Hart of Dixie Review: Lessons from the Undead

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That sure was a random, roundabout way for Zoe to learn a lesson about forgiveness, wasn't it?

Starting with the fact that "The Undead and The Unsaid" was a quasi Halloween episode that aired a week after Halloween, a lot felt off about this episode of Hart of Dixie, probably my least favorite one of the season.

Wade and Zoe

First, regarding Leon Mercy, viewers were asked to suspend our disbelief like it was Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license. Everyone in town though he was dead... even though he was living just a couple miles outside of town?!? Hunting and fishing like many other residents frequently do?

And then it took the obvious advice of a stranger to convince Leon to return? And, once he did, very little fanfare was made out of it? In a town such a Bluebell, which is extraordinarily tight-knit and which celebrates pretty much every occasion with a giant party? I just didn't buy any of it.

I also wish we had known Magnolia even existed before she was made into a central plot point. I'm all for getting inside the Breeland household, as Lemon most definitely needs to be made into a multi-dimensional, sympathetic character. I just thought it all happened too quickly here, as we met Magnolia one second... she passed out the next... George then gave Brick and a speech and - presto! - everything (that we didn't even know was previously a problem) was fixed.

My final complaint, which I admit to making many times before: Lavon lamenting his relationship with Lemon. We've simply been told these two have a history, we've been shown no reason to understand why. They're two completely different characters. So let's all raise that same glass with George and Lavon and hope the past now remains a distant memory. Move on, you Mayoral former All-Pro.

On the plus side... why isn't Zoe just getting it on with Wade at this point? What's even the obstacle? Dude is hilarious (loved the scene where he pretended to be Zoe's boyfriend in front of her mom) and he doesn't look shabby without a shirt on, right, ladies? It's safe to say I'm on a Team Wade.

Zoe had her humorous moments, as well. I cracked up at the excuse that "MOM" was her Asian friend "WOW," along with her reaction to Addie and her husband running down all the possible animals she may have run over. Where am I?!?

Tht answer, of couse, is Bluebell, Alabama. But I can forgive Zoe for being a bit confused this week. The ghost tease really fell short as a storyline. I can only hope Hart of Dixie celebrate Thanksgiving and Flag Day in more convincing manners.


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I love the show but I am growing tired of 'the Groundhog day' feeling. Zoe wakes up, some plot happens with all the characters, everything is solved within that episode and then she goes to bed'. repeat again... There is no further development, no cliffhangers, nothing that happens in one episode that carries on to the next. And why isn't the Wade-Zoe or George-Zoe or George-Zoe-Wade story moving along at all?? Is it just me?? Maggie


I like the show they are so easy to watch and they have a great flow!
Hoping the Zoey-Lavon-George-Zoey-Wade-angle will heat up a little more! This show is so honest and I love the cast! okay the story for this episode wasn't the best but we saw Zoey getting to the place to forgive her MOM!
The Wade scenes were hilarious! And I loved the Magnolia story, showed Us really the essential problem of Lemon, the I must be always perfect back-story! Hope the Ratings go up!!

Ronald simkins

It's like they borrowed the new writers from DOOL the pace is glacial and they are squandering the major asset Wade.


Yeah they mentioned Magnolia, Rose was talking about her a lot in the parade episode. Loved the episode, love all the characters including Lemon.


5 stars for the episode, 0 stars for the review (and the reviewer).


Magonlia if was mentioned in the episode of the parade


ROSE IS BACK!!!!! I love Rose.


I thought the episode was jarring. The lot threads didn't connect well and the resolved the Breeland family situation a little too easily. I disagree about the Magnolia plit being inserted from nowhere though. In several episodes they have made mention of Magnolia Breeland, especially in relation to Zoe's teen sidekick. The first time she mentions her rival Magnolia, Zoe makes the connection of Magnolia and Lemon being sisters. And while we didn't exactly know that Lemon raised Magnolia, we do know that Lemon's mom abandoned the family 12 years earlier(that is mentioned in the parade episode), as well as the fact that Lemon tries to be so perfect because on some level she thinks it will bring her mother home(again implied in the same episode). Finally, we can pretty much infer due to Brick's personality that he lets Lemon run the home and probably expects her to parent her sister. That is why this plot didn't come out of nowhere. I do wish though that we had seen Magnolia prior to the episode instead of just hearing about her. I also think Zoe should be hooking up with Wade. George, Wade, and Levon are all good men. What do they put in that water down in Bluebell?


i hope they're not having her not hook up with wade (does that make sense), so she can hook up with george. coz george is a LOT more boring than wade. lol, i don't particuarly care it played after Halloween, does it really matter?


Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they had missed something when Magnolia suddenly showed up. Did they even mention that Lemon had a sister before? That was weak. I also have to echo the question, why isn't Zoe hooking up with Wade yet? What the frack Zoe?! She seems to be around him during almost all of her free time. I think it's hysterical that the writers are going to want us to believe that she will be torn between Wade and George. She never sees George!! And they have zero 'spark'!
I don't understand how any of these men can find Lemon appealing.

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