How To Make It In America Review: Say It Don't Spray It

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On this week's episode,"The Friction," we learned that Nancy was the one who pushed Yosi to manufacture CRISP, not the Gadzooks girls.

Nancy told Ben that her husband had been a behind-the-scenes man for so long, maybe he wanted a shot in the spotlight. Maybe it was Nancy who was tired of being married someone such as this because it made her between-the-sheets activities harder to keep hidden. With his shiny new label to play with, Nancy would have all the time she wanted to screw Ben or any number of other boy toys.

Ben and Cam at a Meeting

Only problem with that move, though, is that Yoko-Nancy is causing a rift between Cam and Ben. I have no doubt the two friends will mend their ties, but for now Ben is blinded by dollar signs. On his walk in the park, perhaps while looking for some perspective, he saw Wilfredo doing a photo shoot.

Even the crazy, chemically-imbalanced skater is making a living for himself, so why shouldn't Ben? The whole notion of "selling out" is, in my opinion, "played out." Honor is in the dollar, so if you need some help along the way, to get your message out there, by all means take it. This is the age of collaboration, very few people can make it on their own and, even after they do, they are not adverse to sharing the spotlight or the cash register to make something even more special.

Look at Jay-Z and Kanye. Kanye can't hold a candle to Hova, but now with Watch the Throne, they are mentioned in the same breath by many. Is that undeserving or upsetting to me as a life long Jay-Z fan? Somewhat, but there is no denying Kanye's talent and if their partnership is what it takes to get songs like "Who Gon Stop Me," so be it. So I guess part of me wants Ben and Cam to do the deal to see what they are capable of with some real resources at their disposal.

CRISP is a clothing label, it's not Facebook. There is nothing revolutionary about putting a random word on a hoodie and selling it, so I think Cam needs to come off the creative high horse and at least hear Ben out. Oh, and the next time you plan on transporting drugs across state lines, maybe choose a car that isn't covered with a picture of a gun toting skeleton in Rasta gear.

Unfortunately for Rachel, her boss wasn't willing to hear her out, either, as she ceremoniously fired our beautiful bohemian. This, of course, gave way to the magical scenes of her and Tim walking around on their mushroom trip. The buzz was ruined when Tim got busted by Heather, but Rachel was hysterical as she tried to break up the fight between the two while telling Heather to "use you words."

Rene continued to straddle the line between criminal and corporate and delivered some of his best scenes to date, such as his consultation with Kappo. How great was it when the grandma sprayed some of the "perfume" on herself? I was hoping for a funny scene there.

I'm loving this season and could gush about this week's episode much longer, but I'll leave it here so I can hopefully read what others thought.


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Great episode and recap - Nancy may be sweeter than plate of yams with extraaa syrup but boy is she shiesty. I am torn on the issue of selling out - The fact that theses guys need to get paid and that selling out will get them juiced is a toss up. You want that money and find your threads at marshalls or you want to keep it fresh and stay in nolita with the rest of the heavy hitters. Tough call - Why cant I hit fungi with the love of my life and pepper her belly with baby kisses??? :(

Leigh r

Lake Bell tripping on mushrooms was simply amazing.

C f ohara

Will do and i hear what you are saying. I just don't like people who criticize artists for "selling out." It's all good for us to try and make a living, and enjoy their art while doing so, but when they try to make some loot we get up in arms. I love seeing artists I love "make it big." It just means we can expect more from them in the future. If their art is compromised though as a result that's a different thing. So with regard to CRISP the fact that Yosi is using a lower grade cotton and not the super soft Japanese version is where I would take issue. I like your prediction about the guys going back to Andy Sussman to resurrect their relationship.


Episode was great. I feel bad for Cam. But the weed spray wasn't his fault. Oh well. And I think Nancy and Yosi are going to get dropped for small time Jewish dude who will actually come through with Japanese cotton. And then money will come flowing in.
Money is cool. But to lose your integrity for it is a shame. You like Jigga. Watch Fade to Black when that no name rapper was talking about making records about stuff he didn't want to just to sound hot.

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How To Make It In America Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Robin: I do need you to go see Karen Bender in legal.
Rachel: Uh,OK.
Robin: She's going to tell you that you're fired...cute shoes.

Ben: Hey you want me to hold on to this for you?
Kappo: No I don't! That's my bubby's.