Hart of Dixie Review: Going the Extra Yaaaard

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Yarrr, there be good people in the town of Bluebell, Alabama.

Me thinks "The Pirate and the Practice" was an enjoyable episode of Hart of Dixie, even if relied on one-dimensional caricatures of George's parents to make a point about small town loyalty and compassion.

Arrgh, Planksgiving!

Seriously, could the show have painted a more unrealistic portrait of two parents? Give it points for consistency, at least, as I made the same complaint when we first met the Tuckers in "In Havoc and In Heat." I wish the writers would take more time to come up with layered characters, to rely on subtle references and moments, instead of clobbering us over the head with two utterly dislikable, over-the-top individuals.

But, hey, at least they made Lemon seem downright open-minded and friendly by comparison - and... wait for it... that's a haaaaard thing to pull off.

Overall, though, the most booty-ful aspect of the episode was how it has allowed me to use as many pirate-related puns as possible. And also how it gave a bit of backstory to Bluebell. Sure, it's cute and humorous that the town has so many odd traditions, but it's even more welcome when those traditions represent a larger picture, explained in this case by Brick's tale about the hurricane and the fish and the community's efforts to rebuild over the years.

Aye, I be a softie. What can I say?

Meanwhile, if Mr. and Mrs. Tucker belong at the bottom of Davy Jones' Locker, Wade continues to be the sort of matey that a lass such as Zoe would be lucky to date. No, not just do. To actually date. Come on, how many men out there would willingly blow their own fuse box just to have a few moments alone with their crush? Thar be the sort of sweet gesture that makes it clear Wade is no scallywag.

He's after the most important booty of all. Not actual booty. This man's treasure of choice is Zoe's heart and he should be grateful that a first mate such as Lavon is there with a map of how to navigate such dangerous waters.

I also enjoy the burgeoning respect between Zoe and Brick. This is growing into a healthy, friendly rivalry - think Magic and Bird; Federer and Nadal; Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa - but a rivalry nonetheless. I'm glad. It would show a lack of progress if they simply hated each other, and it would become boring if they always got along.

So the next quarter has already begun for Dr. Hart, while a superstore is going up outside of town. This show may never shock me into screaming "shiver me timbers!" at the conclusion of any episode, but a few ongoing storylines are being planted, sort of like how a pirate plants a skull-and-crossbones flag on any island he pillages.

Yo-ho-ho, life in Bluebell can be ahoy to behold.


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This was a great episode and I agree with this review! I'm glad Brick was back this episode. I like that there is a friendly rivalry as you say! It keeps things interesting. I like watching Zoe change and care more and more for the people in Bluebell! I also like seeing Wade change. I think Zoe is good for him, and their chemistry is undeniable! I knew it wasn't going to happen this episode but I couldn't help but yell at the tv "JUST GO TO FREAKIN' AIRPORT WITH THE KID!!!!!" They are just too cute! Lemon, Lemon, Lemon! Boy, she is really growing on me! I am so glad she stood up to the Tucker's in George's defense, even if their characters are a bit unrealistic and over-the-top. p.s. I enjoyed all of your well placed pirate puns! :)


team wade I loved this episode but it was like really zoe ignoring that hunk


I'm so #TeamWade. The episode was amazing. I'm starting to like Lemon now. Her character is getting a bit better at acting. I can't seem to see her with Lavon yet they really need to into that background some more. I was so rooting for Wade dropping Zoe off to the airport I would have loved to seen that scene played out. Cant wait for the Xmas episode. I hope Wade gets another shot then


For the first time I actually understood why Lemon and George are together (sorta a little bit more than before this ep) I haven't felt ANY chemistry between these to from the beginning but now I get them as a couple a little bit more than before, plus I'm warming up to Lemon :)
Uh! and how cute was Wade and his pathetic airport-excuse!? SO sweet -too bad Zoe was too occupied to notice, but Lavon sure did (loved his little test)


I like Wade with Zoe because she can just be herself around him. He inspires her to be more fun and spontaneous too. She doesn't have to censor herself like she does with George. And example is when Zoe and Wade were building that float in episode 2and her and Wade were doing their banter thing and Zoe starts smacking herslef and going "why am I so stupid" and then looks over and sees George and gets all self conscious about the way she looks and is acting. I feel like she sees George as Mr. Perfect and so she has to act that way too. I don't know, they may have a couple things in common but the person she is truly comfortable around and has that flow with is Wade. And we already know she wants him. :) And Wade clearly really likes Zoe. Zoe and Wade, all the way!


OK, when the hell are Zoe and Wade getting together already???? I am aching for them to finally go somehwere with their feelings for each other. I know it increases the tension and makes for a more exciting story when it is "will they or won't they" but DARN! Seriously! I am loving Wade more and more as teh show progresses, he seems like the only character with real depth and layers. I also love love loved the way Lavon talked to Wade about his burgeoning feelings for Zoe, that was adorable. I am also glad to see that Lemon was a little more likeable in this episode. What can I say about George? Meh, still boring as ever.


team WADE. george is pretty damn booring and also unavailable. wade is perfect and much more hotter than g


this is such an enjoyable show, really relaxing to watch it!!! The Tucker's are in town! An interesting storyline, coming from nowhere. I loved to see Lemon and George interacting as a couple, that was something they didn't show. See George struggle about staying or leaving was interesting. Lemon being HYPER and killing her in Law's slowly Thumbs up!
Zoey I loved her fighting for he practice was sweet! And Zoey SCORED!
The Lavon and Wade scene was really funny! U liikkeeeee ZOEY! Wade playing the I would DO her, not date her guy is just a nice shown stereotip but he stud up!! But he got almost dumped! I hope they are going for TeamWade
Connecting Zoey's and George's story give the story a nice touch!
And of course we wanna se PlanksGiving in our town! XD


Team Wade!


i'm definitely for TEAM WADE!!! i think that Zoe and George are to much alike and it would be typical for them to be together.....but Wade on the other hand is nothing like Zoe. the way they argue and fuss is cute! Wade is a sweetie and he's also way hotter....and don't opposites attract???? Wade is definitely the opposite of Zoe. as for Lemon, she has grew on me..i'm beginning to like her more and more!!

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