Ready to Meet Another Original?

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We still have far too long to wait until The Vampire Diaries returns on January 5 - but at least we now have a juicy nugget to contemplate during this hiatus.

As first reported by Michael Ausiello, the series will flashback yet again on the 13th episode of season three (scheduled for January 26), this time to 1491, where we'll meet another member of the Original family.

Old School Klaus and Rebekah

Miss any episodes this season, such as the most recent flashback installment? Watch The Vampire Diaries online now!

Klaus and Rebekah's brother, his name will be Finn and he'll have gotten very close to Katherine on at least one occasion... if you know what we mean!

Not much else is known about the sibling, but visit our Vampire Diaries forum or sound off in our Comments section with any casting ideas.


I think sometimes we think more logical then the writers are in their story telling. Anything really is possible with this show as they have deviated from the books in several areas thus far.


what a finn the brother who died by the were wolve bit? or that was just anotherrr brother? someone explain please!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

how could you people think he could be the baby daddy?
How could Vikings have a viking village in USA?
How could Damon hide a moonstone in soap bowl?
How could ordinary people retcon entire Original background? Don't ask. he won't only be the baby daddy, he will be the baby itself~....


how could you people think he could be the baby daddy? first of all originals got vamped centuries before katherine turned into a slut-in-training.


Hate the name. Reminds me too much of Glee. Also, who hasn't slept with Katherine at this point? hmm germy
matt guess she left out the bland ones rofl


@carla Don't think he's Katherine's baby's father. Finn would have to be a vampire when he met her, and vampires can't procreate on this show. I would be mighty mad if they didn't stick with that rule. He is probably the one who found her after she arrived in England and after she had her baby in Bulgaria.
Not really interested in this guy. Kind of happy just knowing Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah for now.


Finn? Finn?! What kind of lame name is that for an Original? And it's obviously SUCH a Viking name. Besides, thanks to Glee, the name will always remind me of an idiot.


He actually can be the father of Katherine's baby cause it has been made a is in 1491 not im pretty sure he's the father

Kitanishi h mcdonald

So bassically they are introducing an EVEN MOR ELAME(than currently known crybaby carebear originals) Original for the sake of giving Katherine someone to screw? Good to know that Katherine role has been reduced to typical useless female who solves plots sometimes and is bitchy. Where was this show train going I have no idea, but watching this train get wrecked gets less and less enjoyable with every new spoiler.


ahh.. so there's another original brother.. that's the answer to my long pondering why stefan had stolen three coffins instead of only one? i thought Elijah was the one left.. hmmm

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