Gossip Girl Spoilers: Save the Royal Wedding Date!

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Blair Waldorf is getting married on Gossip Girl.

The groom-to-be is ... Prince Louis of Monaco.

The date will be the CW show's 100th episode.

Executive producer Josh Safran confirms that this Gossip Girl milestone, set for early next year, will “big and lavish and twisty and juicy.” It will also pay homage to the four and a half seasons of the series.

Longtime fans can look forward to “a lot of callbacks and echoes to the pilot," says Safran, who promises "Easter eggs" (hidden treasures that turn up unexpectedly). One of which is Michelle Trachtenberg.

All Hail Queen B.W.

It's unclear what role Georgina will play in the episode, but expect Serena to play nearly as big a role as the young woman getting married, because from day one, the show's been about these BFFs.

“The central relationship has always been the two of them,” says Safran. “Blair’s getting married and her best friend is her maid of honor - that’s a core dynamic we’re always playing with.”

As for the much-anticipated kiss that awaits Blair?

It will be followed by a slap. That's all we've got.

Still no word on who's planting it on our girl, but that kiss goes down in the November 14 episode, "The Big Sleep No More." Who do you think kisses her, and what will the repercussions be?

Sound off on the kiss, the wedding and all things Gossip Girl below!

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@ Uncle Jackass: I think I read that one before, but I can't remember when so I'm not 100% sure. In any case I do agree with most of it. A complaint of many CB fans is that the writers neglect to give the POV of one of them while giving the POV of the other one. It is kinda true, since I had to do the rationalizing of the Raina thing since they didn't give us his reasons or POV, not much of it at least. The way I see it, he went to Raina first because she propositioned him, and he was single at the time (erroneously, many fans believed that in 4x9 when Blair told him that she wasn't expecting him to wait and he said the whole "if 2 people are meant to be together they'll find their way back" that he was saying he would wait but he never said it) so he was free to go to bed with whomever he wanted. He later keep having relations with Raina in an attempt to make her work in his favor to prevent the sale of Bass Industries. Because that wasn't working he asked Blair's advice and she told him to open up to Raina but then he opened up too much and started to believe he and Raina had potential for more when he realized they share aspect of their childhoods. This all escalated to the "sacred" scene where in a desperated attempt to retain Raina he lost all concept of what is sacred (which I presume he had before like in season 2 when he said to Blair that the back of the limo was sacred) and told Raina that phrase, and the fact that she refused him proves even she knew that was ridiculous (in fact it would have been better if she had told him that he didn't knew what sacred was instead of telling him that nothing was sacred for him, because he really didn't seem to know at that moment what he was talking about), and granted he couldn't know Blair was listening to all this (and he still doesn't know that, maybe they should bring it up) but really, he has lost a little the grasp of the reality regarding his conection with Raina. He later tried to pursue her based on what he thought they had but soon it was obvious that not only she was no longer interested but she had quickly moved on with Nate and even though Chuck was initially annoyed with this the minute bigger problems came to be he needed the one person with he really had deeper connections. The whole Raina thing came to the point where in 4x22 he really wasn't interested in her at all. But part of what I wrote here is my own deduction, we didn't hear some of this stuff from his mouth. Blair's POV was more explained back in those days, which is more of what we can say lately (though tonight's episode helped a little)

Uncle jackass

@pty, I don't know if TWOP has it right sometimes. [Disclaimer: these aren't my sentiments so don't slap me]: On: Feb 22:

TWoP 10: TV Couples We're Supposed to Care About -- But Don't
3. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
He's sad and lonely because she's not paying attention to him, even though until five minutes ago he was busy hooking up with some other rich heiress. She's sad and lonely because she kissed a Humphrey (not Jenny) and then realized that she should not be slumming at this point in her life. The only things more tiring than the UES' most inevitable couple's repeated on-again, off-again status changes are the contrived reasons the show keeps coming up with to keep them apart.
That said, I agree with the point that if the writers are going to get Chuck and Blair together once more, no more splitting them up! I'll go mad if next time the writers decide to create a literal Great Wall of China to split them apart from each other as they would think it was genius. I suppose time will tell if any couples are a great or a dud...


@Carrie- Yah IA that they base Blouis on Grace and Rainier. That's been obvious since the beginning. But we'll see about the getting married and having a baby thing. You're right about everything except I doubt that Grace Kelly loved someone else and cheated before she married the Prince. The father of Blair's baby has also not been officially revealed. And Rainier is nothing like the vengeful monster Louis is turning into although he probably would be if Grace had felt this way about another dude. Either way I don't think the wedding will happen. Louis is a guest star point blank therefore he will be leaving. The sooner the better IMO. Good riddance!


