Revenge Review: The Lines Begin to Blur

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Lines were blurred, loyalties were tested and secrets were revealed in another riveting episode of Revenge. "Charade" stripped away the masks and showed us the true identities hiding behind them.

So Tyler's broke? No real surprise there. Most viewers guessed that weeks ago. Now that his secret was out, he's opened up a bit more to Ashley. She called his plot against Conrad ambitious. I'd say it's criminal. And I wondered what information was really on that memory stick.

Of course he didn't share with Ashley that he swings both ways. Would she be equally as accepting about that? No surprise that Tyler has a restraining order against him but I did love how they slipped in that Leslie was a man, not a woman. But the real shocker here was how far Nolan was willing to go to take Tyler down. 

Nolan's bisexual. Wow. How did I not see that one coming? I suppose we haven't seen him romantically linked with anyone thus far, male or female but when Tyler moved in for the kiss and Nolan didn't back away, I'll admit that I was taken aback. I know that Nolan's planning to take Tyler down but I'd hope that he'd have better taste in bed partners, no matter what their gender.

Speaking of Nolan, I really felt for him. It seemed all he truly desired was someone he could connect with. Emily continued to treat him as nothing more than a necessary tool in her plot for Revenge. Jack blamed him for his fiasco with Emily and turned Nolan away once again. For all of his money, intelligence, and power, Nolan has a lot of trouble making friends and Tyler, being a good conman, could read that.

Frank at Work

The original Emily Thorne. So Amanda and Emily were roomies in juvie and ended up swapping identities, with the help of the warden no less. What on earth is the back story there? Why would the warden help them pull that off? Was it strictly money or was there more to it?

So the real Emily Thorne's a stripper with a violent streak. As soon as she asked Frank to meet her outside I figured out what her plan was. If she kept silent all of these years she must have been pretty loyal to Amanda. For as tough as Frank was, he was no match for a stripper with a tire iron.  

Why do I feel for Victoria? The woman set up the love of her life to take the fall for terrorist activities. She sent a young child off to the foster care system. Yet somehow, that sad, depleted look still got to me. Thank Madeleine Stowe for building such a complex character.

I loved the fight she and Conrad had when we found out that Victoria was once the other woman. Then he threw her love for David back at her. She's never looked at Conrad the way she looked at him.  The following response was priceless...

Conrad: I really never have loved any woman the way I've loved you.
Victoria: Just my luck. | permalink

Victoria's stuck in a loveless marriage. Her husband cheated with her best friend. She's lost Frank, a trusted friend if nothing more, to this horrible conspiracy. She's becoming more and more isolated and it will only get worse.

I found the scene where Daniel brought her a drink absolutely heartbreaking. She truly adores her son. She's suspicious of Emily partly because it's her nature but also because she's trying to protect him. Knowing that the dead body on the beach was most likely her beloved child made this scene painful to watch.

The Porter boys. I wasn't all that impressed with either of them this week. Jack kicked Nolan to the curb as he licked his wounds. And I thought Declan flew off the handle at the anniversary party. That simply wasn't the place to vent his frustration to Emily. Lucky for him that Charlotte found his candor attractive.

So is Frank really dead? He must be, right?  This show can only have so many coma patients but I'm definitely going to miss him. And now that the real Emily Thorne's back in the picture, how will the new Emily handle it. She can't exactly have a stripper named Amanda Clarke running around town.

Then again, a plot for Revenge never did run smooth.


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Saad khan

Incredible show, simply amazing..


