How I Met Your Mother Review: Bro-Parents Activate!

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On "The Rebound Girl," Marshall and Lily's usual role as the show's top couple was challenged by Ted and Barney. Baby brain consumed the two buddies as they discussed taking their bromance to a whole new level. 

While Marshall and Lily waited for the universe to weigh in on their big decision, Barney and Ted made the right choice in the end by acting like responsible adults and a pair of true friends. The scenes leading up to their decision to wait for the "real thing" were a tremendous blend of comedic exchanges fueled first by their frost-brewed logic and concluding with a more sobering and sentimental blend of realizations. 

Barney is Here!

Barney delivered side-splitting laughs and, in the next breath, tugged at our heart strings here, telling Ted, for example, just how tough it can get to wait for the real thing.

We were also treated to another drive-by cameo from James who, along with his husband Tom, made the most of the short time they shared the screen with Barney and his friends.

A wise man once said, "When someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes!" That same man, Ernie Hudson, was wise to say yes to a guest spot on this week's episode because Marshall's Ghostbusters-themed flashback could have even made Janine smile. 

Having held my tongue through countless knocks on my home state of New Jersey, I would have appreciated hearing Robin give a few more examples from her list of fun facts about Long Island. 

Two totally unrelated scenes worthy of applause included Ted's Different Strokes reference and Lily's decision to have an epidural only after watching Marshall try to squeeze his huge head through the narrowed kitchen doorway at their apartment. Despite great moments like those, I initially gave tonight's episode a slightly lower rating.

As it ended, I was left frozen at the plate, totally fooled by that last curveball Robin threw at us, not sure what I was supposed to feel. I eventually opted for five stars after thinking about just what it was we were treated to here. I guessed my reaction was similar to what Lily must have felt after one of her "weird pregnancy dreams." I'm sure the one that featured Robin as a naughty cop had Lily a bit confused at first, but as we saw in the scene at her and Marshall's apartment, something about it stuck in her head and she rather liked it. 

Just when we thought we had single Barney back, it looks like he may find himself a dad after all. That is, of course, if the baby is even his. I'm sure Barney's little guys, not the suit or ticket ones, are strong swimmers, but Kevin did not look like he was going anywhere any time soon. What did you all think? I look forward to your comments and watching the gang play the dysfunctional family feud in upcoming episodes.

Like this week, I'm sure it will make for some pretty unforgettable quotes


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Great episode I hope Robin and Barney end up together after this.


ROBIN won't end up with TEDD so let her end with BARNEY........come on she's the one who changed him


i want lily and marshall to take the huge house. i would :D ted and barney storyline was amazing and funny, i have enjoying every minute of it. about the end = SHOCKING. ROBIN AND A BABY? WITH BARNEY? unexpected and surprising!! i cant wait for the next episode. btw wouldnt it be a little bit too much to have two pregnant lead female characters? robin probably will misscarry


maybe i just live in a real world where different scenarios play out but why is it when a show brings a baby people assume that the coupling is going to get back together because of it and in most cases they believe it will ruin the show. I watch Friends and I don't recall Ross and Rachel getting back together cause she was pregnant, and in fact both dated other people. Also Baby Emma was barely featured on the show but when she was it brought out laugh out loud moments like when they locked her in the apartment or when Ross got her to smile by rapping Baby got back. So chill out people its a comedy and believe it or not this shit happens quite often just because she pregnant does not mean she would go back to Barney or not date anyone.


Refresh my memory people, who is the "shirt guy" Robin's supposed to get with?


@Lea - Wow, great call! Wonder how that will factor in...


I really enjoyed this episode (funny and touching) and then the last two words left me stunned. And not exactly happy. I like the show about the gang - yes, they need to grow and change. But this possible addition does not excite me. And no, I'm not a baby hater. I'll have to see how it plays out but it definitely wasn't a woo-hoo moment for me but more of a when is FOX airing Alcatraz moment instead.


Maybe the shirt guy makes a reappearance, becomes a friend and comes to the wedding with a date that turns out to be The Mother!!! bit far fetched but i want barney and robin to be together forever.


I don't think Robin's gonna have a baby.... isn't she supposed to get with the shirt guy at some point this season (or next)? Can't imagine her doing so while pregnant with Barney's/Kevin's baby...


an amazing episode! who would say it! i can't belive what a season this is! superstrong! flawless! the whole dynamic was perfect!
the shrinking apartment great idea! really sowed there issues!
Ted and barney delivered an amazing show! The job fight was soooooooooo funny! LOL We saw the two of them grow so much and open up so it only can be a great episode.
Robin! the crashing lamp moments made me LOL, but the final scene was such a WOW!! it is Barneys child/ they were casting for a boy and girl, the boy older and blond!/ HELLO obvious. But with Becki Newton coming Robin will play the Rachel game and push B away but in the final season they will marry and we finally meet the MOM. 5/5 Stars

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