Nikita Review: A Boy Scout and a Bitch

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Wow. What an amazing episode of Nikita. I was worried that "Fair Trade" would be lacking with Michael still presumably in London, but no Michael was no problem! Okay, I did miss him the first few minutes, but after that the non-stop action held my attention. Plus, there was the phone call.

Nikita may be determined in her mission as Birkhoff mentioned, but she rarely has gotten emotional. Her outburst on the phone to Michael was shocking to see, but a relief as well. Even though she was the one who told him to stay with his son, she still clearly cares about him. She needs him and that outburst clearly showed more than just to save Birkhoff.

Birkhoff in Pain

Throughout this season, some readers have left comments that they were tired of the black box. Well, it's gone ... for now anyway. I didn't really like or dislike Nikita's use of the box. But, now that it has been destroyed I have to say I'm relieved. I've preferred her quest to bring down Oversight to the box-related missions.

Now that she knows the faces of two more members of Oversight, it should make it easier for her to bring them down. It is worrisome though that her first thought after saving Birkhoff was to go after Owen to find another black box. I'd love to see Owen again, but not to chase after another elusive box.

Now that the box is destroyed, what will Amanda do? She chased Nikita to get the box, but also says she wants to bring down Oversight. Wouldn't it make more sense for Amanda to support Nikita, even if covertly? Or, is Amanda now supporting Oversight? Her motives and allegiance seems to change every week. And, where is Ryan?

If nothing else, we now know that Amanda is absolutely ruthless with her torture of Birkhoff. We can clearly say she may think she wanted to clean up Division after ousting Percy, but if that's the case, she is fooling herself. She is no better than Percy.

Amanda doesn't seem to be redeemable at all at this point, is Sean? Now that he has met Nikita face-to-face, she is a real person and she was passionate in her comments to him. When his mother asked him to activate the Alex operation, he had a look of regret or hesitancy for just a moment. He did plant the seed in Alex's head to call Amanda or Nikita if she needed help. Was that strictly for the operation or for her protection?

Sean needs to realize his mother is the bitch that Nikita said she is and decide to do right by his government and himself. Whether he realizes it or not yet, he does care about Alex and will hopefully realize it before it is too late.

Overall, this episode moved the story forward and propelled it in the right direction. Unfortunately, there is only one more episode before the winter hiatus.

Share your thoughts in the comments! Did you miss Michael? Are you glad the black box was destroyed? What do you want to see next?

Odds and Ends

  • If Nikita stole $80 million from Oversight, why is Birkhoff still buying her clothes? Could someone else have stolen the money?
  • The chase scene with Nikita ... wow. That girl can run. And, barefoot!
  • Nikita showed emotions that we've never seen before this week. I liked seeing her vulnerable side, both with Michael and Birkhoff.
  • "Boy Scout" -- perfect name for Sean.
  • Nice use of the real world Occupy movement and the 99%ers in the story. I appreciate when a show is up-to-date enough to include current events. It brings authencity to the story.
  • Alex is annoying me. Does she really trust Sean and Division enough to not question the watch? As soon as he gave it to her, I knew it had a tracker. She is smarter than that! Is she just naive or blinded by her desire for vengeance.
  • She did have a decent and successful plan to get into Russia undetected though. What happens now?


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This episode is terrific! the most thrilling one in the show! see, percy is better than amamda in charge of division. I just can't wait for the next episode~~~


I've only been watching Nikita for a few months and I have to admit it's getting better just over the short time I've watched it. Used to watch the older Nikita with Peta Wilson and liked that a lot, too. Shane West is excellent. Looking forward to the next episode although disappointed it's already going on hiatus. Hope it comes back!


Wow the storylines are getting serious. I'm happy because I was kind of getting tired of hearing Alex say she was going to get revenge while she wasn't...I'm glad she finally decide to do something about it. I really liked the fact that Nikita was alone for once and realised how much she needed Micheal and Birkhoff to get the black boxes but also for moral support. Nice episode and nice touch to see the occupy movement on tv (and indirectly aprove with the movement). It's nice free advertising for them. GOOD JOB


Loved the episode as always had my eyes stuck to the screen in every moment..loved where senator pierce saw nikita held on to sena's shoulder and said "sean..sean" just proves how scared she really is of her..enjoyed amanda as well although I saw her a little grouchy and all over the place in this episode usually she is calm and collective..cant wait for nxt episode


Alex was great. Wait for the end of the watch SL before you judge. Nikita was emotional. Birkhoff got a lot of screentime. Scary Amanda returns. Nikita running barefoot was good. I loved "Boy Scout". Nikita only shot Sean after confirming he's wearing kevlar! The black box storylines were getting boring. Looking forward to a big mid-season finale.


Am loving Nikita's nickname for Sean! You Boy Scout! SO HAPPY OWEN IS GONNA COME BACK. Michael can stay away for a little longer. *hides from flying bullets* Ryan needs to come back too. I don't want him to become the next cleaner dude (in Season 1). Love the moments between Nikita and Birkhoff. That is true friendship!!!


A great episode. Nikita contains her emotions so well it was amazing to see her explode at Michael - "Why aren't you here!" - it gave me chills. I also enjoyed having more Birkoff as he always brings an element of fun, although I was truly afraid for him when Amanda worked him over. Now she's a character you love to hate. I really have no idea what her endgame is and I love it. I understand Alex's desire for revenge but I'm tired of that story line. I want her working with Nikita again.


I think that you might be harsh with Alex in regards to the watch. You are going up against an entity almost like Division. That watch could literally save her life, call the watch backup and that might be how she sees it.


One word: ,,EXCELLENT!" Really this show is great! I love Nirkoff in this episode. Nikita was so sad and scared when called Michael ( great moment)


I missed Michael but loving that we see more Nerd moments =)
Agreed - our girl can truly run and bare feet too really loved that scene!
Amanda is nuts and soo cold...I though she'll verbally provoke Birkoff more and I can't say I wasn't surprised by her ruthless tactics - really scared me =( our nerd can't lose his brain!!!
Hmm why is Alex seemingly letting her guard down? I thought Nikita trained her better than that taking a tracked device or letting Sean triangulate her position.

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