Michelle Trachtenberg: Returning to Gossip Girl For Major Story Arc!

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Brace yourselves, Upper East Siders, for the return of Georgina Sparks.

The perennial pot-stirrer portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg is headed back to Gossip Girl for a major story arc in Season Five, according to executive producer Joshua Safran, and it will be timed perfectly:

Michelle's first episode back will be the show's 100th, in early 2012.

A Sparks Sighting

“Her first episode back is our 100th episode,” Safran reveals of the show’s century mark installment, which is set to air early next year. “Her arc is unlike anything that she has done before on the show."

"Of course, she still is Georgina and all that implies, it’s just taking that in a new direction.”

By our count, the November 21 episode brings us to 95 in all, so Georgina's latest return is still a ways off. Not to say we aren't anticipating it eagerly. What can we expect from her this time around?

When last seen in the Season 4 finale, the now-married mother of one came back to N.Y. City pretty much exclusively to cause some trouble, and found a surprise kindred spirit in UES poser Charlie.

Georgina is one of the few who knows Charlie's big secret, which should up the tension.

We'll pass along more about the 100th episode and Ms. Sparks' latest dramatic turn on the CW drama as soon as we know more. For now, hit the comments below and welcome her back (we think)!

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this show is horrible now....way better in season 1, all the rest= terrible!!!!


I think it would be kind of awesome if Chuck and Georgie did hook up.


i Expect HUGE from GEORGINA this time !!!!!!
she should play until the finale of season 5 ! destorying Diana Payne! and maybe there will be a new VIllain in the UES mid season! and UES kid need Georgina sparks help!


Yay Georgina!! Now if only they'd bring back Carter


yesss. georgina sparks is BACK AGAIN!! for story major arc??
i hope she is going to be in gossip girl 100th episode till the end of Season 5!!
georgina sparks this time must be very interesting !! "HOPE SO" AND anyway.. i also Expecting JUliet SHarp to return to Gossip Girl Season 5!!! DIANA PAYNE , JULIET SHARP , GEORGINA SPARKS , IVY DICKENS!!!
awesome!! *****


yyeeyyy finally Georgina Spark is BAck..... love her so much!
come on josh.. how many times i ask u !!.
please Make Georgina sparks play the role till the end of season 5!!
not just a few episode and gone...
she is precious..
cant wait see her to destroy Diana Payne??!! btw what about Juliet Sharp??


Georgina is coming back to be Chuck's endgame! yay!
He did lose his virginity to her after all... All hail Chuckgina!!


I just saw E! and Michelle had the craziest Halloween outfit, she was all Mystique of the X Men.


Love Georgina. . . So happy we'll see her on the 100th episode. . . I also like her to be a regular instead of charlie/ivy,it doesnt feel like she really belongs to the show. . Maybe G can kick charlie out of UES for good. .


Well, Georgina doesn't exactly know the *extent* of Ivy's secrets - she just knows that she wasn't on anti-depressants and that the suicide attempt was bogus. She does not make any mention of knowing that Charlie isn't Serena's cousin or that she's an actress, etc. Regardless, I'm excited to see G return! She looked *stunning* in last season's finale, and she never fails to add a bit of spice to the show.

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