Hart of Dixie Review: Out of Her Shell

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Poor George Tucker. No matter what you tell Lemon while recovering from a crossbow injury and, heck, no matter what you tell yourself, "The Crush and the Crossbow" made one thing clear: you are not just fine.

Far from it, in fact, as the best Hart of Dixie episode of the season gave Team George members plenty of reason to cheer. It also opened Zoe up a bit. Everyone loves Rachel Bilson's doctor, but she's mostly served as a source for New York snark over the last few weeks.

Hart of Dixie Tandem

Here, inspired by the notion that her life is on pause, Zoe leaped out of her shell and gave us a glimpse into the vulnerable woman that her ex of six years scarcely ever saw. Like Addie's take on conversation during an ideal first date, this hour simply flowed. Among the highlights:

Zoe's flashcards. Why are you on death row? Can doctors wear shorts? Team Jacob or Team Edward? Great stuff, but also confusing stuff. I've never understood the argument for Edward. Jacob has more of a personality and much better abs.

The use of town folk. It's a theme I've been championing for awhile, and here we were treated to lines from the mailman, Addie's sheriff husband and those lovely ladies on the bench. Well done, Hart of Dixie. Keep throwing in these cameos and Bluebell will really come to life.

A turtle race. Forget UFC, Fox. This is what you clearly should be putting on primetime. Who didn't love Lavon getting into his play-by-play role, at one point giving a competitor props for flipping back on to his feet and "playing through pain." Yes, I'm a sports nut who can never get enough of sports terms being used outside the typical sports realm. Sue me.

Shelly Long. That was the name of one of the turtles. Amazing.

Lavon and Lemon as co-hosts. I still don't buy these two were ever a couple. Viewers are simply being asked to accept their history, despite a lack of chemistry and a major lack of similarities between characters. Still, it was nice to see Lavon and Lemon having fun here. Every previous scene between them had been awkward and angst-filled. If Lemon really was a fun rule-breaker, as Lavon hinted at, and maybe something happened to set her back on the straight, southern path, that would be a story I'd be interested in learning.

Goe for it! Okay, their potential couple nickname needs work. (Zorge, perhaps?) But George took a major step this week in making up the substantial lead Wade holds over him in our poll. He and Zoe have a love for New York in common, along with whatever indescribable personality traits allow two people to simply feel comfortable with each other. I wish I could explain it better than that, but you all know what I mean, right? When it's right and you're open and honest, it can't always be explained with something as simple as a shared affection for Woody Allen. Although George and Zoe have that, too.

Hart of Dixie clearly must drag out this triangle for as long as possible, because that's what TV shows do, but no one can actually argue for Lemon at this point. George is simply happier when he's around Zoe, that much is clear.

On a sidenote, can Scott Porter get injured every episode? The guy is hilarious when in pain. And we can also assume Wade's comment about once blocking for his high school teammate was a nod to Jason Street, right? I miss 7.

The only downside of this episode? The name Judson. Or perhaps just the way Zoe pronounced it. I kept thinking she was saying Jetson and I kept waiting for a robot maid to appear. But that's a rather small complaint overall. This was a really fun, character-revealing installment. What did everyone else think?


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She needs to end up with Wade a la Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. Wade and Luke are bartenders who pined after Lorelai and Zoe....Team Damon ;)


Definitely the best episode of the season. The best triangles are the ones that divide viewers and it's obvious this one does. Honestly, I want Zoe with George...and Wade. Zoe and George had obvious chemistry in episode 1 and then the writers sort of put their story in the background. Wade and Zoe clash but there is no real obstacle to their story. I don't get why they haven't hooked up already. I think Zoe has chemistry with both of them and the vet should make things interesting. And, yes, the writers are moving slowly but I like it because I feel like I'm getting a small peek into the lives of the people in Bluebell every week.


wades wife: first of all when wade introduced his 'wife' my heart sank i was saying oh no oh no! knew something had to happen we need him with zoe!! judson: we all knew that the date character comes and leaves after a few eps so i know it wont last. loved the pig soo cute . lemon :now everyone hates her but i dont , i cant (I always think of her character in pearl harbor who hooks up with the cute stuttering man ) george / zoe date: i thought this was a bit strange how they both happen to come to the same movie theater at the same time i dont get them i dont see the fasination of the team george im team emmet by the way :) lemon/lavon i they will get together this season maybe lemon and george breaking up and making way for zoe/george which i dont want to happen lavon: i love him i find him totally sexy ( am i the only one ????) and so funny town folk: this reminds me of gilmore girls , they interacted alot with the towns people and that it give small town charm, like the old women remind me of patty and babette and how the charity event and pancake sunday ae like taylor doseys events. wade jelous/heartbroken : aaawwww brought a tear to my eye he looked so sad. ( this also reminded me of gilmore girls by Lorelai and luke and how he pines for her for years while she dates different men and they end up ogether in the end. )


