Homeland Review: Cabin Fever

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Brody: How do you know what tea I drink?

That was when Carrie and Brody's lovely weekend, filled with drunken billiards, drunken sex and romantic hikes, took a turn for the worse. However, our viewing pleasure of "The Weekend" only increased following Carrie's slip up in the cabin.

Jessica and Mike

Brody looked sincerely shocked when Carrie told him she thought he had been turned by Nazir, so I wasn't surprised in the least when he told her to ask him anything she wanted. Nor was I surprised at all of his admissions to her about what had gone on over there, as well as what he had been up to since coming back.

Many of us conjectured that he could have killed Walker in order to survive, and that he turned to Islam as a way of surviving the terrible conditions of his captivity over there. What I didn't expect him to say, though, was that he loved Nazir for comforting him when nobody else had. All of these explanations could mean absolutely nothing, however, since we know he can lie about anything after last week's polygraph.

Because of the way Homeland has progressed through its first seven episodes, I don't think we can take anyone's word for it that Tom Walker is indeed the POW we're looking for. It's a clever twist, though. I definitely did not see that one coming.

But isn't it a bit early in the season to have all of it figured out? I've learned my lesson in attempting to discern who is good and who is bad too early, so I will say there is still a good chance that this Tom Walker business is a perfect example of how to send the CIA down the wrong path.

With how saddened Brody seemed to be towards Carrie after he finished giving her all his answers, and that strong but soft "f*ck you" he gave her as he left the cabin, I will have a difficult time believing he is indeed helping the terrorists. Well, at least until circumstances change yet again in the next episode.

What made all of that tension in the final 15 minutes or so fantastic was how great Carrie and Brody were together for the 45 minutes prior.

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis were electric. From the fun drunken pool games, to mouthing off and beating down Neo Nazis, it was a great time from the start. They had a couple of intimate moments while hammered, and then after admitting to each other that they are extremely comfortable with one another*, they finally had some sober sex.

*Being comfortable is something Brody hadn't been able to do since coming back to the U.S., and it is probably something Carrie has rarely ever felt... if ever.

In the final moments, when Brody was driving away from the cabin in his car, it seemed like Carrie had some serious feelings for this guy, right? That's what made it all that much more depressing to see.

While all of that intriguing, exciting, depressing stuff was going on, Saul was also retrieving Aileen and bringing her back to Virginia, which was not nearly as entertaining.

The story was slight in comparison, so I didn't mind it interrupting the main plot. Saul just isn't that fun to watch. Maybe it's a credit to how good Danes and Lewis are, but any time they're not on screen, Homeland takes a step back.

"The Weekend" was yet another fantastic chapter in this first season. What did you all think of all that went down? And how on Earth are there still five more episodes? I can't wait! Can you?!?


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I believe Saul is the turned CIA Agent. He worked out a deal with Aileen and told her to draw Tom Walker. The CIA is then chasing a ghost because we know Brody killed him.


Dan That would be cheating, and a cheesy explaination no body would buy. There are obviously a mole in CIA. I too agree the show shouldn't twist us too much. They should give us some kind of satisfaction at the season final unlike The Killing.


Great review...wonderful acting from Danes and Lewis. The "interrogation" scene between them was absolutely captivating. My only complaint: Mandy Patinkin. Far from detracting from the momentum of the story, he's the ur-counterpoint to them and always interesting to watch. He's the consummate pro.


David Estes is my candidate for the Mole of the Month Club. He was in the room with Hamid and Brophy, and while their fight was ongoing he put something down on the edge of the table. I'm thinking razor. Then he seemed intentionally to skew the polygraph, making long, discursive answers or sarcastic ones, when he knows full well the test can only register yes-or-no responses.


I still believe David Estes is the mole, and it was he who slipped Hamid the razor blade. He came into the room with Brody and put something down on the table while the fight was ongoing. And Estes' polygraph was a joke, full of discursive and sarcastic answers designed to give a false reading. Also he has spoken out of both sides of his mouth about Carrie, seeming to mend fences with her while tasking her partner to spy on her. He's my candidate for the Mole of the Month Club.


melanie, from my review..."I've learned my lesson in attempting to figure out who is good and who is bad too early, so I will say there is still a good chance that this Tom Walker business is a perfect example of how to send the CIA down the wrong path." I hope that Alex is correct in that the season is going to head down another path, because continuing to twist us around could get annoying after a while. It hasn't been to this point, but an entire season of it might not be good.


Great show, great episode. I agree that Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are electric together. Haven't seen that kind of onscreen chemistry in quite a while.


@Alex R- you are super good if you predicted that Tom Walker reveal. Like, psychic good. Also, your last sentence I am confused by: "And I think the next few episodes will be focused on stopping Walker and Abu Nazir, not guessing who the turned PoW is." Isn't the "turned POW" Walker???


Alex Roggio, Nice call on it being Tom Walker, but I think Anon is right about you being in the minority on that prediction. Uncle Jackass, unlike the TVD situation, I don't see this as cheating at all. They were trying to throw us off the scent by continuing to show Tom Walker getting pulverized, but we are the ones that assumed he was dead. Brody is the only one who ever said Walker was dead. And why do we have to believe something a character says? Especially on a show so determined to jerk us around like this one. T Jeff,
Maybe he slipped the razor in his shoe like some on the show originally thought.


@Alex So can you explain who pass the blazer to the terrorist commited suicide in ep6? Tom Walker might be the POW, but he couldn't pass the blazer obviously, so that means he is not only one. There are many places plot could go, and still many questions have not been answered, so I wouldn't say the next 5 eps would simply be they stop Walker and Nazir.

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How do you know what tea I drink?


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