How I Met Your Mother Review: The Almost Story Of Us

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Carter Bays and Craig Thomas should have added the word "Boom" to the title of this week's episode "Tick Tick Tick" - because it was dy-no-mite!

The good times started from the opening scene, as Robin and Barney replayed their fade-to-blackout and carried through to the emotional end. What made this episode so special for me, though, was how the great script was equally matched by the acting and how they successfully flip-flopped between two storylines that were at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. 

An Awkward Dance

I'm not sure how much of a stretch it was for Jason Segel and Josh Radnor to play two stoned guys at a concert, but having just gone to Madison Square Garden last week for a Furthur show, I can honestly say they nailed it. That is, of course, the only reason why, I can attest to that scene's accuracy.

Despite their great sandwich faces, I did fear I was going to end up loathing the repetitive joke about the nacho line, but I burst out laughing after Marshall pointed it out the final time following his argument with Ted. The revelation by Lily that the whole concession recession into oblivion was in reality two minutes long was an amazing twist and was made that much better when we saw the creepy guitar guy was an actual cardboard sign.

Of everything that went down though at Groovapalooza, my favorite moments were when Marshall accidentally leaned over to Lily instead of Ted and later when he screamed at the facial hair fan to fork over some nachos before Lily told him she wanted her own. The latter was another great glimpse at just how scary and aggressive our normally gentle giant Marshall can be when he wants to. He reminded me of Harry from Harry and the Hendersons

We saw multiple sides of Barney Stinson tonight as well. While distracted by his thoughts of Robin, he still was able to fire off the amazing line to Nora's father that all there is to him are suits, laser tag and saying "wait for it" a lot. While his answer to Robin's question was not as romantic as Kevin's, it was honest, which for Barney is romantic.  

If that wasn't enough, later on we saw him cleaning up the rose petals he had put out for he and Robin's return to her bedroom. Nora gave him every opportunity to get out of telling the truth, but he tonight the man made the suit as he was unwavering in his honesty. 

Sadly for Barney and "Barbin" fans alike, though, Kevin's answer to Robin's question was pretty darn romantic and when she walked into MacLaren's you just knew he was going to be a few steps behind her. Old Ted said that Barney endured the second that would never end that night as Robin shook her head no to him. I'm sure this was the absolute best Robin has looked all season, too, which couldn't have helped matter. She was a vision in green aboard the Tainted Love Boat, wasn't she?

So, in that final scene at the bar, were we being told that Robin and Barney do not end up together or, like Ted, was I sitting in the wrong booth on that one? Let me know what you all thought and be sure to weigh in on your favorite quotes. 


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i cried in this episode,i hate robin,i hate robin so much.


barney and robin will end up together . that is my opinion , i can't be sure , but i think they will get marry . but in the end of the season


it was a good episode, i feel sorry for Nora so as for Barney :( next week will be the next episode right. cant wait Barbin


what?! robin and barney are soulmates, the writers themselves hinted that they were made for each other...they better not screw up the best couple on this show! :(


I hope Ted will speak with Robin about how she has to stop being that selfish, maybe leaving the gang for a while until she realize what she wanna do with her life. She is not the only one screwed up, we have Barney doing an amazing job to grow up, Ted begging for starting a family, and even Lily and Marshall, the healthiest characters, figuring out how to be good parents. She REALLY screwed things up this episode (wonderful episode) and I'm so so upset. She'll have to make up for all that stuff so we can finally see them getting married


@Dogsikuystad ooh, should have been more specific, I meant the slowdancing ;-)


Im in shock i can believe ted said that robin and barney wont endup together they have to theyr soulmates


@Stina I'm pretty sure it was from the Punchy's wedding episode.


When Barney was thinking about Robin it was a scene with the two of them dancing, do anyone remember which episode it was from?


My heart broke for Barney at the end of the episode. Yesh, I'm a total Barbin shipper but I would have felt for the guy no matter what. I'm getting a bit suspicious of Kevin. (1) His whole I-don't-need-to-hear-it thing raises flags. When you're in a relationship with someone, you take the bad with the good and the fact that he doesn't want to get into that makes me think he's hiding something or else just doesn't want to see Robin in any other way than the way he's already decided to see her. (2) That romantic speech was a little too perfect, like he's practiced/used it a lot. That combined with the fact that Robin and Kevin have no chemistry and he's the kind of person who breaks a huge ethical rule of his profession makes me hope he's gone soon.

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