This show is my number 1 show now! This episode left me in aww bcuz of the so many twists and turns. I want to learn more about the warden and how Emily and Amanda switched lives. I know it's coming because the real Emily is in town now. This will prove to be problematic because I feel the real Emily is going to interfere but it will be difficult to deal with her because she knows to much. From what I've seen and hears from "Emanda" is that he doesnt want death in her revenge because she wants them to suffer in life. So even though Emily will get in the way of her plans I doubt she'll kill her or have her killed. As for Declan...I'm sorry but he bugged me. Jack I'm undecided for. I love the whole "I've loved you my whole life but I don't know why" is too ehh for me. I like Daniel for Amanda because he's not at fault for his parents mistakes. He was a child. And as far as we've seen to date he wants to change an has proven that. Tyler has to go! I'm tired of his whole storyline. My hope is he's shot at the end because if it's Daniel I'm certain I won't watch because then it's gonna turn into some soap opera love show with Jack and nah I'll pass. I for one will miss Frank. He was a great actor for this show. I think it was a mistake ro kill him off so soon . There was so much potential for his character and for Victoria and therefore get a better understanding through frank. All in all I'm loving this show more and more. Nolan I love but HATED the Tyled Nolan scene. Totally unnesaary!!!


Overall I gotta say : Sometimes I feel like Amanda did not think the 'hiding my true identity' part right...


As a true Jack/Amanda believer, I was really happy with this episode. 1. Amanda brought up the 'I love you' because she felt guilty about something and not because she spontanousely wanted to tell Daniel that...Which makes me believe she is not really falling for him... 2.Also, when they kiss at the end, the whole scene they are sitting on the bench that Jack made, and as they kiss you can see that she is holding onto the bench...That has got to mean something and I'm pretty sure it's not : Oh I'm grabbing this bench because that kiss is so good (lol)


I'm hoping the real Emily doesn't turn out to be the same type of friend Tyler is because I adore her for what she did to Frank, it was beautiful karma for what he did to Lydia and Nolan. I couldn't believe how stupid he was though in this episode. The lengths he has gone to keep the Grayson's secret and protect Victoria should have sent off warning flags in his mind when the real Emily told him to meet her in the parking lot after asking if he told anyone else (the moment she said that I knew he was in danger). After all, she willingly switched identities with Amanda Clarke, it's ridicious that it never occured to him that she might have loyalty to Amanda.


This episode was great!
Victoria - It showed why Victoria gave David up, she couldn't risk loosing Daniel as she truly loves him. She said herself that he was what had bonded her and Conrad. Emily - It's clear that she is committed to taking them down, even at the cost of herself. She is after all human and Jack is a major complication because of two things the connection she shares with him and he was one of good things about her childhood and she doesn't want to lose that. It was good to learn more about Emily's past as well gives more credibility to things as a whole. Nolan - I think one of the reason Emily is gruff with him is because while he is very smart; He lacks what drives Emily not to mention her training/conditioning. He is an asset and Emily knows this or she wouldn't have gone to him after he declared he was out of the Revenge came in the previous episode. There is also the fact that he doesn't know to quit when he is ahead. Him and Tyler was a jaw dropper for me. I was for a brief moment worried that Tyler had gotten the drop on him playing the angle that he did but Nolan caught on and decided to get some CnA from the deal and While Tyler is a bastard, the guy is not ugly when he pours on the charm. By the way I did not expect Nolan to have that ripped body under his clothing. Tyler - Sure the guy is a mess, more importantly he is desperate. I think the scenes between him and Nolan where great because they have that under lying competition going on. I mean I liked that they brought him in if for no other reason than to be a variable that Emily hadn't factored in. Besides every story needs a good bastard and Tyler sure is that guy. Ashley - So the Brit isn't as sweet as she looks. Good for her gives the leggy beauty a bit more of character. Declan - I am not really sure what to do with him. He needs to get off the whole being less fortunate theme. Having said that I was glad he blasted thw whole lot of them they were trashing his life and being condescending while he sat at the table with them. Emily also got hers because while he could care less for his father he does love his brother and she had hurt him in Declan's eyes because he wasn't wealthy like Daniel. Amanda II - Frank's messy murder courtesy of Amanda. I figured she was going to pull that stunt didn't think she would do it herself or counted on her showing up on Emily's doorstep after the fact. I actually like the different subplots that are going on. Because as in real life even the best laid plans have different factors in them and people always the most fickle factor for they don't always (re)act the way you might want/need them to. Never mind when they are working their own angles.


