Smash Music Video, Sneak Peeks: Katharine McPhee Covers "Beautiful"

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NBC is putting all its ratings eggs in the basket of singing, banking in 2012 on The Voice and Smash to turn around what has been an abysmal season.

And it may actually work, at least as far as the latter is concerned: I've seen the series premiere of Smash (which will air on February 6 at 10 p.m.) and it was my favorite new pilot of the season, just an intelligent, well-paced, well-acted, mature drama.

Below, Katharine McPhee helps hype the series via a music video for her version of "Beautiful," a song her character sings on the opening episode. Watch it now and also enjoy scenes from the series, which takes viewers backstage at a Marilyn Monroe-themed musical...

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Katharine Mcphee is the real deal. You obviously have no idea what your talking about in comparing Kat Mcphee to PIA. Katharine has the vocals to be there with the best in the business like Andrea Boceli, David Foster, and now Steven Speilberg. This is about Katharine and stardom even though some of you McPhee haters can stand it. Get used to it and leave your hatred somewhere other than on this ascend to Kat's well earned and most deserved hit.Grow up!


WTH is this? I read the comments to see what people think of the video and the promos and all I see is stuff about Pia somebody? Who in the heck is that? What role does she play in SMASH?


Thanks for taking my name imposter. I'm a regular commentor but nice try. Alba is good looking and Scarlett is out freakin standingly sexy. I have MY opinion and I did notice she was the Idol chick. I never really watch Idol, I've seen her on the tv screen but I'm not a big music guy. I prefer alternative music not pop and rap. Its been a while since I saw her and needed to verify her um "assets" lol once more. I don't think that's ridiculous and I'm sure I'm not alone.


I like Pia too :(


OK I confess, I am the same Pia fan who has been commenting since the beginning. I like to change my name every time I comment and this time I pretended to be a casual reader to come across as impartial and more credible but reading my comment back now, I realize it's just not that convincing haha. I will always love Pia. Even Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba pale in comparison to Toscano if you ask me.


JasonV, I know Pia's name is not that well known but surely when you saw pictures of her you recognized her from American Idol?


Girls find McPhee hott, as a man I do not. She is pretty but nothing beautiful, sorry. She's a dime a dozen in La La Land but I agree she has no body. I googled Toscano however and she is AMAZING. Sont know if she can sing but she stands out and is bajgin' haha


I don't know who the hell Pia is or what she has to do with this show but this looks cool. Love Debra Messing.


Wow these crazy Pia fans are way more entertaining than the video! Anyay I like this. I'm a big fan of Katharine McPhee's voice and Smash looks like it could be good. Oh and if Katharine McPhee is just pretty I would sell my granny just be just pretty like her! LOL


I like McPhee and I'm happy for her. I LOVE Pia Toscano and can't wait for the album! Hey they started talking about her, just thought Id put in my two cents.

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