New Girl Review: Hell's Bells Spells Trouble

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"Bells" featured some really strong performances from the cast of New Girl. It also brought out some deeper tension than usual from this typically tight-knit group.

A Jess Pep Talk

The Good. Let me first talk about Winston. Since his introduction - after replacing the immediately memorable Coach character - he really hasn't had much of a chance to stand out. He had a late start, plus some larger than life roommates to compete with, so it was understandable. Here, his role was finally infused with some lasting flavor.

Yes, we know he's got a great memory for names, we know of his basketball background and that he's got history with the other boys. But they were like garnishes, not exactly filling. On this episode we saw his perfectionist intensity stir up lots of trouble. He lost his temp job, then bummed out Jess' less motivated students. Sure, it's a bit of a "Coach" reincarnation, but I'll take it. At least he was finally something more than an extra warm body around which things could happen.

And who knew the turtle-faced Nick could roar like a lion? We were aware he was a grumpy old man based on last episode, but some deep issues came up tonight. There's always been little skirmishes here and there between the roomies, but nothing so potent as Nick's feelings of inadequacy. Rather than call him out on it like an adult, Schmidt did what does best: escalate into all out petty war. Schmidt has never been portrayed as the epitome of maturity in the group, so that was expected. I still cringed a little when he uttered the word "loser" at Nick, though. I believe him when he said he hadn't meant it, but still. Some words just cut.

The sudden near-blows between Nick and Schmidt came a bit out of left field, but I hope it takes us to some interesting places. Not everything can be as hunky-dorky as Jess would like it to be.

The Bad. Jess was very much an after-thought in this episode. She has been such a gravitational pull for so long, it was a bit surprising to find her with a B story that honestly wasn't that compelling. I missed her. My favorite line of the episode was her question about the missing fridge and sofa, and whether they had been robbed by giants. 

The most unfortunate thing about this episode was that I didn't laugh that much. Comedy is such a personal thing sometimes that even when a show has so many elements working right, it still doesn't strike the funny bone. That's what happened to me here. I wanted to laugh with abandon at the Nick and Schmidt back and forth sabotage, and their conditioner exchange, but it just didn't happen. 

So many things worked well together and yet it didn't do much for me comedy-wise. This one, I'll chalk up to my personal preferences just not meshing with it.

Stray Observations

  • I made a wish list before that included Winston finally getting a job at Jess' school. I thought it would finally happen! And too bad it didn't because I'm so getting tired of their apartment. 
  • I was sorely missing Cece tonight. Sorry, but she adds not only eye candy but usually some needed flavor as well.
  • Nick made a lot of turtle faces.
  • For those on Team Nick, changed your mind yet? If not, he still has a bit of growing to do before he's ready for a relationship. Agreed?
  • Girly-talk alert! Jess had some really cute outfits tonight. 
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I think that it is one thing to put stuff out on the web, but I think it is hard to control what othres put out there. Google at least allows for a a quick easy way to find out what, if anything, is out on the web and available to the public; if its not true or you want to fight it that is a decision that must be made


@ ralex: so true i loved that part. what are u doing? Im trying to squeeze it back haha ;)


I have to say, i liked the fight they had. Just cause its different. Normally you see way more girl fights on tv and it was interesting to see a serious guy fight about importnant stuff. And i know its a Comedy, but i hate those Nothing-ever-changes-and-we-laugh-all-the-time-sitcoms ;) So why not some serious stuff aswell (like HIMYM ) Girls talk: i have to say: I LOVE Zooey - wow she is so pretty. I mean Hannah is hot - but Zooey is hot and cute. I love her blue eyes and her awesome hair!
And i love her outfits. Ok i wouldnt wear everything she wears. But i love her style. This skirts and dresses are awesome. And she looks so hot but not slutty hot - just cute normal hot - love it ;)


FINALLY! This episode Winston becomes an actual character on the show for me. Up till this episode I considered him a recurring extra! I'm glad he was finally given a chance to show that he has some substance and not on the show by association. The Nick/Schmidt squabble was as Dan Forcella said exactly like the "Code War" Max and Dave had in Happy Endings. I think I would have to agree with Dan - Adam Pally brought his scenes to whole other level because he's a hilarious actor! In this episode I laughed more at things that were said versus things that were done. I did miss Jess, but I'm glad that they were able to showcase her in a more reasonable light. It makes sense that she would be a teacher based on her compassion for people alone. Excited for Justin Long's guest appearance next episode! :) He is adorable!


The best part was the fact that Schmidt's Lotus conditioner gave Nick baby soft hair. And then he tried to squeeze it back. Schmidt and Jess are hilarious!


I really wish they hadn't replaced coach


Loved the episode, and I laughed so much at some scenes!

Tony williams

I did not feel the greatness of the show, but I think it was Winston (getting and losing his job) and the way he gave a half-ass effort with the bells Jess rocks but she could have been more demonstrative with doing it for the kids and not be goofy....she can make sense


also i laughed out loud a lot this is hilarious


i loved all of jess's outfits too this episode! winston had some much needed characte dvlpment which was good bcuz he was my least fav for being on team nick anytime nick and jess have scenes together i want them to hook up lol but they both need to mature a bit esp nick

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