Hawaii Five-0 Review: Out of the Dog House

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Lapa’au: Healing

We returned to the tempo and feel we all fell in love with on Hawaii Five-0 this week, which certainly helped with the "Lapa'au" of the wounds left by previous episodes.

Given how clunky, disjointed, and just bad last week’s episode was, I wasn’t holding out much hope that the series could right the ship and stay afloat for the rest of this season, much less be considered for a third season.

McGarrett on the Prowl

But hope has been restored. This outing clicked on nearly every level. Let’s break down the parts that really worked.

Opened with the bromance: Danny and Steve’s dialogue while watching Enemy Mine will go down as some of their best exchanges. It’s hard to have a bad episode when you start with the boys doing what they do best. 

A guest star who actually starred: Greg Grunberg, as agent Jeff Morrison, enjoyed more screen time that all of the guest stars this season combined. I LOVED IT. I hope we get to see Agent Morrison again, he was a good fit for the show. Mr. Kurtzman, please take a note, this is how we want to see guest stars when you advertise them as a featured in an episode. 

Good balance of team exposure: Everyone got some good screen time: Kono shined in the smoke shop, Chin shined with his knowledge of motorcycles and my new heart-throb Lori even shined working with Morrison. It was good to see everyone getting some face time and contributing. Yes, Lori haters, even Lori! 

Fun with animals: Who didn't immediately love the dog? From seeing Danny’s softer side to watching Steve ride in the backseat so the dog could stick his head out the window, it was all fun. The only disappointment for me was that Danny gave the dog to Grace, so we won’t see him much in the future. 

Nod to the geeks: For all of us former Heroes fans, Max and Morrison’s meeting was great, with Max swearing he knew him from somewhere. Had they worked in Max accidentally calling him Matt, it would have sealed the deal. However, seeing the Warp 9 license plate on the bright yellow Camaro totally made up for it!

The only awkwardness I had during the episode was coming back from commercial into a foot chase scene. Before I got to Danny’s line of “what part of don’t run did he not understand” the first time, I rewound my DVR to see if I had missed something. Still, I did understand - from a story point of view - that we didn’t need to see them confront the drug mule, but we could have benefited from a clearer way to being dropped into the scene after a commercial break. 

In conclusion, it was an entertaining episode and makes me look forward to seeing where the rest of the season takes us. While I make it no secret that I like Lori more and more each week, I have a question for those of you who are in the opposite camp: What would it take for you to accept her on the team?


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Yea we shouldn't be blaming Lauren German for the horrific Lori Weston character, she doesnt write the material that shes given. That being said, the weston character dosent have any unique assests to add to the five o team, unlike kamekona (the police informant), Max (the quirky autopsy guy who adds comic relief), and even Fong (The labatory guy who had a link to kono). Lori weston shouldve had some previous link with any of the five o team, that wouldve made the character more believable. hopefully in episode 10, wo fat takes down lori weston. too bad jenna kaye isnt going to be back. give the orginal four more screen time and the fans will continue watching. even add a little romantic interest


Zia: you make some excellent points. Whether you like the CHARACTER of Lori Weston or not, the (personal) attacks on the ACTRESS Lauren Graham are cruel and unfair. That being said, I think part of the problem was that Lori was sold as the "female McGarrett". One of the early criticism, esp. of the pilot episode, was that Alex O'Loughlin was stiff and wooden -- which fit the Navy SEAL military man that he was. However, over the first season, AOL managed to add humanity, vulnerability and different facets to McG, which made the audience embrace him. Because the Lori character has lacked any unique talents (think Max, Charlie Fong or Kamekona), a purpose (Sang Min) and/or a backstory (Victor Hesse, Wo Fat), she has remained an enigma. Blame the producers and the writers for this. It's not enough to list all the characteristics that make her the female McG (she supposedly likes sports, knows martial arts etc.); it has to be shown and put in the context of character development. The constant "she is hot/slutty Wonder Woman" comments by her male colleagues don't help her character gain any respectability with the audience either. Unfortunately there has not been enough character growth to make us care about her. Unless that changes soon (and dramatically), I don't think the audience will ever embrace Lori Weston.


