NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Modern Day Ninjas

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Poor Connor Maslin! He is dishonorably discharged from the Marines because he fell in love with the wrong Japanese woman. Then, he reunites with her, only to be framed for killing a Japanese tourist when he gets home. I hope the girl was worth it, because if the NCIS team hadn't disobeyed orders, he would have not only lost his job and his girl; he would have been in jail.

Everyone Laughs at Hetty

"Honor" was a case of the good guys winning. The NCIS unit in Los Angeles has a unique doctrine in that they disregard their orders when they feel it is necessary; at the same time, they respect the military code. They did this when they went to Romania and again to clear Maslin's name. You don't leave a Marine behind...

In the end, Hetty authorized them to go get the girl as long as they were "modern day ninjas." How awesome is Hetty? The squad was incomplete while she was gone. It needs her guidance and kick-ass leadership. It doesn't get better than "no one can know it was us."

Actually, I guess it can and did with Eric and Nell getting out in the field with a "hall pass from Hetty." For being the tech geeks of the team, they did a great job playing TSA agents screening Tanaka's group. The frustration on Tanaka's face when he had to go through the scanner again and again was priceless. Where were your State Department contacts to get you out of this one, Tanaka? Even though it was a little thing, I loved seeing him treated as a common man.

The team was pretty slick in its maneuvers. They did as Hetty asked, in and out without anyone knowing what happened or who did it. All Tanaka knew was his daughter somehow escaped his control and got off the plane. The crew may have gone against the State Department, but it did the right thing.

Not only did the guy get the girl - he got chance to clear his record and get an honorable discharge. A great day for the ninja NCIS team!

Odds and ends:

  • Each week the team's banter is one of my favorite parts of the show. This week, members went after Deeks' drawl. He definitely has one, but it is adorable.
  • The continual competition between Kensi and Deeks is hilarious and the hotel job was no exception. Deeks won when his room service delivery was accepted while Kensi, the maid, was rebuffed. But, Deeks should have been much more suspicious looking. What upscale hotel allows their employees to have a stubbly mess like Deeks?
  • Now that we have learned about Callen's background, is it time to learn more about Sam? It look like it with the reveal that he has a family. Is he married? I'd love to learn more about him. Though, I hope his family doesn't get put in harms way. That would be too cliched for me.
  • After the mess in Romania, it seems the team is back to normal. While I enjoyed that arc, I'm glad it is over and the team is back together and closer than ever.


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Who played Connor last night?


Sam is by far the worst character on this show. I am getting so sick of his 'I'm a marine, all other marines must be protected and saved by me' routine. It's extremely annoying to listen to and watch.


Okay, so who is Walter? Last line of the show. Did I or am I missing something? This episode was great, great, great.


George wrote: "On monday they reduce the role of Kono in Hawaii Five 0.." Oh come see THAT as part of some kinda anti-Asian conspiracy?


Another enjoyable ep, for me. Loved seeing Eric and Nell in the field, their stint at the airport was priceless! I'm glad we got another mention of Sam's family, and possibly a meeting in the future? Curious to know (if we ever get to find out) what his current assignment is. And I loved his heartfelt speech about leaving no Marine behind, to Hetty. Good on ya, Sam. I'm glad he was able to change Hetty's mind, and allow them to be "Ninjas". Deeks was hilarious with the luggage fiasco, he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself! I think this entire team meshes very, very well; I look forward to their banter and interactions, every week!


I loved this episode and think that the best part was Nell and Eric going out in the field and Eric having to have to do a full body search on the guy in front of every one and Nell coming back out seeing him do it.


Good show, with one notable exception..CBS has taken a definite Anti-Asian slant in the past three days, with the Taiwanese Diplomat's son raping and murdering a white woman in Good Wife (in the entire history of the US there perhaps have been one or two cases of Asian male raping and murdering a white woman, and in the case of diplomats in never happened. Heck no Asian diplomat has even been involved in an incident similar to Dominique Straus Kahn...not once in US history!). On monday they reduce the role of Kono in Hawaii Five 0..and even more hilarious in the anti-Japanese NCIS LA episode yesterday, they make the female dress like a moslem woman with the veil...what a joke! Yeah she could be a widow, but at least they can make her look like an authentic Japanese widow...what a joke? Next will they make the Christian Hispanics look like moslems...although I agree many in the US South cannot tell the difference even without a veil!


Did not disappoint as usual. I love the respect the teams have for each other. They give each other a hard time but I noticed no one thought that Sam was getting there late because he overslept or something like us mere mortals. I knew Sam had kids but never pictured him going home to the family. Poor Mrs.Hanna with Callan crashing on her sofa and wandering around all night. Eric and Nell were hysterical. Another team that works so well.


Yes, it is rather well established that Sam does have a family, and that he has two kids. The more important point is the case Sam is working on. I hope we have a story around that some time in the near future... possibly at the end of the season!

Sue ann

They mentioned one time in the first year, I think it was, that Sam has two children.

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