Grey's Anatomy Burning Question: How Will Teddy Respond?

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After a heart-wrenching episode Thursday night, Grey's Anatomy left viewers with plenty of unanswered questions heading into 2012. Chief among them: What’s going to happen to poor Teddy?

Kim Raver recently spoke to EW about that very subject ...

“It’s like the time-bomb waiting to explode,” she says.

Doctor Teddy Altman

“I know that she doesn’t just dissolve into a puddle on the floor. It’s not that kind of grieving. I know she will go into ‘Let me try to fix it’ mode. But we don’t know how long that will hold,” says the star.

Not that it's necessarily going to be easy. Moreover, she said, when the show returns from hiatus, the dynamic between Cristina, Owen and Teddy will be unlike any we’ve seen between them before.

“To have the three of them interacting is going to be interesting to watch and to see the outcome from this devastating event weigh on all three of them. The impact of it [will be great].”

And, of course, she says, one of the things that will weigh most heavily on the former Army doc is the suddenness of her husband’s tragic death and the fact that she wasn’t there.

“In her mind, when she talks to him [before surgery], she’s sure she’s going to see him in post-op. It’s not like it was a tricky surgery,” she says. “It’s like when we get in our car - you expect for there to be dangers on the road but you never expect to be flipped upside down. You don’t expect to lose someone so close to you."

"That’s just the horrifying reality she’s going to have to deal with.”

Where do you think the show will take Teddy's character after all this? How will her relationships with Owen and Cristina be affected? Share your comments and predictions in the comments below ...

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Come on, we all could see that Teddy and Henry were TOO happy... anytime someone is that happy on a drama show, you can expect something BAD to happen!! This isnt the show Seventh Heaven!! ;-) I do like Teddy and please highest Shondra dont send her back to Owen. Of course everyone knows that Christina and Owen wont last either... maybe this will be the tip of the iceberg to split them up too... and to those of you who say Teddy isnt crucial, she definitely is. A heart specilist is needed and HAS always been part of the show... after burke, remember the other heart specialist woman who no one liked, but she at least brought Callie out of the closet... LOL... what was her name... be glad she is not still around...


January is when the next episode airs. I'm so pissed!!!


So, when is the next episode? Teddy will be mad at everyone, and go running to Owen. I am wondering what will happen to the baby that Meridith and Alex are protecting...she wants a baby, right....


christina will be mad, and she'll blame herself. while teddy and owen also will blame her. teddy will angry at owen for a while but eventually they'll end up having an affair. merideth will probably find out about the affair before christina does and she'll choose not to tell her about the affair. christina and owen will devorce and not long after that owen will start missing christina but it will be too late. lol, tell me if you need a writter just finished writting the rest of the season. oh and the hospital will burn and all the doctors will lose their jobs....... the end


I don't think Teddy can be too ticked off at anyone...except Owen for not telling her that Henry died. But also, she is a surgeon and should completely understand why Owen didn't give her that news while performing a surgery. I think he should've hinted that maybe it didn't go well...but anyway. Teddy was the one who wanted Christina to do the surgery on Henry. (Teddy's bad) was Webber, Own and April who went against Christina. So if anyone has the right be ticked off it's Christina!..They all suckered her into it!..
Hurry up January!..I hate these long breaks...I have to write on my calendar so that I don't forget to watch. Eventually this show is going to get lost in hiatus and never return!




Very upset that grey's didn't play last night. I spent all night convincing myself that it was a mistake or maybe pushed back a little that it would record. Now I'm just pissed. When are you going to be playing another episode, how long will we have to wait?


well it was a surprize and disappointment to me, if abc has to much on there plate during the holiday season maybe greys needs to start airing on another station that can play its shows like they need to be. i considering to stop watching through the season because of reasons like this and buy each season so i can watch it all at once. waiting like this with no warning or explanation is to nerve racking.


This episode will change the relationships of Teddy, Yang, Owen and Webber. Teddy will feel betrayed, question Webbers work-up, and feel Yang did not give it her best. Owen will feel amazingly guilty letting it weigh on his conciuos and question Yang's character. Yang will feel betrayed by everyone that was involved causing a bigger communication problem with her and Owen. Now with Grey and Shepard; getting Zola back has been stretched to the max. Either give them Zola or mix up the situation; allow her to be pregnant or move on. I have enjoyed viewing Grey's Anatomy since it started and will continue to follow. Each show has it's intense moments keeping its fans on edge. Thank you.


I could see Christina and Teddy actually teaming up against Owen, and becoming friends. Christina will be mad that Owen deceived her. Teddy will figure out that Christina was a bit cavalier, and Christina will suffer guilt over that. However, once Teddy interrogates Christina and realizes the situation was hopeless, they'll both lay into Owen for his lack of confidence.
I hope they don't put Teddy and Owen together physically. That's old, cliched, and already done on this show. Over and over. I really hope the writers can create some conflict resolution that doesn't involve them sleeping around.
What I'm really curious about is: Will Callie allow George's mother to be one of Sofia's grandmothers?

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