NCIS Round Table: "Engaged (Part One)"

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Our official NCIS review broke down Tuesday's powerful episode in great detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger have assembled for a weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of events from part one of "Engaged."

Join in below, as we analyze various aspects of the team's adventures ...


What was your general take on this episode?

Steve: As I touched on briefly in my review, the show has great respect for those who protect and serve. Mark Harmon in particular gives off an air of honor and respect for the military. The always top-flight cast all did a terrific job in an installment that was among the heavier ones in recent memory, keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout. Especially with Veteran's Day last week, the episode was pretty much perfect in every way.

Matt: Moving, beautiful episode. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Eric: Excellent. My man Gibbs carried it from beginning to end, for the second straight week, and the storytelling was great. I love the lighter fare but this was as intense as ever. NCIS at its best.  

NCIS RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Steve: Gibbs at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If you've ever seen it in person, you know the feeling that comes with it and this scene conveyed it beautifully. Also, Gibbs comforting Flores' father, when we know about Gibbs' own experience with such a tragedy, was particularly moving.

Matt: The concluding scene, with the footage showing Flores' capture via satellite, was a chilling moment in an episode full of them. The whole night took on a very serious tone which was appropriate given the stakes involved. For (brief) comic relief, I loved Tony's bucket list ... we can only hope to see him try to check off more items in the future.

Eric: The Gibbs and Shannon flashback, followed by the couple of scenes of Jethro as a Marine. These little moments really helped show how much the case meant to our hero personally. Also, Sean Harmon did a really nice job as young Gibbs this time, more so than his previous stint.

Ziva's head slap of Tony: Funny or fail?

Steve: I wasn't a big fan, but also wasn't as fired up about it as some fans were. Gibbs seemed to let it slide and even told DiNozzo to stand down moments later, so that's good enough for me.

Matt: Funny as a one-off. Tony had it coming at that particular moment.

Eric: Fail. Head-slapping will always be a Gibbs-only thing for me.

Thoughts on the USMC Chaplain?

Steve: I wonder about her role in the grander narrative. From the opening flashback with Shannon telling Gibbs to move on, it became clear the show was setting up something. I'm not saying she's going to become a romantic interest for Gibbs, but the number of redheads in this episode was likely not coincidental.

Matt: I liked Chaplain Burke and how she was both confident in her role and not intimidated by Gibbs (easy on the eyes, too). Maybe he'll open up to her more? The episode would have been fine without her, but remember it's only half over. In next week's Round Table we'll be better equipped to answer this question!

Eric: I liked her a lot. I'm curious to see what she brings to the table tomorrow.

Will Lt. Flores be brought back alive?

Steve: I hope so. After all we learned about her, it feels like she could be a part of the team, or anyone's family. She was, in a sense, the star of the episode, even with no dialogue. Bring her home, Gibbs.

Matt: Yes. I foresee another dramatic rescue like we saw to open Season 7.

Eric: I have a sad feeling that she may not be. Much as we're all hoping for it, the team faces major obstacles and missions like this do fail all the time. If nothing else, I'd wager that Gibbs will fulfill the tenet of the Marine Corps that no man or woman be left behind. But whether she'll be brought back alive I'm less sure about.

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I agree with Eric Steve and Matt on the episode I can't wait for NCIS 2morrow night. but the reason Steve talks about the head slap it because it he reads our comments and he saw the debate on it. I don't see the what the big deal is about the head slap. I actually like USMC Chaplain I rally hope Gibbs Flores Gibbs home alive but I don't know.


If you were hit in the head by your rapist im sure you would not call it a love tap


you are so right kay some people make a mountain out of a mole hill it was a friendly love tap speaking for myself when i use to work we always gave friendly taps to each other its just a way to show that you care.


I loved the episode. I agree that Gibbs and the rest of the team were awesome and I can't wait for tomorrow. As for the headslap, it was a throwaway moment. It isn't like she hasn't headslapped Tony before, she did in episode 3.10. Just one moment then just like now. And for those who want to see Tony's bucket list, it was posted. And there are two things on it that will truly make fans grin, esp if you like the idea of a certain movie fan and crazy ninja maybe hopefully being together one day


I agree, Kay...I think he'll bring her home, but it'll be in a casket. I mean this show hasn't hesitated to kill beloved characters, so why would they balk at the death of someone we've never even met? I hope that's not the case, but.... If Gibbs can't save her (as he couldn't save Shannon and Kelly) could this lead to some kind of breakdown where he gets help from the chaplain? Yeah, I know...Gibbs could never break down, but it just seems the pressure of the past 20 yrs is building towards some crisis. That's one of the main things I love about this show...they keep you guessing!


How is Abuse in the workplace funny


re ziva's head slap: why is everyone so obsessed with it? it was a throwaway moment that was supposed to get a laugh, but people who despise ziva use it as a 'how dare she!' chill peeps.
the chaplain seems too young for gibbs, but the shannon stuff was so sad! i wonder who the marine was in his flashbacks? obviously it wasn't shannon or flores.
I hope they bring her home, but I have a feeling it's not going to be a happy ending

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