Leverage Review: Back in The Groove

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Our holiday season was made a little brighter this week with the return of Nate Ford and his Leverage team in "The Experimental Job," the first of three episodes over the next few weeks.

When we last saw the squad back in August, ir had just helped Jim Sterling recover his daughter. While there was no mention of Sterling or how much time has passed, it didn’t take the team long to get into the thick of it again.

I’m on the fence about Mr. Conrad of the CIA. My instincts say he will not be a fan of Ford’s but, at the same time, I could see him using Nate and his unit to get things done outside normal channels. 

Bow Tied Nate

The question then becomes what would it take for Nate to do a job for Conrad. That’s where it could get interesting. We'll soon find out.

One thing I didn’t get in this episode was the police detective. By the end, she was clearly in on the con, but at what point did they recruit her? Sophie went from European author to police office at the same time, as proven when she did most of the talking when they had Travis in the room alone. 

On the flipside, Hardison are Parker were as cute as ever! It really showed with her attempts to show he was cool by bringing up when he took down a dragon in a video game. 

She must love him, because only someone who really loved a gamer would pay enough attention to her boyfriend to know what he was doing overall (even if she was thin on the details). Then again, she also stepped up and did his homework. 

Of course, she also saved his ass (again) when the frat boys were starting to beat the crap out of him... though we did get to see some of Eliot’s training come out as he was holding his on for a short time. 

Overall, it was a decent story. I would have enjoyed a few more “how they pulled it off” scenes to explain a few more pieces of the puzzle, but at least we have Mr. Conrad. Will he be friend or foe?

And, more important, what would you recommend Hardison get Parker for Christmas? 

NEXT WEEK... Leverage makes like The Office. See what we mean in this promo.


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I loved having Leverage back just because I love the show. It has more dark undertones then it used to,but I think its realistic and due to the amount of time theyve been playing robin hoods. They get deeper and deeper into things and there are definitely more repercussions being faced the longer they keep it up. Like this CIA development and how easy it was for their covers to be blown. I think the trick is to still keep the show just light and funny enough, healthy balance. Loved seeing Hardison play frat boy,something poignant with him going undercover as something he would probably be if he had a normal life.I like him broadening his repetoire because it speaks to the family vibe, he&parker are like the kids and the others are always teaching the things,almost like leaving a legacy.The marine stuff was great,loved Eliots role.Hardison&Parker moments are always a plus as well.the case was a bit confusing and the con wasnt really explained well w/ the flashbacks.solid enough episode.


Loved the episode, but did you all catch the typo in the ep? Psychology was misspelled on a door, they put the Y before the S.


I'm surprised at all of you! Disliking this episode because of dark undertones. And the poster, how could any of you not mention absolute love for Eliot's role in this episode? Seeing him connect with the ex-marine, seeing him strategically break down the interrogator's tactics. And I'm glad that a character in a television series was "non-politically correct" enough to put an end to the "torture doesn't work" monologues we get from shows like Burn Notice and Criminal Minds all the time. So yeah, courtesy Eliot I give this episode two thumbs up.


I cannot disagree with the fact that it has gotten darker and more serious, but I still enjoy it. Speaking of lighter moments...
Jim G.- You missed what I considered to be one of the funnier exchanges:
Hardison: I'm getting some weird feedback...it's like a whumpa-whumpa.
Elliot: Wait. What do you mean? What kind of a whumpa-whumpa?
Hardison: I mean how many kinds are there?
Elliot: There's seven of them. Is it whumpa-pop whumpa-pop?
Hardison: Are you being serious right now?
Hardison: It's like a-a whumpa-tink whumpa tink.
Elliot: Alright, Nate, you need to get outta there! Who knew there were seven kinds of whumpa sounds! I so missed this show.

Childish gambino

Yea i get the feeling that there was a major writing/production change for this season too. Im not liking the darker tone that much either. but more importantly im not liking the fact that huge plot holes in main con are happening more frequently and significantly. There have already been a few significant ones this season and i gotta say im not liking the show as much as i used to
All in all i thought it was a fairly lackluster episode.


I also feel the show has gotten a little too dark. There wasn't enough light moments to balance out the drama. This episode had almost no humor. I loved the interactions between Hardison and Parker. The subtlety of their budding relationship contrasts perfectly with Nate and Sophie's more tumultuous one.


I have noticed a more serious note to many of their jobs too Jeffrey, not sure if they got new writers or not... I actually enjoy that their roles have been overlapping some, but your right Hardison has been doing to much grifting and not enough hacking :)


Did they get a new group of writers? Not feeling Leverage at all this season. Ever since the rather droll ice mountain premiere it seems like its trying to become a more serious drama. It uses to be so fun and light. I hate this new direction. It doesnt fit the series or the actors at all. Also I'm done with Hardison playing grifter. That's
Sophie's job.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Nate: You ever been quail hunting Hardison?
Hardison: Do I look like I go quail hunting?
Eliot: Have you ever played a video game where you went quail hunting?

Nate: You want to skip the "behold my genius" part and get to what you found.
Hardison: Alright.