Revenge Review: Inside the Viper's Nest

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To survive inside the viper's nest, one must become a viper. In that vein, the venom flowed freely on Revenge, as "Suspicion" drove everyone to the brink of a whole new game.

There are no friends in the Hamptons, simply allies and enemies and even those can change sides at any time.

A Family Feud

Mr. X? That one was a little odd. So, after getting sprung from juvenile detention, Emily did some sort of apprenticeship in Japan to train for her revenge? I hope they elaborate on this at some point because right now, it's just a little weird. But I did love that she had him in her cell phone as X.

Ashley sees the bi-side. When Ashley walked in on Tyler and Nolan locking lips, I thought for sure she was done with him. To Tyler's credit, the guy's a decent con man. He had Ashley's head spinning with the thought that she wasn't playing the game hard enough. That she'd end up being stuck as Victoria's lap dog forever. With that in mind, she seemed perfectly willing to sell out Emily in order to get on Victoria's good side. Whether that means she'll sleep with Tyler again is anyone's guess.

Speaking of Tyler, did he really think a night in the sack was worth $20 million. That seemed pretty naive on his part. Why would he believe that Nolan would invest with him? He certainly can't be that good.  But thanks to Emily's prodding Tyler got exactly what he wanted, that is until Nolan pulls the rug out from under him. 

When this deal falls through I think we'll see just how dangerous Tyler can get.

Lydia remembers. Well, perhaps not everything but that will happen soon enough. Victoria all but locked the poor woman in her room. It reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Luckily for Lydia, Conrad came to her rescue and whisked her away. Where? Somewhere safe was all he'd say. Lydia may have jumped from one viper's nest to another. 

What's your number? Victoria seemed to think that everyone had one although when it came down to it she got cheap. Declan asked for $100,000. Victoria countered with $25,000. That showed how much she thought of the younger Porter. 

I figured he was playing a game on Victoria and Charlotte's thrilled to not only get her boy toy but put one over on her mother at the same time. Something tells me the claws will come out when Victoria figures out she's been played.

Emily vs. Emily

Amanda becomes Amanda. I didn't see that one coming. Amanda has now taken over the life of the real Amanda Clarke. The life Emily gave up long ago in order to seek Revenge

Emily seemed willing to give up Jack to pursue her plans but will she be able to watch him fall for her counterpart?

The longer Emily continues down this path the more of herself she continues to lose. It's not that Amanda Clarke doesn't exist, now she exists as someone else. How long will Emily be able to sit back and watch or will the new Amanda be the next victim of Emily's wrath?

** Revenge takes a week off and returns with a new episode on December 7. Watch the official ABC promo for it NOW!


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The casting of the "sensei" was announced maybe a month ago (now sought is a local guy who distracts "Amily" from Jack...Mike Kelley's interview indicates "Amily" will be around until late in the season).What I want to know is how and why Warden Stiles knew the guy and referred real-Amanda to him.


I watch this show and all I can think is how fun it is to watch. It's awesome.


I liked this episode a lot. It was nice to see that not everything is under Emanda's control and that as tight as her plan was, things are beginning to unravel in time for the Engagement Party.
I hate Ashley and couldn't care much what happens to her, wish the killer gets around to her. If she wants to be rich and famous there are other ways of doing it...
Nolan thinks he's the don, but he is just another idiot. Jack and Amily's little bit story and soiree on the boat was so dumb and boring. Amily is insane, and creepy you can just see it on her face. Great casting for someone with a disturb face. (nothing against the actress herself, she just has that face.)
I am very much convinced that she is the one behind Daniel's shooting...
I am also not suprised she told Jack she is Amanda Clark. I knew it was going to happen. I think the Sensei thing was something the writers came up suddenly, it wasn't planned or it would have been hinted before in the show. Should be interesting to see what happens there. All her mentors and teachers seem to have a close connection with Emanda. I wonder what that's all about.


I spent all last week trying to figure out in Fauxmanda or Tyler are the bigger threats to Emily. I'm leaning towards Tyler. Check out my full recap here on bitchstolemyremote:


How could David have faked his death in prison?


Love this show. By far the BEST show on TV!!!!


I still say that the biggest plot reveal will be that Amanda's father is still alive. And set her on this course to get even with those who betrayed him. I bet even N knows.


Declan is such a sucker!...I loved that he played Victoria like that, but she said she 'knows he really cares for' her daughter and his number was 100k?...Fool! He should have went all out for a mil and got a better deal.
FakeAmanda just made it easier for all she got to do is wait for the Graysons to hear Amanda Clarke is in town and someone's bound to take her out for her. Great show I love it! Keeps me on the edge of my seat.
I accidentally hit one star thinking i had to click on all of them to get to


just a couple of things
1. when will victoria find out about fake amanda? i mean that scene will be great to see, just for the way she reacts
2. if tonight didnt prove it, Charlotte has to be emilys half sister right? she didnt have her when they launched that attack on David Clarke? with what we saw in the flashback it seems more than likely
and the Mr X thing, i agree- just strange at the moment


Fake Amanda is in no way shape or form ready for what she just got herself into. She assumes she has Emily by the short and curly while not having a single clue what Emily is really up to and I think there in lies the beauty. For Emily will not hesitate to take her out.
Having said that I am glad that Jack is getting a break in the romance department. Ashley stepped up her game!

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