NCIS: Los Angeles Review: What's In the Box?

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While Callen and Sam are one of the strongest partnerships on television, the Viennese Waltz is just a bit too much for them. Callen will run off after Sam into harm's way, but dancing together ... nope! It will be fun to see what happens if this carries over and Eric collects on the favor they both owe him.

At the Border

It's the little things like that which make NCIS:LA one of my favorite shows: the dancing scene, Kensi and Deeks with the pig, and especially this week -- Nell and Eric with the flowers. Other shows may have their investigative teams and partnerships, but none have the rapport and bantering of this boathouse crew.

"Greed" was sold in the previews as a "What's in the box?" mystery. I was afraid it was going to turn into a Pulp Fiction-type situation where we would never find out what was in the box and why people were dying for it. Thankfully, that was not the case and we not only found out what was in the box, but the answer was quite a surprise.

The mystery led the team to follow a trail of clues: a military man transporting the box of gold, a drug dealer stealing the box of brown heroin, and ultimately to a group of Sudanese air condition repairman with the box of powderized uranium.

Just what we need ... another potential weapon to be used to kill people. This was the first time, I'd heard of uranium being used outside of a bomb. Scary stuff! While it is horrible that Michael Saleh was contaminated by the uranium, it sets up a reason for the Sam to return to the Sudan and for Callen to eventually join him. Is this mission tied to retribution for Moe's death or something else?

In contrast to the gun fights and terrorist plot, this episode delved deeper into the relationship between Nell and Eric. In the past, they have bantered and mildly flirted, but never broached their personal lives or feelings for each other. While I know there are some Kensi and Deeks fans out there, I'd prefer that they remain strictly professional partners. But, Nell and Eric ... I'd love to see them get together. I'm sure that would be frowned upon by Hetty and the NCIS, but I don't care. They are adorable together and such a perfect match. Nell wanted flowers and sent herself them and there is nothing wrong with that. But, now Eric knows what to do -- send the girl some flowers!

Odds and Ends

  • What ever happened to the mechanic? Is he still in the boat house interrogation room?
  • The clueless-looking-at-a-painting-move by Deeks to save Kensi from the gun pointed at her head was brilliant. Loved it! That should make up for crushing her feet while dancing.
  • How the heck is it possible for Nell and Eric to get all that information and so quickly? Is that a TV trick or can our government really access all that data? Kinda scary.


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Nah, I agree. Nothing wrong with eye candy. *laugh*I never even started Ringer, nfroutunately. As much as I was hoping to because of SMG, the reviews and recaps just totally turned me off the show. It's much too Pretty Little Liars-ish to me. lol Yes, Kyle, the whole CW/ABCFam stuff for me is the same way. hehOh, and isn't the sound on the FOX screeners HORRIBLE? I always have to have my volume all the way up, and even with headphones on, I can still barely hear.


Callen and Sam, the best partners of the tv. Love them both together. Them are funny, very emotional and companions. Very Brothers.


is deeks leaving ncis la after being fired???


@Michael...the box contain powdered uranium...Awesome ep!!!


I loved this episode it was so funny to deeks play with the pig and I also liked the part where deeks was messing with the paintings and was pretending that he didn't see the gun to kenzi's head but when he went around the corner he came back with his gun pointed at the guy.i liked the thing with Nell Eric and the flowers it was funny having Eric send himself flowers then finding out Nell had sent the flowers to her self.


Between Deeks proving how observant and canny he is in the scene where Selah pulls his gun on Kensi and his absolutely sweet interactions with the pig, is it any wonder why this guy is my favorite character? :) And while I'm not exactly crazy about Nell (I don't hate her - I just wouldn't miss her if she was gone), the flowers interactions between her and Eric were very sweet. I totally think a romance between the two of them would play nicely on the show.


I loved this ep! The plotline alone was good enough to keep me glued to the screen, but as the review mentioned, it's also the little side bits and banter between this team that I look forward to every week. The waltz in the beginning (I really wanted to see where it would go with Sam/Callen, darn that interruption!), Deeks saving Kensi's butt, and of course the flowers between Nell and Eric (and it was funny, but no surprise that Hetty caught Eric returning the purloined flower off her desk, at the end!) I'm greatly looking forward to the continuation of this one. Sad to see another friend of Sam's lose his life...


UM What was in the Box they never told us

Sue ann

Nell and Eric can get together with no problem from NCIS. It is Gibbs, not the agency, with the rule against it. It was made clear on one of the early NCIS seasonal DVD's that fraternization and marriage between agents is legal at this agency. Gibbs forbids it, but he is not on this show, nor in this office, and these folks do not answer to him. I have no idea what Hetty's reaction would be, but if I had to guess, I think she might give them her blessing. She is a kind woman.


Nell and Eric can't get together....because I want him. As far as computer geeks go, he's kinda cute. :-) I liked the twists and turns in this ep...first gold, then heroin, then aerosolizable uranium--kept me watching, even during the commercials. :-) And I agree...Deeks not missing the gun at Kensi's head was actually made me like him, which isn't usual for me. Even so, they got some technical things wrong. Interstate 8 isn't the first highway north of the border (I believe that's State Route 54) but it is the first major interstate north of the border. That being said, Interstate 8 does NOT pass through Los Angeles--it's an east-west freeway originating at Ocean Beach in San Diego and running east across CA into AZ. Writers/technical advisors should know stuff like that, particularly on a show set in southern CA. :-)

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