Hilarie Burton to Play Reality Star on Castle

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Castle has tracked down its version of Kim Kardashian.

As previously reported, the ABC hit will air an upcoming episode (number 13 of the season, titled "An Embarrassment of Bitches") that centers on a young reality star named Kay Cappuccio - and we can now confirm that Hilarie Burton has landed the role.

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The former One Tree Hill and current White Collar actress will be "famous mostly for being famous," according to a network casting notice.

Castle, meanwhile, returns with a new episode on December 5.


Actually I don't think she was offered to make an appearance during the final season OTH!!


@ Mia: I don't think she was fired, I think it was more a mutual decision (although I'm not 100% sure). Anyway, she didn't leave angry, she doesn't hold a grudge, so that's not a reason. I just think it would'v been nice to do this for the fans, who have supported the show this long. It's not so difficult to make time for one appearance and imo she should've done that. Unfortunately it's too late now. I don't wish her anything bad, I just think it sucks big time.


don't hate on Hilarie. Would you want to go onto a show that kicked you off in the first place? It's like they're saying "Oh hey, Hilarie, remember when we asked you to leave the show even though you didn't want to? well how about you come back now?" It's complete bullshit on part of the OTH crew and everything. Besides why go back to a show that should have ended a long time ago. The shows gone down the drain. I wouldn't make a return to that sunken ship. Besides she finished her contract. She doesn't owe anyone a damn thing.


Completely agree with both Addie92 and Anka. Hilarie is a total bitch and I hope her career goes down to toilet. Utter disrespect for the show.


@ Addie92: I totally agree! I really liked her in OTH, and the show made her a star, she should've made some time to come back in the final season to thank, not only her fans, but also the creators. This is just disrespectful. @Kayliej: They are done filming the final season and she didn't come back. You are not well informed


@addie92 next season is the finale. who knows, she might make an apperence. Shows how much you know


As long as it's not the actual Kardashians on the show. That would be a flying leap over the shark.


I was hopeing the writers would not go down this road We see enough of this every day the Kardashian freak show, day after day, like it just wont go away, This should be interesting.


completely agree with Addie92!


She had time for this but not time to make an appearance on One Tree Hill final season? That's just cold.

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