought it ridiculous and sort of desperate of the writers, just because they didn't have anyone else to pair either Blair or Dan with, but then again the whole thing was developed so carefully and slowly and also very realisticly that I came to actually like these too together. If you look for them, there have been tiny Dair moments in all of the previous seasons, where she (had to) let her guard down and he saw a little more of the real Blair, the vulnerable and delicate Blair, the person who's hiding behind schemes and labels to cover her insecurities. Dan had these realisations over the course of time and it feels alright that he fell for her. After all, we did, too.
I have since season 1 been a strong Chair fan and always thought it to be Endgame, but as I believe I have matured since then, I can see, how though crazy romantic, emotional and intriguing, the Chair relationship is far from healthy. The people you love are supposed to bring out the best in you and while I can see some of this happening now with Chuck, to me it seems too artificial, whereas with Dan and Blair, feelings may be less dramatic but also less hurting.
I changed my mind and my heart went along. Dair would be good together. And it would give both of them some closure from their failed past relationships.


DAIR is the best couple on GG! They are the only couple that gives me butterflies. Blair has shown lots of love and care for Dan. She has kissed him and dreamt of kissing him. She always goes to him when she needs someone to help her with a big problem. She said they have a real connection. She secretly loves him, and she just has not allowed herself to realize that she is in love with a lonely boy from Brooklyn. DAIR! I love Chuck, but HATE him with Blair. Can Eva come back?


Blair never showed any care or support for dan, she constantly insults him and seems to forget his existence, she ONLY cares about CHUCK !! GOOD GIRL ;)


Goodbye Dair you won't be missed, good riddance !!


Why does Dan continue this romantic notion when she is pregnant with someone else's child??? And it's not like they've dated before, or they have a strong romantic connection where they could make it work, his feelings are still new...I mean seriously, MOVE ON.


I got tired of Chair in season 3. Hell I even stopped watching the show. When someone told me that Dan and Blair were having this thing, I was curious and now, I'm a Dair fan to the end.
I feel like Chuck and Blair have had their great moments but they were not good together. They could not remain as a couple. It was exciting to see their courtship, but once together, they lost their appeal. I think Chair was definitely great in the earlier seasons but would it be intemporal? I don't think so. I think Chair has lost its initial sparks as we see a different Blair and a more mature Chuck (or at least, on his way to that)and to me, in my own opinion, it's just not interesting. Actually, even if they remain the same, Chair would still not be interesting. It's too much like a "Been there, Done that" situation. Dair on the other hand is just so different. It might never happen but I feel that I've been given such fabulous moments between those two characters, I should be content (but I'm not :-P, I need more). May be they haven't had steamy sex scenes and angry games, but that's exactly what makes them different! So if Dair is given a chance, I am a happy soul!


I only like Dair friendship. Nothing less or more.


To people who talk about how Chair makes sparks fly.... I no longer feel the same level of sparks. Admittedly, as first loves, they will always feel something for each other. But when Dan opens the door at his loft, and it is Blair or when elevator opens up at Blair's ... and it's Dan ---- My heart flutters, and I sit up on my couch and remember to breathe because I am that excited to see what is about to happen. I just can't get enough DAIR, and I am daring to believe that the two are endgame.


She's not a dreamer because I am someone who tuned back in for Dair. :) I quit early Season 3 and only tuned back in during the spring because some people were talking about Dair. The idea of Dair sounded a bit unrealistic but it turned out to be great. I don't watch that much TV in general and didn't even know this site existed till I got into Dair. :)

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