Revenge Teaser: What's Next?

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Darn you, real Emily Thorne! This former juvenile delinquent made her presence very strongly felt in the Hamptons this week, resulting in another suspense-filled episode of Revenge. React to our critic's take on it HERE.

And viewers can expect more of the same next Wednesday night, as is made clear in the following preview for "Suspicion." Aside from more dangerous moves made by Amanda, look for Victoria to find herself alone; and for Tyler to continue to cause damage.

Check out the official ABC teaser now.

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The official teaser text for the next episode is now on ABC's site,says something about "Emily's closest ally has turned against her",does that mean Ashley,Nolan,or real-Emily?...and "her mentor",the reported-in-press Japanese businessman character,shows up.


i think real Emily/Jack's relationship will get stronger and stronger...which Emily doesn't want to happen at all. she's been lying to everyone, including Jack, esp herself. her effort to reject her feelings for him has been good so far. but how long? i think she'll be jealous of real Emily in the very next ep! i really like Nolan in this ep. he's so smart and he's definitely the one Amanda needs right now. and he's most comparable to Tyler in conspiracy!! Daniel seemed naive and honest...but i don't think he will be anymore after he came back to help his family's business!! what about Ashely, this girl has now joined Tyler against Amanda for power!! there're so many enemies for Amanda to keep an eye on!! what a great show!!

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