Grey's Anatomy Review: Time For Goodbyes...

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Wow. ABC promised an astounding episode and, boy, did it deliver. The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy offered up some serious cliffhangers, including the careers of two doctor in question, and a truly sad death.

So let’s waste no more time. Go ahead and put down your tissues. Let’s discuss "Dark Was the Night."

Bye Bye Zola. A few minutes into the hour and news broke that Grey’s favorite couple would not be getting its baby back. Social Services delivered the news that Der and Mer will be baby-less once again. And to think, this wasn’t even the saddest news of the episode. Many of us viewers have differences of opinions on the Zola situation.

Of course, we all want them to have a family, but I have to admit, I’m not truly disappointed that Zola will not be returning. This series is about adults. The baby situation works for Sloan/Arizona/Callie because we don’t see Baby Sophia often. There is no way for Der and Mer to have a baby and it not be up front and center. What do you think? Are you okay with McDreamy and Mer being alone again?

A Mer, Der Pic

Denny 2.0? We all knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t know it would feel like this. Teddy’s patient, husband for insurance purposes, husband fell victim to his tumors during a surgery being performed by Cristina and Webber. This was, of course, without Cristina knowing who the patient was. First, let’s point out that what Teddy said was right, the girl is a machine. She has proved time and time again that she is someone who can maintain composure and Sandra Oh is in serious need of some recognition. And no, I don’t mean a nomination. I mean an award. In her hand. Now.

It’s easy to forget that Teddy and Owen have been friends for years, outside of the hospital. To keep Teddy out of the loop about the death of her husband is a serious decision, though. Not too sure Teddy will be able to forgive him for that. By hour's end, she still didn’t know the fate of her husband. I’m not sure I can physically wait until the show returns to see her reaction to the news. Seriously heartbreaking.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

When Denny Duquette rolled into our lives, you knew you were in for a tragedy. The arc moved quick and serious and before we knew it, Izzie was lying on that bathroom floor. The situation with Henry, although similar in many ways, has felt authentic all the way through. His death is a definite loss for Grey’s Anatomy. The bright side? We will get to see the delicious Scott Foley on True Blood this summer. 

Screwed. "Dark Was the Night” brought a new meeting to getting your heart screwed over. Callie and Jackson’s spinal patient ended up with a screw loose , one that was tearing apart her heart. This could hold some serious repercussions for Seattle Grace’s most hardcore ortho surgeon and the doc with the world’s best eyes.

Oh Baby. Anytime the docs head out for a case, something bad happens. Mer and Alex’s ambulance adventure had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for it to blow; I never expected to see three bodies laying in the road. Having Derek and the others on speaker when the ambulance got hit? Shonda Rhimes knows how to work the drama. 

On a side note, who else loved Derek shopping on eBay for 1960 scalpels for Mer? That’s the McDreamy we love. 

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

So we were left with some serious cliffhangers: Callie’s patient is still in surgery, Meredith and Alex are on a dark abandoned road with a newborn and three bodies, and Teddy still hasn’t learned about the death of her husband. We have to wait until a new year for answers?!?

Overall, a really solid midseason finale that has us viewers already wishing it was January. Until then, hit the Comments and let us know your predictions for when the show returns. Did you love “Dark Was the Night,” or did it fall short? Sound off and remember to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. 


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Correction she is appearing in epi #9and 10


I think it was a family that hit the ambulance. This site says Stella Maeve (sp?) Will be appearing in two episodes this season #10 and #11 after coming to the hospital from a serious car accident with minor injuries and her family in serious condition. Wouldn't that make sense that she is a vcitim from the cliffhanger? I think so. I. Have paused that scene a couple times and the "back up" ambulance seems possible, I'm leaning towards this scenario.


c'mon people, meredith having a surrogate (whoever that would be but especially as cristina or lexie) would be a TERRIBLE and LAME idea! geez, im surprised you can even consider it... that wouldn't be lovely, that would just be stupid. storyline about meredith having a baby would be boring anyway.. if they stop with the greys and meredith gets pregnant or adopts someone or whatever that would be ok but i personally wouldn't wanna see her raising a kid in the show, even though i like mer der together a lot and think they deserve a kid but even baby sophia freaked me out a bit (maybe kids just freak me out? could be) but now that i don't see her very much and don't hear from her very much it's cool. but to me, her existence is still weird and unnecessary. i mean why make callie pregnant and mark the father? just lame. but thats the way it is. and if they did that with merder baby too (the "baby does exist but we never show him/her on the show") would be weird. so please, no baby! mer was a lot more fun when she got waisted on her living room floor with cristina, izzie and george. well - i guess that means more scenes in Joes bar please! thats where and when people talk! remember how funny it was in the beginning of 7th season when cris was a bartender? i was literally laughing my ass off but hey, thats just me


First of all, I hate Mer and Der. Together I mean. I did from the start. He was much better with Addie, and I would see him with ANYONE, but her. They are annoying to me. Maybe because Mer is annoying to no end.
I'm glad they are not getting Zola, because Mer doesn't deserve her after her stunt. It doesn't matter why she did what she did. The point is that she makes decisions without thinking about consequences and without considering others. That's not a mother material. I would love for Derek to just leaveher and get Zola to raise on his own. He is the one who truly wanted her from the start.
Killing off Henry was just dumb. Heartbreaking and very well played though.


