Hawaii Five-0 Review: Out of the Dog House

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Lapa’au: Healing

We returned to the tempo and feel we all fell in love with on Hawaii Five-0 this week, which certainly helped with the "Lapa'au" of the wounds left by previous episodes.

Given how clunky, disjointed, and just bad last week’s episode was, I wasn’t holding out much hope that the series could right the ship and stay afloat for the rest of this season, much less be considered for a third season.

McGarrett on the Prowl

But hope has been restored. This outing clicked on nearly every level. Let’s break down the parts that really worked.

Opened with the bromance: Danny and Steve’s dialogue while watching Enemy Mine will go down as some of their best exchanges. It’s hard to have a bad episode when you start with the boys doing what they do best. 

A guest star who actually starred: Greg Grunberg, as agent Jeff Morrison, enjoyed more screen time that all of the guest stars this season combined. I LOVED IT. I hope we get to see Agent Morrison again, he was a good fit for the show. Mr. Kurtzman, please take a note, this is how we want to see guest stars when you advertise them as a featured in an episode. 

Good balance of team exposure: Everyone got some good screen time: Kono shined in the smoke shop, Chin shined with his knowledge of motorcycles and my new heart-throb Lori even shined working with Morrison. It was good to see everyone getting some face time and contributing. Yes, Lori haters, even Lori! 

Fun with animals: Who didn't immediately love the dog? From seeing Danny’s softer side to watching Steve ride in the backseat so the dog could stick his head out the window, it was all fun. The only disappointment for me was that Danny gave the dog to Grace, so we won’t see him much in the future. 

Nod to the geeks: For all of us former Heroes fans, Max and Morrison’s meeting was great, with Max swearing he knew him from somewhere. Had they worked in Max accidentally calling him Matt, it would have sealed the deal. However, seeing the Warp 9 license plate on the bright yellow Camaro totally made up for it!

The only awkwardness I had during the episode was coming back from commercial into a foot chase scene. Before I got to Danny’s line of “what part of don’t run did he not understand” the first time, I rewound my DVR to see if I had missed something. Still, I did understand - from a story point of view - that we didn’t need to see them confront the drug mule, but we could have benefited from a clearer way to being dropped into the scene after a commercial break. 

In conclusion, it was an entertaining episode and makes me look forward to seeing where the rest of the season takes us. While I make it no secret that I like Lori more and more each week, I have a question for those of you who are in the opposite camp: What would it take for you to accept her on the team?


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I agree, Lauren German is lovely, it's her character Lori that needs to go! I feel bad for LG as she is only given the material and must go with it. I have to say I realized yesterday though that I think the misfit with her is LARGELY due to chemistry! What I mean by that is I don't think she fits with the core four, and this is why I don't like her. That being said, I almost was able to tolerate her in this most recent episode because I do find she did have chemistry with the Jeff Morrison character! I really enjoyed his guest spot and thought he fit in with the team immediately and he seemed to be enough a bridge with the core four that Lori annoyed me much less! Maybe it's a numbers game, the odd number doesn't work. Maybe if they are going to add another team member like Lori, they need to add 2 more and make it a team of 6, or last night might have just been the fact that she wasn't hanging off of Steve & Danny constantly. Also enjoyed the fact that we saw more of Chin & Kono than in previous episodes since she showed up. It seems as though the pairing is important. Steve/Danny, Chin/Kono....if Jeff was permanently added and paired with Lori (meaning in a screen time sense) then maybe she would irritate me less. I have to be honest, she did irritate me less this week and I really think it's because of her pairing with Jeff for most of the episode and how he seemed to click right away with the team!


I have no problem with this season, or with Lori.


To me, it is really the writing that is "off" this season. It's not just Lori, who I would've liked if she'd done what she was there for in the last episodes. I even thought she had some chemistry with Danno, not with Steve :) But..the way she is presented.. it just doesn't work at all. Maybe she is a good actress but she is not good with this character, even with the writing this season.
Danno is nagging way too much and making "dumb" remarks just for laughs, he is getting one dimensional and to me that is also the writing. McGarret isn't his old self either, even with what's happened last season he is "off" too. Like when Kono got in trouble, the way he responded after the stuff that happened at the bank was so held in.
I don't understand why they switch writers so much and directors too. They had a great formula and they tried to make more of it. I hope they will wake up and see that we need more depth, and better story lines. It was one of a kind last year and now it is just another cop show. Sure I still like it but it's not as good anymore


Jim, what do you mean by a short season? They've already signed on for 22 episodes, with the extra 2 pending, I believe.


More of the same Monday night. Watched it on dvd also. As far as mumbling, I have picked up on that but not threw the whole show. The petition against Lori/Lauren. I've got news for fans, CBS will not pay any attention to that. The best way to get the point across is to DVD the show and not watch it live, thus affecting ratings....Get it?


My husband and I watched H50 on dvr last night. My husband states that Steve/Alex mumbles a lot of the time and it's hard to understand him. I didn't hear that, but when I ask around people are telling me the same thing. Am I the only one who doesn't see this? BUT they all agree Lori sucks and needs to go. They also all agree Danny/Scott is awesome and Steve/Danny together makes for good entertainment.


For Singgirl, Last season went a full 24 episodes but they took a break for the Holidays. I suspect they are doing the same and the "two more episodes" is just until the first of the year. I have read nothing that H5O was planning a short season, if you have a link to information otherwise, please share :) Jim


dont know whats wrong with you @jack everybody loves ziva exept you jack or should i say michael.


On a shallow note that picture of Steve above the review is rather fine :)


I loved this episode. Although I enjoyed last weeks and loved the cage fighting one too, so I've not been as unhappy with this season as the reviewer. Alex O'Loughlin was great in this episode! His face with the dog was hilarious. I still don't like Lori as a character but she was much less annoying in this episode as she wasn't there all the time with Steve and Danny like a third wheel. I don't think LG is a bad actress I just think the character isn't needed and therefore isn't likd by the fans. I mean when you have such amazing chemistry between a team why mess it up. I hope they write her out or change her so that she works outside of the team in a way and doesn't get in the way of the bromance or take time from Kono and Chin. I don't like Lori but I really don't like the hate for Lauren German either. I feel sorry for her, wow having so much hate at you. I'd be a wreck. She seems really nice when you see her interviewed too.

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