Ringer Review: One Twist Too Many

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Despite it's continued twists and turns, Ringer is starting to bore me a bit.

I'm afraid it's getting bogged down in it's own convoluted plots. Yet I'll admit, "Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna" still had some twists I didn't see coming. Let's break then down:

Gemma's alive! I've been wondering how they were going to play this. I like Gemma and was hoping they'd bring her back so I'm not disappointed but there was a lot of blood at that crime scene. How did she survive her attack with no medical attention, being held in a basement, and fed a diet of bologna. Despite being gagged and bound to a chair she still seems pretty spunky.

Jimmy works for Siobhan? Seriously, this is the one I find hardest to believe. Siobhan paid off the FBI agent protecting her sister in order to get her to run. Why would Siobhan have this kind of reach? What's her overall plan and how many people are involved in this conspiracy? It's all become so complex it's a little hard to make sense of. 

Bridget's falling for Andrew. Well, who didn't see that one coming. He's been sweet and kind. He's rich and appears to be a good guy. He dotes on her if she lets him. I don't know how he treated Siobhan but Andrew has probably treated Bridget better than any other man in her life. Plus he buys her beautiful things and offers to take her on exotic vacations. What's not to like?

Olivia's got the photos. Olivia would willing blow up Andrew's marriage to close a deal. Of course it doesn't hurt that she hates his wife. I'd preach that all pictures should be destroyed after an affair's over but poor Henry was hoping for a reconciliation up until last week.  Still, if Gemma doesn't turn up soon this won't look good for him either.

I'd hate to see Andrew get his heart broken but I can't imagine what story Bridget weaves to get out of this one. Of course that doesn't mean she won't have a good one.

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Malcolm uncovers Charlie's lies. As happy as I am that Malcolm has more of a role than being tied to a chair (Is it sad to say I assumed he was the one Charlie was holding in the basement?)  I'm still not connecting with his character. 

Bridget certainly needs a friend to talk to so we know what's going on in her head but I'm simply bored with all of the Malcolm scenes. I was hoping he'd find Gemma and liven things up but no such luck.

I was really excited when Ringer first started. The mystery's promising and it has lots of twist and turns. It still does in some ways, but I don't care about the characters as much as I should by this point in the series.

Plus, the story is starting to drag on. It hasn't lost me. I'm still in for the ride but I'm hoping next week's mid-season finale evokes some of that breathless anticipation that had me from the start.

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Not bad not bad....Last night was trilling I liked it!


I like Ringer's twists and turns! Admittedly, I think I've only followed one drama show in my entire life that does not have any fantasy or science fiction material in it (Grey's Anatomy), so I just not be used to such things from regular drama shows, but I am enjoying it!!


To be honest I started watching the show only because of SMG. It is kind of interesting but isn't that good of a show yet. But it has the potential to be. Also I agree that the background of the sisters should be given and get back to the original big secret of what Bridge did that was so horrible. other then tat again good going nice reviews keep it up


Siobahn, WHAT is your plan?? Also, it's killing me that Olivia is clearly going to try to mess up Andrew and Bridget with the whole Henry thing. Honestly, Andrew is the most lovable person on this show and does not deserve any of the crap that appears to be flying at him in upcoming episodes. Seriously, Bridget cannot be THIS selfish, can she? Does she really believe that her sister is dead and that she can keep weaving through things like this? But, I guess without that, there is no show. Still... how long can she keep this up? And will she fix her sister's life, then somehow gracefully exit the scene without screwing up Andrew, Juliet, Henry, Gemma, and the people who apparently want her (as Siobhan) dead? It's a stretch.


i loved it but totally cringed when andrew was kissing bridget and making plans for get aways because we know hes going to find out eventually and how that evil women found that pic shes going to break andrews heart . loved how Malcolm found out about john/charlie but i mean come on how fast can one man get home ? new york traffic is mad ! i also cringed that bridget opened up to him she should be smart enough not to trust someone she just met


i thought this episode was really good.. i love plots like this!
watch, next week its gonna be pretty intense!!


I agree with your review and this show is still good to me and I even got my mother into it.


Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna , I'm loving it!
i hate the way they abducted Gemma but i want her back and real Siobhan will realese her in a big moment! And i like it!
The psych! � real nice twist! but she should discover bridget and give one or more twists! And I love BAndrew, hope they will be endgame.
Jaime aka Olivia is doing a nice job! love her playing her game out of everyone elseses.
Charlie/John U make some stupid mistakes. But the hottie Malcom is on Ur trail. shame he didn't find Gemma.
Nice episode and I missed agent Majahdo! ByTheWay the show needs more sex!


I felt like this and last weeks episode was a little boring, but other than them, it's been really good. A few burning surprises this week and last, but I have a feeling next week will pick up, as Gemma is alive and in the basement.
I knew for one Gemma would be alive. This is ringer. We're made to believe the unexpected.
As for Malcolm, I agree, I still can't grow on him, but he's good for Bridget. So I comply. Also, reviewer, I thought he was locked in the basement too. I felt like a fool. XD
As for Olivia, she's a complete bitch. Needs a kick to the face. Bust out those pearly whites. However, is Henry REALLY smart enough to not put a passcode on his phone? His wife was suspecting him of an affair, so I'm pretty sure he would have been smart enough to hide the incriminating evidence!
As for Bridget falling for Andrew, you could see it coming right away. I expected it a little later, but I must agree that they are really fantastic together. And hey, this is Ringer, in a crazy world like that, how can a pair like these two not end up together, even after he finds out the truth? After all, he's falling back in love with his wife, who is really Bridget.
Overall, I'm in more "awww" as to how Siobhan knows all of Bridget's steps before she does and has set herself up for this. It's like she planned out her futures past, present and future like a story and knows what will happen next. It's really astonishing. What really is her game plan?


You're BORED because this is the one show that is COMPLEX?! Seriously? That's why I LOVE it.

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