Question? The car that hit the ambulance Mer en Alex were in.. didn't it look like an ambulance, that was suppose to be on the way? I can't really tell. But that would suck, right. Talk about having a bad day!


Ok- I just don't get it. Cristina as a surrogate for Mer? Really?? Cris doesn't want to have anything to do with having a baby. Not carrying one, not having one, not raising one. I think at this point she's made that more than crystal clear. So why does everyone think becoming a surrogate is a viable option when she doesn't even want to do any of it for her own child?
Yes...It would make a very lovely storyline. But it wouldn't be realistic in keeping with the core characteristics for Cristina.
I think if Mer does eventually decide to use a surrogate, her best option is probably Lexie. Granted, Lexie wants to be pregnant about as much as Cris, but the liklihood of that storyline works much easier for me. Simply because Lexie is her sister, Lexie has proven that when it comes to family she stands for them and I doubt Lex has forgotten the sacrifice Mer made for her when she gave Thatch part of her liver. However, even then, with Mer being well aware of the kind of schedule Lexie has going on right now, I don't see her trying to use Lexie. Not anytime soon.


@Blu, i agree with you 100%. i fell in love with henry instantly. i am soooo upset. i really began to actually enjoy teddy and the two of them were starting to become my favorite couple. he was such a great addition, i'm so disappointed they got rid of him :(


Mer HAS TO BE PREGNANT.Her character is treated in an awful way.
AlexMer are great together. Lexie is no good for the show.


do you think mer will have after effects of the accident like head trauma paralysis etc.


@JM I agree. While I too literally kept calling Henry "Denny Part II" I wasn't 100% certain they'd kill him off on the our faces, until the end of the last episode. Once I seen he was coughing up blood I knew it was heading in that direction and I didn't like it. For one, I fell in love with Henry instantly, he became a part of Seattle grace almost immediately...and he did the impossible, he made Teddy's character an interesting, fun, and actual useful character because prior to his arrival I didn't understand why she was still there. I know she's the cardio doc, but she's kind of useless storytelling wise and given the fact that the cast is massive she screamed expendable. but Henry made me want to see her and him interact. I loved them. So I was devastated...truly devastated, even though I knew it was coming the entire episode...I was pissed that they had to go there, because they've gone there before and for once I'd have loved to see the happily ever after for a couple w/o traumatizing everyone again. I know it's a drama but when did it start becoming more traumatizing and life threatening to be a doctor in seattle than it is a cop in NYC? So I felt like the show deliberately wanted to reach into the vieweres chest and pull out our hearts and step on them for quality tv and emotional impact and it was unnecessary. They did this with Denny..they didn't have to repeat this with Henry. My chest literally got heavy watching it unfold. I always suspected he would die, but I always figured they'd have the decency to not rehash a similar storyline, and they'd have him die offscreen or something. that hurt...and honestly I found his death more painful to watch than fearing for Mer's safety for the millionth time. I would have opted for a very alive Henry for a Mer in a coma. one evades death like she does, a consequence for her would have been fresher and packed an equally as powerful punch. It's sad that we were lead to forget that Teddy and Hunt are actually best him having to lie to her was painful to watch, and yet even he couldn't move away from her to collect his bearings. Yang's reaction was insane and intense and heartbreaking and had me thinking about just how traumatized she's been. It was torture and the thought that teddy in grief will never be able to forgive yang or owen..and most likely will leave as a result (because again...teddy was never a necessary character and it's only a matter of time before she's gone) this will be the circumstances I'm sure. I was over the zola storyline, and the mer/der crap. Contrary to most fans I like my mer/der in small doses. her scene with yang was brillant as usual. her stuff with alex made me annoyed, because he shouldn't keep having to make attempts to redeem himself. I don't think he ever needed to redeem himself, personally but offering to stay and die for her was a bit too much for me to stomach. They've brought on the drama, and they keep bringing on the drama...and to some degree they are manipulating the drama and the intensity and it's almost too much. This episode was intense and intensely good but it was soul sucking and draining too. I love Greys, I'll watch it till the end and I certainly know what I got myself into but the countless traumatic, life and death experiences to sucker punch the audience with, and to substitute for great writing is hard sometimes. It's too much sometimes. I mean almost exloding ambulances, blindly operating on and having to watch someone you care about die, george getting killed by a bus, george's father dying at their hands, shootings and colleagues getting killed or shot in the hospital, miscarriages, mer drowning,mer's hand on the bomb, izzie having cancer and dying on the table before being revived, burke being shot, calzonas car accident, and many...many more. I'll wait for the new episode in January with bated breath, both looking forward to and dreading it because it's like watching a trainwreck and I'm not so sure if I'm up for that amount of devastation in one episode...again.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Cristina: You can cry.
Meredith: I don't want to cry. I'm never going to see him again.

I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.