If I was Amanda/Emily I had change whit some death girl or something like that or change the name and pay someone to destroy the old my, or change name and fake my death I mean this twist is grate but I have done it on other direction...


I think that this is a really great episode that fills in some of the blanks about how Emily/Amanda came to be who she is. I had always wondered if she'd forged this new persona on her own or if she had help from someone else. Earlier episodes made it obvious that Emily had dropped off Nolan's radar after she was realized from juvenile detention. I am so glad that the show confirmed my suspicions that Tyler is not only poor but gay. I was so tired of people saying that he was just a con artist. Anyone with eyes could see that there was something else going on with his obsession with Daniel. Sure he wanted Daniel's money...but also his body. The twist in the story of Nolan sleeping with Tyler is an interesting one. I am just glad to see our number one buddy getting a little attention from someone. The rich people don't like him because he is new money. The poor people don't like him because his an eccentric rich guy. Nolan needs some love from someone. I don't think that people are being fair to Emily in their assessment of her disdain for Nolan. First, she never wanted Nolan's help. In fact Emily repeatedly told him to stay clear of her plans for revenge. He is the one that has forced himself into the situation. She is going with the tried and true philosophy. The fewer people that know your plan the less likely it is that you get caught. Nolan is a wonderful guy and an asset but he is also a liability. Hence his running to Emily at the party not knowing or even thinking about the fact that Frank was still there and might see him. Furthermore, he was the one that begged Emily to let him break into Lydia's apartment. I normally like the Porter brothers but Declan made me wish those fishermen from the last episode would make a come back and knock him on his butt. Jack was behaving badly as well. Although he does have a right to be angry at Nolan. Nolan pushed him at Emily knowing that she was too focused on her plan to stop seeing Daniel. Additionally, how did Nolan think that was going to work out? Emily can never tell him that she is really Amanda Clarke. Finally the real Emily Thorne coming to town is going to cause big problems for sure. I think she might be loyal but it will be for a price. And if Emily/Amanda isn't careful she is going to be found out in a big way. The flashback last night makes me wonder if Charlotte is actually Conrad's daughter.


I wish we didn't know Emily would be successful (even if Victoria or others actually are plotting against her in secret but unsuccessfully so far). Emily should treat Nolan better. The sex tape won't be of much use. Nolan might try a long con. Declan is badly written and his voice is annoying. Amanda should be fun but she'll probably be killed. I don't like love triangles as they're rarely done properly/entertainingly.


Agree with some of the comments posted about amanda and her rudeness 2 nolan. Like i said in my previou post its going 2 bite her in the ass. Hes going 2 get fed up w he snottyness and kick her 2 the curb and find an aly with one of her many foes. She needs 2 get off her high horse and give credit where credit is do. After all he was very appreciative of her fathers help and loyal and has been nothing but loyal and truthful 2 her this far. I realy like nolan and hope he stays a good guy but in the premier episode when everyone is @ the party amanda and nolan glance @ each other and dont seem 2 be very friendly. I also believe that jack is the one that shoots daniel. Was it jealousy or money? Did he chooce 2 shoot daniel on his own or was he put up 2 it by someone else? Does daniel die? Did amanda finaly fall 4 jack and a love triangle thickend the plot and she thought it best 2 kill 2 birds with one stone and get daniel outa the way and get bk @ victoria? Or did the real emily have something 2 do w it. Real emily seems like bad news. Shes a real friend 2 emily now but it will quickly change once amanda tries 2 kick her 2 the curb. Shes gonna be a foe and probly victorias aly. Watch out 4 the stripper their never good news! Any thoughts let me know thnks fellow tv fanatics.

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