Hart of Dixie Review: Team Not the Vet

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Well, it looks like we’ll be waiting yet another week for the latest results on the race between Team Wade and Team George. However, maybe a different team came together on this installment, one between Wade and George. Yes, it's a new bromance!

Heck, "Homecoming and Coming Home" even opened up Lemon just a little bit, and that’s something that I can get behind. Plus, it continued the progression of Zoe being just a little bit more vulnerable among her new friends in Bluebell, and that’s never a bad thing, either.

Wade, Lemon and George

Zoe’s best friend from New York, Gigi, served as an excellent example of how far Zoe has come in such a short time. She is becoming more and more comfortable living with the residents of Bluebell. If Gigi is any type of example, Zoe found her moral center in Alabama. This young woman is actually standing up and defending her new pals from her best friend.

It sounds to me like Zoe is a part of Bluebell, even if she thinks she’s lost between worlds at the moment. Aside from this fantastic character growth, though, the party and Gigi fell flat. I can’t decide if it was done on purpose to further emphasize Zoe’s change or if it really was just a lame party.

Thankfully, Zoe wasn’t really the focus of this episode; instead we were treated to the highly entertaining pranking team of Wade, George and Lemon. It’s been far too long of a wait to see George and Wade actually share more than a few scenes together, but at least it was worth waiting for! Watching them scheme and try to take down the older football player who made their lives Hell was a perfect introduction to the lighter side of this duo.

And adding Lemon in to the mix? Finally making her just a little less insufferable? I am all for characters being annoying or boring for a story payoff later, but it was getting ridiculous watching Lemon be all of those things with little payoff for weeks on end. This change of pace for her character - watching her turn the mean jock blue - was far and away a much better version of Lemon. Especially when she told George and Wade “and next comes the scream. Truly funny stuff. I'd like another helping of this Lemon, okay, Hart of Dixie?

Lemon and Levon is still a bit of a hard sell for me because I haven’t seen any true chemistry between the two of them yet. Perhaps a flashback will change my mind, but right now all I see is Lemon maybe loving a guy she had a fling with while George was in New York. Yet, Lemon is so concerned by perception that she’s forcing herself to be this person she may not actually want to be, and stifling everyone around her because of it.

Overall, my only real complaint is with the vet. For someone who seems to like Zoe, is getting with one of her friends really the right way to go? I know they’re technically not anything at this point, but Gigi should have had more restraint and the vet dude should have more sense. Ah, well, better for Team Wade or George, right? What did you all think?

Other thoughts:

  • If Friday Night Lights is real in Hart of Dixie, does that mean George has a long lost twin? My mind is kind of blown right now.
  • I’m still mourning the loss of Mrs. H.
  • Heat rub? Tell us more Wade.
  • What kind of prank involves a helicopter and a tiny monkey?


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I like Lemon much more than annoying zoe.


I loved the whole Lemon, George and Wade team they had going on.. i want to seee more of that, it was quite cute.. and when Wade picked Lemon up and spun her around, adobs.... TEAM #ZADE BTW XD Omg well i don't really know what i thought about that Gigi.. i thought "what a bitch" most of the time but she wasn't too bad i guess.. i loved Zoe standing up to her for her "new" mates... & i am totally a Lemon/Levon shipper now


I liked the interaction of Lemon and wade.


Team Wade,George so boring.


I think Lemon is perfect as-is. I love her over-the-top accent and crazy clothes and obsessions around town. I actually think she's adorable. No, she's not technically "modern" but she's got her own sense of style goine on. It fits her dramatic personality.


A Race between Wade and George? There's even a Race? Wade is a clear winner. I mean if it was close like 50/50 i under stand but Wade has close to 70% approval judging by sites and that's being kind . Team Wade all the way. Although I do like George, i'm not sold on Lemon and Lavon although i do like Lavon. Lemon doesn't deserve George or Lavon. I can't believe what's she's doing to George and little does he know. Can't wait to see this blow up in her face, it's going to be a big big mess with Lemon Lavon George when it comes out. Hate to see Lavon and George get hurt :(
BTW I read that Wilson said that the Vet will be around for more than one episode, so not sure what it up with that. Unless Zoe uses the Vet to get Wade jealous.


I think people are too used to instant gratification. One episode that didn't have Zoe and Wade or Zoe and George and people get upset because things are not progressing? Seriously?! How is the show supposed to last beyond 1 season if they got the characters tgoether in the first 5 episodes?
I have no desire to see Zoe with George.


I don't see why some of you think its so boring. This show is not boring. Its drama. LOL


I don't get your not getting the Levon and Lemon story. It has been obvious from the first episode. It is the interracial couple thing. To Lemon, Levon is the forbidden fruit she will never allow herself to partake of so long as she lives in Alabama, and George is always going to be her consolation prize.


I personally see the romance between the Levon and Lemon. She is troubled inside because she knows she wants to break it off with George. Zoey and George are meant to be together. Zoey is everything George has been looking for in a girl. As you can see when they are together. George is in the same boat. He is scared to break it off with Lemon because he thinks Lemon is truly in love with him. They just need to break it off between them and move on. Everyone deserves happiness. I personally don't like Lemon's character but in this last episode she showed another side of her which is fun. I wish she was more like last nights character. Zoey will rule Blue Bell. Just sit back and enjoy the entertainment. LOL

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Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Gigi: You defended a fanny pack.
Zoe: I know, that was weird.

I still think number six is doable, all we need is a helicopter and a tiny monkey.