Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 288

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Welcome to the 288th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! So who emerged triumphant this time around?

Your Caption Contest winner is Tatiana_TVfan. Congratulations and well done.

Honorable mentions go out to Sarah, Bonnie and Anka. The winning entry now appears below. Thanks to all for submitting entries and best of luck again next week!

Catch THIS

Owen: Whoever gets hit with that ball will...
Henry (thinking): Thank God he's not aiming at me.
Owen: ... will lose their loved one in a very near future.
Henry: Wait, what?! Hey, you're aiming straight at Teddy!

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Owen: hey !! A little help !?? Please ? Who put superglue on this ball ???!!!!!!!!!!!!??!


Owen: do you think if I stand here long enough someone will carve a statue of me ?


Henry: Is Alex about to fight with Jackson again?
Owen: Let me break this up once and for all.


OH no, Cristinas going crazy again


Owen: Everybody duck, Gary Clark is back from the dead!


Owen: hey, kepner !!


There once was a man named Henry
who suffered from a disease.
He married a doctor for insurance
so his survival rate could increase. He fell in love with his doctor
Teddy Altman was her name
He told her how he felt for her
But she didn't feel the same Her ex showed up and got her back
Henry's heart broke in two
But then Teddy change her mind and said:
"I'm falling in love with you." Finally they were happy together,
or at least that is what you'd think
but a happy moment on Grey's Anatomy
is over before you can blink. Henry started coughing up blood
and Teddy was worried as hell.
But still the viewers thought to themselves
"Of course this has to end well" But of course Henry died on the table
and Teddy doesn't even know
because no one's allowed to be happy
on this tragic and miserable show.


Henry: I thought it was pretty reckless when you guys wacked golfballs off the roof, but now you're actually aiming at people? Owen: Yeah, you see: If I hit their heads Derek will have a patient, if I hit their noses Mark will have, one and if I injure them in some other way at least one doctor will have to fix them up, I'm the chief , I have to bring the patients... oh plus, it's kinda funny.


Owen:- sloan for 50 points, webber for 70 points, shepard for 100 points but if I hit cristina I am blaming you!


Owen= Everybody take cover! there is a grenade in the hospital!!!!
Henry= Owen that was a ball...military flashback?