Revenge Round Table: "Suspicion"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Revenge Round Table!

In the following Q&A, panelists Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando, and Leigh Raines break down last Wednesday's "Suspicion" and talk about just how unwelcome the real Emily Thorne has become. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


Do you think Daniel is too quick to believe Emily?
Chandel: I don't know. I am generally of the mind that Daniel is not sure what's going on, but is starting to figure some things out. I know that Daniel really likes Emily, so I think his belief in her is actually genuine with her.

Christine: No, I think he's fallen for the pretty girl and, since his mother is suspicious, that gives him even more reason to defend Emily.

Leigh: Yes. Daniel is so desperate to get out of the Grayson chokehold that he’ll fall for just about anything. Then, he meets Emily, who is comforting, calming, and supportive. Win win.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

How much does Lydia remember?

Christine: I don't think she remembers that Frank had anything to do with her fall. If she did, I think she'd be more wary of both Victoria and Conrad. I think she remembers everything up to that point and I"m sure the rest will come flooding back soon enough. Then we get to see what she does with the information.

Leigh: She remembers 99 percent. Maybe not the parts from right before the fall, but definitely the rest.

Why was Nolan so careless in outing himself to Ashley?
Chandel: Wish I knew how to answer. I think it was mostly that he was keen on making things difficult for Tyler, but I almost felt like it was calculated somehow.

Christine: I don't think he cares what Ashley thinks and he enjoyed backing Tyler into a corner.

Leigh: As Emily mentions in next week's preview, it’s because he “fell for a hooker.” Nolan’s feelings for Tyler are making him careless. He probably thinks that Ashley doesn’t post any sort of threat.

After all of these years, how was Victoria so easily duped by a couple of 17-year olds?
Chandel: I am not completely sure that Victoria was really duped at all. I feel like Charlotte nearly blew it with her eagerness to reclaim her keys. Then again, if Victoria really was duped, it's indicative of the fact that she's in an emotionally desperate place and wants to get her claws into anyone she can. It almost felt manipulative when she tried to comfort Charlotte. Props to Charlotte for manipulating right back.

Christine: Victoria is losing Daniel so she wants to believe she has Charlotte. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Victoria is suspicious and I'm sure it won't be long before she figures it out.

Leigh: I agree with Christine, that Victoria is desperate since losing Daniel. She knows that Charlotte will probably still see Declan, but she wants to believe that she has some control of her life.

Does Ashley really have it in her to be a conman?
Chandel: I think, if the conditions are right, people are capable of just about anything. If she does decide to continue down this road with Victoria, it will likely be because there's some personal advancement in it for her. She may end up turning back once Victoria proposes something she isn't comfortable with, but what that might be, I have no idea.

Christine: It's possible. If money and stature are that important to her then she may be willing to sell out Emily to get it. I can't wait to see how far she's willing to go because you know Victoria will just keep pushing for more.

Leigh: People react differently in different situations. I think she will start out on this path, but something will push her to her limit.

Make a prediction for Faux-Manda.
Chandel: I really have this terrible feeling she might end up violently murdered or something. I can't explain why, as morbid as it sounds.

Christine: It wouldn't surprise me if she ended up dead. Or even in an institution if she tries to out Emily. Emily could make her look crazy and have her put away.  Problem solved.

Leigh: I think Victoria will take care of it. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’s gonna make for a hell of an episode.


Yesterday's episode was a rerun. It was Episode 4, called Duplicity. That's why Frank was in the episode.


Can anyone explain me how come Victoria spoke with Frank yesterday , when he was killed off couple shows ago? And it did not look like it was a view in the past.


Frank was killed by the faux amanda


I thought Frank was killed how come he was on the show last night?


