Major Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Fate of Blair's Baby

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Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf has been the center of attention throughout Season Five, and for good reason. She's getting married to the Prince of Monaco, being wooed by two other guys and having a baby.

There's been so much going on with Blair, Louis, Dan and Chuck that the paternity test and the question of whether she'll actually become a mother this season has felt almost secondary in recent weeks.

Well, get ready for some major scoop on that front ...

Future Princess of Monaco

Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let something pretty big regarding Blair slip to New York Magazine, saying that she “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.”

This is after Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about B’s impending motherhood at the show's 100th episode dinner, saying she’ll “maybe have a baby.”

Given the rumors of a time jump in the coming weeks, it seems less and less likely that we'll be seeing a mini-Chuck or Louis come spring. The question is how the miscarriage will be addressed.

What do you think? Is there any chance this is a misdirection and she will have the baby? Would you like her to? Whose baby is/was it? How do you think this will all play out, and is it a cop out?

Sound off on this Gossip Girl shocker below ...

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OK I think I have the pieces of this puzzle together. In the promo video Nate and the paparazzi are following Blair and Chuck in the town car where they declare their love for each other etc - and Nate says OMG like there is a car crash. I bet that's how she loses the baby...


Okay, seriously.. WHAT in the world is so bad about Blair and Dan being together? Well, obviously the writers are just as obsessed with Chair as the fans, so no luck in that one.


I'm also an insider and can verify Alex's words... okay, I am lying but the writers said they are planning a cliffhanger for the season finale but haven't completed all the scripts yet. It does go with what Alex is saying - true or not.


I hope she doesn't miscarry, but if she does oh well that's life you can't control it. I am still all for Dair I want them together but I honestly don't think its gonna happen, there's just to much chemistry between Chuck and Blair. She just loves Chuck too much to be with Dan or even go on with the wedding, but we won't find out until the 100th episode on Jan 30th I guess we have to wait and see. Dair all the way.


I will def stop watching gossip girl if there is a slightest hint of DAIR.. its just too much disappointment to bear with..


Last comment of mine:) 1) this was the same reaction i got last year when I spoiled the Chuck+Jenny hook-up;) don´t have to believe me but if there is somebody here who saw my other comments back then, than she knows I know what I am talking about......oh and IcePrincess2129...hate to disappoint you but there is ALWAYS at least ONE COMPLETE DRAFT for the whole season by the season premiere....the script itself IS pretty much made up of these DRAFTS...right now, there isn´t a COMPLETED SCRIPT for the season finale,as the "bosses" are still in the dark about the future of the series...BUT there ARE DRAFTS...i have no hard feelings about Chair at all...Leight and Ed have always had a very special chemistry....AND as I mentioned before there could very well be a CHAIR-ENDGAME this season, that is if the show won´t be renewed for a 6th season:)... last comment--you don´t have to believe me...but I have been know as a quite reliable source..:)


Although now reading the article properly I think she must have referred to Blair so never mind lol


Just a thought l, but maybe 'she' refers to Dorota losing her baby! : I. Was Blair's name explicitly mentioned? Or just 'she'. I sure hope its not Dotota : (. I don't think it is, but just had the thought and had to share. That would be a bad twist...


I just saw next weeks promo. Maybe it is Blair and Chuck in the accident and that is how she loses the baby. I think they are trying to misdirect us by putting Nate in the scene. Kind of a leap, but more likely then some of these other stories


Maybeeee, she will discover that Louis was cheating on her while he was out of the country and she will fall down the stairs as she runs away from him... Just like a latin telenovela! hahaha or she will finally realice that Chuck is the one for her, but she won't take her back and as she beggs him to elope with her crying she loses the baby.

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