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I loved this episode! I do think Jess can be annoying but that's her! :) It hasn't reached intolerable levels for me ever.

I kinda like Nick and Jess together. Can't wait!



Fair enough. I'll try not to choke.


Absolutely agree; I think this episode was just horrible. I keep on cringing at Jess and her over-the-top "quirks". Schmidt really saved the episode - if it wasn't for the way he made me crack up so much, this episode would have made me stop watching the show altogether (even if it pains me).


I thought that this was the best episode yet. I laughed out loud so many times. I thought that Winston really came into his own in this episode- his intereactions with Schmidt, both of them using the Feelings Stick- hilarious. I can totally see why they would have used to feelings stick- using it but thinking it's ridiculous- perfect.


Antonio I stand by my review. If you can't disagree respectfully, I suggest you read other reviews that show nothing but constant praise at Jess (who is a FICTIONAL character). I did say I like Zooey (who is REAL, see the difference?). But I daresay you'd more likely to find negative reviews than positive ones.

You may have all her gumbopot, and I won't even say I hope you choke on it *smiles sweetly*


I apologize to Kris and the rest. I just love the Jess so much I don't want any criticism thrown at her. That said, I think Kris overdid it. Me thinkie Krissie no likie the Jess's gumbopot.


@AntonioSaucedo: You have the right idea. Please stop reading this site. We have no use for such cruel individuals here.
It's a TV site that is meant to elicit fun opinions and comments. If you wish to hide behind your computer screen and just spew venom, do it elsewhere.



Come on. We don't need such hurtful words. While I agree with you that Jess is the best part about this show, and she was just as funny this week as in episodes past, there is no need to get mean up in here.

Great stuff Kris, but I actually enjoyed Jess yet again this week. I'm not one to dislike a funny character because what they do would be annoying in real life. A lot of times annoying other characters on television - like Jess does so often - is the funniest thing you can do. As always, different strokes for different folks. See ya around the office.



I feel like this was a solid episode, I also feel supported


Thanks for the info Wiseguy, about the filmed episode order vs the viewing order. FOX is notorious from telling producers/directors etc when to run what eppy. Usually totally messing with the story line & the character development. Case in point: Firefly. Shown completely out of order & eclipsed by the World Series. Hopefully Zooey & company can hang in there. I laughed till I cried last niter at Zooey trying to say THE WORD! So many different descriptions too.......many I'd never heard of!

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