This episode was so fantastic! I truly love the George and Zoe interaction. I think people are dismissing George too quickly. Wade is the obvious choice. He's a bad boy, got the smirk down, sexy shirtless, etc. BUT Zoe and Wade would be so easy. Not in the day to day talking sense. They're snarky whenever they talk, which is great, but where's the challenge? The drama? George is this great man in the verge of realizing what a mistake he got himself into. There is so much story we can get out of that. They have New York in common, but that's not all. Zoe and George are very bright and very successful individuals. They are cultured. They can move back to New York and make beautiful babies. Anyways, Wade and Zoe are still very attractive. And Wade is genuinely nice and currently unattached. So, he's the more obvious choice compared to George. And I think Zoe and Wade will happen sooner than Zoe and George. George still has Lemon to consider, who still has Lavon in her heart. This episode made me open up a little bit more to Lemon. She's trying too hard and someone (not George who's too laidback) needs to tell her that the world won't end if bitch-old-lady kicks her out of the woman-club-whatever. Lavon draws the uninhibited Lemon out, which George fails to do. And I want the aligator to make an appearance again!!!


Great try.. but I still want zoe with wade.

Leigh r

This was my favorite episode of the season. I actually got a little emotional when Zoe was crying. Maybe it's my love for Six but I feel the chemistry between George and Zoe. I also feel it between Zoe and Wade. Classic love triangle. I agree that including the towns folk is a great idea. Am I the only one who thought that pig was so cute?


100 % Team Wade, the chemistry is there and they make me laugh.


George will never compare to Wade, I'm sorry. George and Zoe have some common interests and ties to NY,and they both seem kind of cautious, but that's about all they have in common. She's more sarcastic/cynical and George is like the wholesome (except for the fact that he's a cheater), serious, and optimistic guy. I just dont see it between those two. Wade and Zoe have "it". I think she's just oblivious now, but later on she'll have a change of heart. Zoe did say she's always attracted to the wrong guys and George was the guy she was attracted to right away fresh from New York. She's going to evolve as she spends more time in Bluebell. And when Wade's ex said that Zoe would never be with a guy like him that's when it confirmed my feeling that Zoe is going to fall for Wade eventually. She'll see what's right in front of her.


100% Team Wade, and I think the show is setting it up so Zoe will be all about George but then over time fall for Wade. Wade and his feelings are obviously not going to go away, and Zoe is just underestimating him right now. George liking Woody Allen, having ties to New York, and also being a professional doesn't mean him and Zoe belong together. She has just as easy a rapport with Wade. Wade is a really nice guy, and he's more of a silent hero, unlike George who always has to be white knight. She only doesn't notice him because she's not the type of guy she's usually attracted to i.e. George and guys like him. He's a bartend Cmon guys, I'm not worried. You know as soon as someone says "zoe will never be with you" on a show that that's not gonna be what happens.;)


I really want Zoe to end up with George... than break it off with him and end up with Wade at the end :p It's just that I think this show will stay on tv for a few more seasons (even though I really wonder how they'll make Zoe stay in Alabama, she's still a New Yorker in heart, soul and body), and it would be so frustrating to see Wade and Zoe together, then split them up. So it's okay if she rolls in the hay with George (if he's single), as long as she goes back to Wade ;p This episode wasn't my favorite, because it was weird to see Zoe and George so close together after three episodes of nothing between them (and I don't say that just because I'm mainly team Wade). I don't recall even some cute little scene between them since their trip at the market for the gumbo, so this sweet "non-date" came out a bit out of the blue. Even if it's more of a comedy than a drama, I hope the show will be a bit more consistent in that aspect and not just drop storylines to pick them up a while later. It's why I hope we'll hear about Judson next week, that he won't just disappear into thin air. What I liked about this episode : Lemon (for the first time; in the previous one I just had a bit of symptahy for her). It also got me wondering what happened in the past, how different she was and hopefully, this unseen version of herself will make us believe she's a bit worthy of Lavon Hayes. I look forward to see more of this Lemon =) And you must admit that compared to Lemon, Delia Ann Lee is the queen of immature bitchiness. A few other things I liked in this episode:
- Cute pig and turtles !!
- I also loved Zoe's flashcards XD "Why would you be on deathrow?" Oh, and I'm totally team Edward ;) I'm a sucker for the broody romantic type :p
- Lavon and Addy giving Zoe surnames ^__^
- Agreed, George is best when hurt :p
- As always, any Zoe-Lavon moments.
- Loved how the whole town knew Zoe stood the guy up. And a little question: where was Brick this episode? Is he still on his hunting/fishing trip??

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