1. Given the information that Daniel possesses, he has no reason to mistrust Emily. Remember, Frank was murdered in a city about 200 miles away, and he knew that she was with him the day before, so she couldn't possibly have committed the murder. Remember, he doesn't know that anything about the Clarke case was amiss. And he has no reason to suspect Emily of having anything to do with the case even if he did know. All Daniel knows is that his mother doesn't like Emily. And as far as he knows, his mother has never liked a single girl that he also liked. I don't really think his believing Emily is a sign of naivety. I think us expecting him to just know about Emily's motives against his parents (when he doesn't really see her with them all that often) is setting up unnecessarily high expectations. I know if I was in Daniel's position, I wouldn't suspect anything either. 2. I think Lydia remembers everything but the conversation she had with Frank just before her fall. 3. I think Nolan exposed himself to Ashley because at this point, he's still loyal to Emily, and Emily told him to distract Tyler by any means necessary - even promising to invest $20 mill with him. I think Nolan exposed himself to create problems for Tyler in order to distract him for Emily. After all, there's nothing as distracting as your girlfriend catching you smooching another guy. Unless you're a conman, as it turns out. 4. At this point, Victoria is at a particularly bad place. All the people in her life bailed on her, and nothing is working out. So I think she believed Charlotte because she wanted to feel like something she plotted is working the way she wanted it to. That, and the fact that she is lonely, and just wanted her daughter back too badly to look too closely at Charlotte's particularly bad acting. The summary for the next episode says Victoria's gaining some power back. I think we can look forward to Victoria suspecting/finding out about Charlotte and Declan's little lie in the next episode. 5. I'm sure Ashley wants to do everything she can to advance her career. But I also think she has morals, unlike her boyfriend. I think she will go a certain way, then something will push her too far, and she will go back to the way she was. 6. I think this show is all about manipulating others, so I think Emily will use the fact that Amanda choose to use the identity of Amanda Clarke to manipulate Victoria/Conrad to send the Black Dalia to jail or an institution or something like that. I very much doubt that Emily will personally kill her. It's such a cop-out that I would be very, very surprised if that did happen.


Do you think Daniel is too quick to believe Emily?
I think he will be the first to know who emily aka amanada really is. How much does Lydia remember?
Everything and he thinks Victoria sent frank to kill her, so shes plotting aganist. Why was Nolan so careless in outing himself to Ashley?
When have Nolan ever cared what others think of him. Does Ashley really have it in her to be a conman?
Yes, Ashley knows what she wants and she will get it no matter what. I think Mikie Kelly is seting up the show for season 2, I believe Ashley will be the center stage for Revenge if there is a season 2.


First of all Daniel is not too bright, Tyler would never have been able to fool someone in Daniel's circle for long..these people know who has and who doesn't have...and the fact that his family lost any money they did or didn't have would have been big gossip in that circle.
Nolan is the wild card...he's super rich, bored and bi-sexual....I don't think he loves Tyler...he's just not finished with him yet.
Faux Amanda....violent and crazy....
Ashley doesn't make sense ...wouldn't she be better off siding with Emily ?


Faux Man is a real threat to Emily, not Victoria!! i thought Nolan deliberately wanted Ashley to see it. he might tried to use her against Tyler...but it didn't work, obviously!! as for Lydia, i don't think she remembered everything so soon. maybe a little! she just guessed through what Victoria said at the doorway. Victoria was not that stupid. she's just trying to get Charlott's faith. that's it!!


1. Daniel is too trusting, but maybe we will see him grow a pair... Who knows with Revenge. 2. Everything will come back to her, but she won't pose a threat to Emily. For her to take revenge on emily she would have to come back to the Hampton and I don't think she will. 3. Somehow Nolan planned for someone to see it. Ashley could use that to her advantage. 4. Not really on Team Victoria or Team Declan, but I don't think Victoria wants to believe that she was duped. 5. Ashley is to vanilla to do anything. She is just frustrated. 6. She will be forced to leave by emily and then come back and shoot daniel.


1. Daniel doesn't have a reason not to believe Emily and he has tons of reasons not to believe his mother...
2. I don't think Nolan likes Ashley and vice versa (this has been alluded to several times even though since the two have little to no interaction I am not sure why)...but my guess he doesn't care what she thinks and upsetting her is just a bonus...uggh Tyler and Nolan
3. Victoria was not duped...25,000 is not a lot of money to her...and her daughter is back
4. It doesn't bother me that Ashley is now out for herself but her attitude towards Emily is out of nowhere (which to me falls under bad writing) I don't think she knows anything about Emily to tell Victoria...all she knows is her fake persona
5. Dead somewhere...girl is more dangerous than Tyler

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