Ringer Review: Mistaken Identity Gone Sideways

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Angry, hurt, confused. That describes all of the men of Ringer this week. Bridget and Siobhan had the boys spinning out of control.

Dodging a bullet. That was exactly what Bridget did with that ultrasound. When the doctor wrote it off as an early miscarriage, Bridget could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the other people in her life. Granted, Juliet wasn't heartbroken but she was sad. There's something missing from their lives and she was hoping the baby could fill that gap. "Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead?" No one could say Juliet wasn't flexible.

The two men in Bridget's life took the news hard. Henry finally gave up on Siobhan when his hope for a second chance died with the supposed baby. But Andrew wanted to try again. Wouldn't it be interesting if Bridget said yes? That would be quite the complication if/when the truth comes out.

Malcom and Bridget

Malcolm can't win. It looked like Malcolm was sticking around and he needed help. Unfortunately, Bridget's help could bring them both down. She just introduced the junkie who knows all of her secrets to her new sponsor and Siobhan's right hand man. What could go wrong?

I have to say that Andrew was very understanding about Malcolm. At heart, Andrew seems like a good guy. So what deep dark secrets does he hide that sent Siobhan running to another continent?

Mistaken identity gone sideways. I never saw that one coming. I guessed that Tyler had some connection to Andrew, which was why Siobhan was cozying up to him but who thought that that connection would run him straight into Bridget? 

So Tyler believed that his new girlfriend was jumping back and forth between continents to sleep with him. If the twins weren't dead ringers for one another I'd say he thought an awful lot of himself. I suppose there are only so many explanations and the truth wouldn't be the first thing one would think of.

So does Siobhan have any money? What happens now that Tyler's kick her out? And what are Charlie's plans for Malcolm? I'm sure it won't be good. That poor guy can't catch a break.


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Loved this episode.These characters are being written in a very intelligent and unusual way.I know it's bound to lead to trouble but when Bridget introduced Malcolm to her hubby and got him to stay for the night I was proud of her ,not only for being a true friend but for not wanting to lie to her husband any more than she has to.I hope the new sponsor's plans to kill Bridget get messed up by having Malcolm around while he tries to do Shiv's dirty work.
I was impressed with Juliet's warmth towards her step-mom and agree that ,at this point,if she discovered the truth she'd protect Bridget rather than rat her out.
All in all, this show is getting better and better.


I really liked this episode, and I like how everything is being handled on the show. It could have been a dumb and cliched script, but the writers are really trying to get an old storyline and make it their own. I want to know what happened to Gemma's body - it would be the jaw-dropping moment of the entire show if Gemma is later revealed to be alive! That would be great! I like Juliet's character development...
My only peeve with this show is that I know sooner or later, everything is going to fall apart! Too many variables for Bridget to control...


@SuzyQ sry i spelt ur name wrong!


LOL @ SusyQ
Missed Henry this week, however i am bored of the whole Gemma storyline. Wanna see more of Machado uncovering Bridget's Identity.


I can imagine what was going thru Bridget's mind after Tyler said he slept with her. "Holy smokes! How many men was Shiv sleeping with?" I liked this episode except for one thing - Juliet's crush on her teacher. Nooooo...we do NOT want to go down that road. It's not funny or romantic. I like Juliet and Jason Dohring is indeed a hottie. Been a fan of his since VERONICA MARS. But, that kind of relationship shouldn't be a tease for the audience. Nip that in the bud, and have HotTeacher crush on Bridget. Why not? She's already juggling so many other men!


What a GREAT show!! Tv from it's best side!
Heartbreaking! LOSING the baby! I really felt with Andrew and saw a piece of hi dieing! I loved they showed Juliet hurting as well!
And after 4 minutes the drama started! Malcom come back! I saw her carrying but she isn't just that junky girl she was at the begging she changed.
I'm really interested in the Charlie part of the story! okay he will probably try to kill Bi! but there must be more!
the wire scene was really nice me!
The one thing Malcom is real about is that Bridget is losing her line between being her and her sister! she really wanna take care of him!
juliet gone samaritan! smart girl!
hahahaaah! what a dinner! made me lough!
I'm so falling for BAndrew! Amazing!!!! Go ringer!


I like this episode but it was not as good as the rest. I think the next person that will find out it is Bridget is Juliet but she will not care because she hates Siobhan. I felt so sad for Andrew and did you even think that Siobhan could have been the destruction in their relationship.


Bridget being Bridget confounds Siobhan's plans unintentionally. I find that amusing. Siobhan needs to be more careful/prepared/alert though. Tyler/Shivette's scenes were funny. Malcolm is very unattractive super sweaty all the time. I liked the Shivette/Juliet scenes.


This episode wasn't really has breath taking as the previous, but it did leave me with some questions and a couple of jaw drops. I can't get over Tyler's reaction to meeting Shivette. He thought it was Coral/Siobhan. Classic.
I'm glad we're seeing more of Malcolm. His character is completely underused for a main character.
As for Andrew, I couldn't get over how he snapped at Shivette at the dinner table when reading the news paper. Haha, seriously, give her a break. She did just "lose" a baby, you know?
So glad Juliet is appearing a lot more often. I really enjoy her scenes with Shivette. Hope the thing with her teacher goes a lot more further.
Wasn't really much an appearance for Henry. I suppose he'll jump back in next week, as this episode really did shift off Gemma and her disappearance. I do hope that they find her, because I'd love to know what is actually going to happen. Because if she is dead and her body turns up, it's all gonna turn back on Bridget.
I'm excited for next week! :D


i thought it was funny to see tyler saying "I didn't know I slept with my bosses' wife". i love when Bridgett said "exxxcuse me?" with a cute and confused fascial expression.

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It's been a tough week for me. I'm not getting my trust fund until I'm like, 25.


Bridget: I thought you were dead.
Malcolm: I thought I was too.