Private Practice Review: Fantasy Sperm Ball!

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Is it just me, or has Private Practice been getting only better and better as the season progresses?

"If I Hadn't Forgotten..." was definitely my favorite episode of this season. It was eventful, powerful and perfectly entertaining. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Let me start off by saying how ridiculously happy I am for Addie. Also, it’s safe to say that she should stick with her day job and never audition for The X Factor or American Idol. I love our girl, but I hope she never sings again (unless it’s to her baby, of course).


The fantasy sperm ball draft board reminded me of my boyfriend’s fantasy football draft board. It was pretty darn impressive. I laughed out loud as the guys, plus Addie, were weighing the donors’ statistics. From geologist to classical musician, to an activist to a Greek, it was interesting and amusing to hear their points of views and reasoning for choosing their “picks."

I'm still clueless as to how Sam and Addison’s relationship will work out if Sam is still reluctant to parent with her. I was thankful when Jake said what we have all been thinking: Sam’s only meeting Addie halfway.

Although Sam told Jake that he thinks the'll make it work, don't count on me to hold my breath. The chemistry between Jake and Addie continues to grow, and it pushes me to wonder how much longer Sam and Addie will be together.

Sam does get some props, though not much, for finally admitting to cheating on Addie with Naomi last season. I appreciated that Addie had spent the entire hour realizing that infidelity and being punished don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but I wished she had said at least something when he confessed. It was certainly long overdue, and still very wrong. 

Moreover, I thought that Cooper made the right choice in a very difficult situation with his patient’s medical case (or the lack thereof). He was right; the parents were clearly abusing their son by drugging him for supposed ADHD. Again, it was adorable and fun seeing Cooper as a dad to Mason. I only wish that Charlotte could be a part of it.

Speaking of Charlotte, her flashbacks painted a tragic past of unforgettable, painful memories. Triggered by Amelia’s downward spiral of drug addiction, we learned the when and why behind how Charlotte became hooked on painkillers. It’s now easy to understand why she's so desperate to help Amelia. Furthermore, I thoroughly disagreed when Amelia claimed that Charlotte was harassing her.  

On another note, Caterina Scorsone, is doing a fantastic job as Amelia. It doesn’t seem as though Amelia’s hit rock bottom just yet though, and I’ll definitely be sitting on the edge of my seat each week to see how her story develops.

Also, Sheldon’s admitting to his continuing and growing concern for Amelia was kind of cute. Oh, Sheldon, you should just tell her how you feel.

Well, it’s time for your (or at least my) favorite part of the review: the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). I’m rating this week’s installment a very deserving: 7.

Although our flawlessly irritating Violet appeared for only five minutes, she managed to do her weird eye thing and successfully infuriate Pete. So, the medical board is now revisiting her case and Violet’s lawyer convinced them that it was not in the best interest of her patients for her license to be suspended? Really?!? Oh well, I’m expecting the sooner she returns to Seaside Wellness, the higher the VAS ratings will go.

By the way, I loved when Pete rightfully lashed out at Violet. I simply couldn’t help but smile. I’m almost certain that Pete would be a huge fan of the VAS, too. Don’t you think so?

Don’t forget to leave your VAS rating below, along with thoughts on this week's incredible episode.


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so tired of amy branigan - she has really not devolped to anything, and I loved Juging Amy.I hope they killed off Tim Daly bc he had a better offer but not to save Amy, Listen, Addison is not great shakes but the brain surgeon girl good. They all need to elevate to Kay Dee level of acting and writing


Love the VAS! However, I could use some guidelines for the scores... I'm somewhere between "I think it's time for a book tour!" and "It would be funny to see her walk into a door", and I'm not sure what number that is...
Could totally have used a Naomi AS back in the day - she made Violet seem sweet (sometimes).
LOVE Addie's storyline this season, rooting for her & Jake. :)


And now what I think about this episode. This is being the best pp season for me. I love we're back in comedy, stil with a bit of drama. I think Shonda is doing good bringing us back some happiness, because life is hard, but come on, people don't have in their lives that amount of tragedy we 've seen in past seasons. I LOVE Jake, and I'm looking forward to see how he and Addie (yes, she is my friend) will end up together somehow.
I think Pete is being very harsh on Violet; ok she is self-righteous, but he has no right to yell at her without let her speak. She was telling him exactly what he said he feel, that he don't trust her but didn't know how to tell her. At least she is doing the effort. And sorry, but you married her, so you have to do the efford too.


This is a TV-SHOW for god sake! Be respectful about what?? Only you people are able to have an opinion and like/dislike some characters? If you don't like Addison or find her annoying, just say it. This is a website to talk about what we feel about the last episode, and talk about our opinion. It isn't disrespectful to say I find some character annoying. If you don't agree just say it, or don't read this review if you take it too personal, but it's not healthy.
@Christina Tran, you're doing a great job. If someone attacks you about it, it's not your fault, is their problem and their personal bad-taken-issues.


Well, just to throw in my two cents: The Violet Annoyance Scale actually IS my favorite part of the review. I may not hate her as much as many other viewers but I think it is highly amusing and that I appreciate very much in a review. So good job! The only thing I disagree on is the praise of Pete. I get the appreciation for voicing many people's feelings about Violet but aside from that he is a moody, righteous, arrogant and mostly horrible husband himself. I like that Violet gets calles out for shit but it should come from ANYONE but him. This way I'm afraid I just can't enjoy it as much as I should.


Folks: Some of us are just going to have to agree to disagree about the VAS. At least it has all of us talking now more than ever. Your comments and opinions are always welcome whether or not you agree or disagree with me. @Caitlyn - I LOVE your Cooper and Charlotte avatar and what you said. @carls - You're welcome! @LovinLip - Friends?! Sure! After all, there's one thing we all have in common: We love PP! @Tiffany - Your comment was dead on. I could certainly name a few people in my real life who would fall into the occassionally annoying category.


I think everyone just needs to relax about the VAS. TVFanatic has always been about opinions and not recaps and that's why we all go to this site. Obviously there are still a lot of Violet fans out there but as a reviewer for TVFanatic, Christina has the prerogative to include such things in her reviews because they do contribute to the over-all content of the article. Aside from that, other reviewers for other shows (such as Gossip Girl) have included things similar to the VAS. Also, Violet isn't the only character that has ever been hated on by reviewers for Private Practice. If memory serves me right, there was a reviewer last season that hated on Addison and that animosity was shown in the entirety of her reviews per episode. At least the VAS is just a little portion of the review. The reviews of this season have been fair and even the VAS ratings reflect that.


The best espisode, VAS 6, thanks Chrstina


Maybe there should be annoyance scale for every character.:)


Pete had a heat attack, but that is not the main reason why he is so rude.He has always had anger issues and even hated his first wife. And this whole situation also shows that he and Violet shouldn't get married.He doesn't know or understand her at all, and she is really trying, but i'm not sure how long she will take his behaviour. VAS 3, PAS 9
Also i thought Addison was on fertility treatment, not a lobotomy. AAS 8, but SAS 10, Sam is total jerk. I always think he cannot surprise me more with his jerkish behaviour and i always find myself being wrong about it.
And i am loving Amelia's and Charlotte's storyline this season. They are the best part of the show for me.

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