A petition? Really? I hope some of these people involved in that also use some of their time and passion on real life things that actually matter, as opposed to a fictional character on a tv show. I really don't get it. I have no problem with opinions different than mine. It's just that I see a lot of the same people complaining about the show week after week. Personally, I still like the show, but if it bothered me as much as it seems to bother some people, I wouldn't for long. It's a tv show. I really don't think it's worth getting that upset about.


This is to respond to previous comment, Nicole. I agree with you on one point, a petition and the personal attacks, such as personal looks, at the actress playing Lori, is overboard and cruel. The comment that the character did not take away from the other characters is wrong. At the end of last season we wanted to see more of Chin and Kono.
After the lst episode, we barely saw Kono until the episode where they showed she was undercover for IA. Then, after that, we saw less of her again.
In the meantime, we saw about the same of Chin, and less of Danny, while the Lori character had as much screen time as Steve. They should introduce a character gradually, as change is not shoved down your throat. Now is that the actress fault? NO, its the writers and producers. Even those that like Lori, understand that the show is not what it was and a large part of that is do to the core 4, (except Steve), were not getting the screen time that they deserved, since they are the ones that made this show a hit in the first place. The exchanges between Steve and Danny, and Kono/Chin screen time were not prominent until episode 8. Before that it was Lori show for the most part. Again, not the actress fault. Whether it was the writers, the actress, or the way they told the actress to protray the character, she was stiff, and facial expressions were the same for all emotions. I don't know if they can repair the way people feel about this character, I'm willing to keep an open mind, but they need to do something because until the last episode it was not working.


So i'm probably one in a minority that actually really likes Lori being on the show and I think it's kinda of unfair how a lot of you are judging her because she 'takes' the screen time away from the core four.
What you guys need to remember and understand is that sometimes shows are changed by adding new characters into or changing the scenery maybe but that doesn't mean that the originals are gunna be around any less.
Look at the promo for next week there's more Kono/Chin and Steve and we might not of seen Danny yet but we know he'll be in it aswell.
I get it...you guys don't like Lori but you don't need to rub it in the faces of those who do like all the time by saying that there's a petition for her removal on another site, it's just harsh. Keep going Lori Weston (Lauren German) your doing great :)


There is not one thing that could be done to make me accept Lori or anyone else on the team! I didn't like Jenna and I can't stand Lori. They both seemed to just take over. The best is the core 4 with Kono the only woman on the team. If they need more characters to ease the workload, have only recurring characters - DONT MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL FIVE O TEAM OF STEVE, DANNY, CHIN, AND KONO!!!! I think November 7ths episode was the third best. I think the season opener was the best, and the episode with Kono being revealed as an undercover cop was the second best.


I agree with some of the other posters. Lori has to go. She is a fifth wheel and ruins the chemistry of the core four.


Whether Lori is a good actress or not is not the point. She has no charisma with the rest of the cast and does not fit in. Not every actress can play every part. That's why they have to audition. If you watched "White Collar" the first season, Loren had no charisma with the stars of the show. She was a talented actress, beautiful, but everything she said came across as sarcastic and she did not fit in with the main characters. When she left and they brought in Marsha Thomasin, everything clicked and when she said something sarcastic it fit in. All the main characters, six of them now, work together great and "White Collar" is going strong into its 4th Season!


This was a pretty good episode. Funny Steve/Danno moments, the dog is adorable, no embarassing goo-goo eyes between Lori and Steve. Alex was fabulous, as usual.
I don't care for Lauren German because she doesn't fit with the team, and I also don't think she's much of an actress. And yeah, if she's supposed to be the Governor's watchdog, why hasn't she reported to him even once? That said, someone starting a petition to have her ousted is just mean. It's too much like obsessive Moonlight loonies. I feel sorry for the girl having people Tweet to tell her how much she is hated. She will still finish the twelve episodes she was contracted for.


I agree with Danny on that Oahu hell-hole of animal quarantine center (the only factual line in this episode)that poor dog was looking at 120 days of hard time under the freeway. Another thing that's coming through as the show progresses is that there is only so much to see on the island before rock fever kicks in and they find themselves driving the island from different directions to relieve the monotony.

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