The history of Blair and Louis is inspired in the history of Grace Kelly and the Prince Rainiero III of Monaco
Grace Kelly and Rainiero first met in France like Blair and Louis
Prince Rainiero III travelled to the United States and was constantly next to Grace Kelly in New York like Blair and Louis
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainiero III had a short courtship and proposed marriage in its department in the fifth avenue like Blair and Louis
Rainiero gave him Grace Kelly a engagement ring with diamonds and rubies , with emeralds and Louis gave him a huge ring Blair
Princess Antoinette older sister of Rainiero attempt claim the throne as it has done Beatrice
Princess Antoinette conspired against his brother rumors circulating about their girlfriends as it has done Beatrice
Princess Antoinette with her lover Jean-Charles Rey attempted a coup to the palace to take the throne that is what you want Beatrice done with his lover
The failure of plans of Antoniette was when Grace Kelly and Rainiero married and had children. That is what is happening in Gossip Girl because Blair and Louis are going to get married and going to have a baby


I hear ya! I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss the Blair that used to not take no for an answer and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She's so whipped now that she's caving to all of Louis's family's desires and even thinking about running away from real life with Dan Humphrey. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that even begging to get into Yale and Sarah Lawrence was more dignified. You don't need Monaco when all of the Upper East Side is your bitch! I miss the moments when Blair would blackmail Vanessa and Olivia into giving her a stellar play or put evil skanks in their place like Georgina, Jenny, Juliet, etc. in order to protect her friends and herself. She was such a comedic genius in all of those scenes! Not to mention a bad ass motherfucker. That's the Blair I want. I don't know, maybe Georgina will set her straight when she comes back. Fingers crossed.


Well am I the only one who likes the current storyline? They cant stay in highschool forever. After that the Uni/college phase wasnt really that interesting. Now they are all young adults, which is much nicer and more interesting. And it doent leave me feeling to stupid watching the show, cause my uni days have long past. And being all grown up I dont really want to be watching a teenshow. So I like it a lot better now.


@CHAIRonCHAIRS- word to that whole post! haha. This Blair/Louis stuff makes no sense and Blair has turned into a cardboard version of herself. Wow, I never thought I wouldn't like Blair.


@elena omg I love you hahaha now I know I'm not the only person who likes Louis and wants Blair to be with him :) I don't mind chuck but nooooo Dan :/ ( for blair wise)


I am so disappointed. I don't like where the story is going in this season.
1) About Blair and the baby: I really want Blair with Louis. Not Chuck, not Dan. It's the only relationship she ever had that is healthy. And the writers said the father's baby is going to surprise us, so I hope it doesn't end up being Chuck's OR even worse Dan's. Plus the storyline with the contract and how that made Louis' s mother want to make his sister queen was a little irrelevant/not pulled-up right.
2) About Dan, his book and Serena. Yes!!! I don't understand why he would suddenly fall in love with Blair, and make her star of his book, all they had was a little fling, whereas he and Serena used to have so much more.
3)WHY would they bring back Georgina AGAIN? It's like they bring her back everytime they have nothing to write about. She always makes up stupid schemes and they always send her away.
4) Ny spectator/charlie/nate/british old woman who's name i can't remember, storyline is boring. I feel like it doesn't really affect their lives anymore if something is uncovered, so it doesn't really have a point. I am boooooooooooored! And disappointed!


Right on, TWOP! I never doubted, not even for a second, that Blouis is the most ridiculous relationship on Gossip Girl (or any other show, for that matter) since the guy actually stood by and watched his fiancé of oh, I don't know, 3 weeks or so tell another man that she "will always love him" and "didn't want to let him go just yet." It is complete BS in that Louis can get any girl he wanted, yet he chooses to stay with the girl who almost left him for someone else. Why be second best to some kid from the UES who's rich and well-dressed when you're the prince of Monaco? I just don't get why Louis, being a guy of his standards, would even attempt to compete for Blair's love after seeing a scene like that. Like Blair said herself, "what's mere happiness in the face of all that?" He knew what he was going in to, but every time he pops up on my TV screen, he's either being a jealous fuck or threatening to leave his babymama and her unborn child. I'm starting to have less and less sympathy for Blair as the season progresses too because she's been reduced to the least tolerable version of herself. I mean, what happened to the Blair who wanted to be "Hilary, Secretary of State" or be "more than Chuck Bass's girlfriend?" Now, her job is merely to give birth to the heir to the throne and not much else since Monaco's monarchy is not quite as involved as Britain's. Sorry for ranting, but I honestly find this relationship more absurd than Daniel Day Lewis wanting the movie rights to Inside. Thanks for posting the article! :D

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