Lauren Stamile to Forecast Future on The Secret Circle

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We pitied her on Grey's Anatomy, laughed with her on Community and accompanied her on Burn Notice missions. Now, Lauren Stamille is headed to The CW.

The beautiful actress will appear on multiple episodes of The Secret Circle in 2012 as a psychic named Lucy. According to Zap2It, look for this character to have a connection to both of Cassie's parents. Yes, this includes the seemingly evil John Blackwell.

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The Secret Circle - the first half of which earned a B in the eyes of our critic - cast two other recurring characters earlier this month, one of whom sounds like the head of the council.

New episodes return on January 5.


I think they are trying to mislead with the "psychic" thing. I think she was a witch. Diana's mother perhaps? She had a connection to Cassie's parent because she was in the circle and she had an affair with Blackwell resulting in the birth of Diana. I think Diana may be the other child of Blackwell other than Cassie...


Can someone show Kye to the door? Obvious hater is obvious, especially when the show is actually REALLY GOOD. With everything that is said, that means there are going to be FOUR new characters introduced in Episode 12 "the flashback episode." I look forward to seeing what Lauren Stamile brings to the table, and it's nice to see her as a reoccurring role. It'll be interesting to have just a "psychic" on the show. My bet is that she's going to be the one giving us the flashbacks given that Jane is sort of losing it atm thanks to Charles. That said, if she's been giving a reoccurring role, I hope that means that when the show is back, Jake loses that pesky little "Guest star" title and becomes a regular on the show. Based on his tweets, he's still working and they are currently filming the 13th episode. So...I hope!


Dumb show featuring dumb $&%!*^$.

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